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  1. There is a long beach close to the port at Leixoes. We past by it while on a coach early in the morning - the weather wasn't great so didn't see anyone on the beach.
  2. Does anyone have a photo of the control handset which operates the window etc. Is there an eco button on the handset?
  3. On your arrival back at Southampton - can you remember what time was the earliest for disembarkation. We are on the July Med cruise and need to organise a taxi home. We are due to dock at 0600 but from previous experience they tend to arrive earlier than that.
  4. Enjoying your review & looking forward to reading more. We are on the Apex in July so any handy tips will be great.
  5. As far as checking in for your flight I think that would be fine but there can be long lines trying to get through security & immigration, we made it to the departure gate but it was tight If you self disembark ASAP there will be plenty of taxis
  6. Your 2pm departure time is very tight to fit much in. Leixoes is around 30mins drive away & I guess you will have to be back onboard the ship by 1pm. We had a similar early departure on a previous cruise and decided it was too stressful to try to get to Porto. Personally I would just hope your cruise line comes up with some excursion and opt for that.
  7. Thank you so much for your reply it is very helpful and appreciated
  8. We are a group of 6 and hoping to visit the famous Torre de Hercules lighthouse. As 1 in our group is 84yrs of age walking to the lighthouse isn't an option so we would need to get a taxi which is fine. My question is will it be easy to get a taxi for the return journey i.e. are there usually taxis waiting for return fares?
  9. Kettle & Hairdryer have always been in the cabin on our Southampton sailings. If on the drinks package - drinks up to the value of $12 gratuity included for UK sailings
  10. My son & daughter + partners will be joining us on our celebration cruise. We will be paying for their cruise and as I am the lead person who made the reservations I understand I can also complete the Check In procedure for them when the time comes. I was wondering what details will be needed when it is time to check in online, is it just their passport details and credit card details that are needed? My other question is when can we opt for a joint arrival time at the port, is it 45 days before sail date?
  11. From experience having done many European cruises with Celebrity I found them to dressier.
  12. I have been in both Sunset & the Hump cabins. Much prefer the bigger balconies on the slant as I like to look down at the sea and the extra space is a bonus. We found on the Sunset cabin there was little shade so couldn't sit outside for too long + we had to wipe the sun chairs each time to get rid of soot. Some people love the Sunset cabins but we didn't
  13. Looks as if Campari has now gone over into the Premium package as well
  14. We have the Classic drinks package & one of our family members drinks Aperol Spritz. I see that Aperol is in the Premium package and I am aware that they will just have to pay the difference. It's not a deal breaker but just wondering if anyone knows the cost of an Aperol Spritz
  15. I will also be interested in Richards reply. I was also wondering - if we got a taxi to the Tower of Hercules did you notice if there were taxi's available for the return. We are a group of 6 but one of them is 83yrs old and although mobile I think the walk might be a bit too much
  16. Done both Hump & SV I know SV cabins are popular but we prefer to look down at the ocean instead of the wake ahead. We also prefer the option of shade on the balcony - the SV has very little shade
  17. Usually if your bookings are linked then you will automatically be seated in the MDR together but it is worth double checking when you get onboard. You will get assigned a table and that will be the same table for the whole cruise. They are slightly flexible on timings & allow you to arrive a little later - I think 30 mins but no longer as they have to get ready for the 2nd seating passengers. If you decide one night not to dine in the MDR you don't have to call the MDR but it is a nice gesture just to let your waiter know. If you don't want 6pm fixed seating even thought it is showing as full for the other Dining times call Celebrity to se if they can accommodate you - they may hold some back or will put you on a WL On our last cruise we had anytime dining but got fed up being given a pager due to them being busy so 3 days into our cruise we asked if we could move to Fixed and they were able to do that for us but it obviously depends on space available.
  18. We were on the Silhouette in October & there was a waiter + assistant. there was also a wine waiter + a cocktail and general drinks server
  19. We have recently returned from sailing on the Silhouette and had an angled cabin on the hump. We had no problem with privacy. The balcony was spacious and one we usually opt for
  20. There is no extra charge for the Canape's. We didn't go to the Concierge Lunch but I guess the plus might be that it will be less crowded than the OVC
  21. My bid was pending right up to a week before the cruise - then 2 days before we set sail we had an email confirming our bid wasn't successful
  22. We were on that cruise which departed on 11th October & sadly the weather wasn't great - I think we had 3 or 4 sunny days out of 11 When leaving Gran Canaria the Captain told us that due to weather conditions in Vigo (Spain) we would not be heading there & instead would be going straight to Lisbon - once there due to more weather issues the Port Authorities closed the port. When we eventually set sail & boy it was a bumpy ride!! We actually arrived into Southampton the same day we were scheduled to but it was 12hr late & not 24hrs. The TA passengers ended up leaving 1 day late. In answer to the OP the weather can be a bit hit & miss in October. We were just unlucky.
  23. We have recently returned from Sailing on the Silhouette in Concierge. The sparkling wine was waiting for us in the cabin but on our previous cruise on the same ship we had to request it. Yes there are binoculars but I would suggest you bring your own. Re Stir fry - there is an oriental food station which has a small amount of stir fry but the choice was limited and not very exciting. I have had better on previous cruises. In Concierge they deliver canape's in the afternoon - we weren't keen on them so asked for some fruit instead which was nice it came as slices of melon & pineapple
  24. If you prefer Early /Late Fixed seating in MDR - you can ask to change once you are onboard. If there is space they will arrange that for you. We opted for the anytime dining on our last 2 cruises - both were a full capacity cruise & 9 out of 10 times when we went for dinner we were given a pager which alerts you when there is a table available. In the end we got fed up of the pager system and asked to be moved to a Table for 2 on Fixed seating. You are allocated the same table each night which suited us. I know some people like Anytime but it's just not for us.
  25. As far as I know a Move up to a Aqua Sky Suite will entitle you to dine in Luminae - not sure about Blu Your Move up doesn't include the beverage package & pre paid tips unless of course you have them when you booked your regular cabin.
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