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  1. In the several times that we have been to Princess Cay, there has never been a Bahamian official present either inside the Princess private compound or outside at the trinket tents.
  2. Is Share still there or did they change it back to Sabatini's? Share was closed on our cruise right before dry dock
  3. On the ships where you have to put your cruise card in a slot to get the lights to come on, does that also control the balcony light? On Ocean Medallion ships does the balcony light go out if nobody is out there? Just curious.
  4. Just got off of the Ruby last Saturday. We had 3 for free Specialty Dining. There was no card in our room on arrival. I called the Dine Line multiple times on Embarkation day (The 22nd) and never got through. I called at 8:05 AM the next day and got through. I was told my 3 for free reservation was at Crab Shack on the 24th at 6:00 (SHARE was closed for the cruise). I also made a reservation for Crown Grill for that evening (23rd). When we arrived at CG they could not find our reservation but sat us anyway. We had an excellent meal. The restaurant was full. I was presented with the cover charge ticket at the end which I signed. We went to the Crab Shack on the 24th at 6:00 and they could not find our reservation but sat us anyway. We had an excellent meal. The restaurant was full. I was presented with the cover charge ticket at the end which I signed. On the 25th we got a card in our room telling us we had reservations at Crab Shack at 6:00 that evening. The cover charge for Crown Grill was not charged to our folio. The cover charge for Crab Shack was charged to our folio. We observed other couples at Crown Grill and Crab Shack having the same encounter with the head waiter concerning their reservation missing. They were always seated.
  5. That's similar to what I do. A fresh brew for me and a fresh brew for my wife. Mine is free, they punch for my wife's.
  6. SHARE will be closed for the Ruby cruise departing on September 22nd. Got this in an e-mail from Princess.
  7. Important to note that Princess Vacation Protection (PVP) refunds your cancellation fee not your cruise fare. So you can't just "no-show" and then file. You have to cancel. Based on the brochure, it looks like you should 1) cancel your husband's cruise (can be done as late as 2 days before - - but have a good reason (see below about notification of cancellation "as soon as reasonably possible". 2) File a claim for the single supplement That's the way I read it anyway..... Following is from the PVP Platinum Brochure: Princess Cancellation Fee Waiver refunds are also provided if you are charged a change in occupancy/single supplement charge as a result of your traveling companion’s cancellation due to one of the reasons cited above. IMPORTANT: Please advise your travel agent, Princess Cruises and/or Princess Tours and the Program Administrator as soon as possible in the event of cancellation. Refunds will not be provided for additional charges incurred that would have not been charged had you notified these parties as soon as reasonably possible.
  8. Thanks - looks like they'll just have to get along without me that week. :-)
  9. Does Ruby Princess have the newer faster Internet yet? Any recent experience making Skype calls over Ruby's internet connection? Thanks
  10. For some, Etiquette is defined as "you doing nothing to annoy me".
  11. Not to burst anyone's bubble but what you have there is a Map of your cruise not a Navigatonal Chart. A navigational chart shows hydrographic data (water depth, underwater hazards etc.), Navigational Aids (Lights, bouys, etc.) basic land forms (points, coves, harbors) etc. A navigational chart of a cruise would show actual course lines, fixes taken etc. Navigation Charts are large scale (show great detail) so many pages would be needed to cover a cruise. I might pay $1,200 for the actual navigational chart(s) of my cruise but they probably don't exist since navigation these days is done on electronic charts. As someone pointed out, you can buy a small scale map that covers your cruise and draw the line yourself for a lot less.
  12. Price per 8x10 goes down as you buy more. We got six 8x10s and one 16x20 for $1,200. Each picture was a different pose.
  13. They take the photos on board and then the prints are actually made ashore and shipped to you several weeks after the cruise. The prints are very good. They are done on matte finish photo board (maybe about 3/16" thick". The prints are borderless.
  14. If you leave Airplane mode off, your phone will be constantly searching for a cell tower which is one of the most battery-consuming things a cell phone does. When you are inside the ship at sea (or even on a balcony) your phone will not be able to "see" the ship's cell tower - - but it will keep searching. Expect your phone to get very warm and the battery to not last very long.
  15. Let's see if I have this right. You're Australian. You're trying to use a US TA which ignores the rules about Australians using Australian TAs. But Princess is unethical. (???)
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