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  1. We are also from Canada. I cancelled our November 2021 cruise on May 5. Received full refund of deposit yesterday (June 9) so effectively had to wait 5 weeks. Coincidentally, I had actually called my credit card company yesterday to initiate a dispute before the credit showed up and lo and behold, after speaking with them and starting the process the credit appeared on my account when I checked this morning. In talking to the credit card company rep it seemed obvious that she has dealt with a number of these types of requests as she was quick to move things along and didn't really have any
  2. Just checked my invoices for the last few Oceania cruises. I always book my own air and take the Oceania air credit. Here's what I received in $CAD: Nov 2021 - Monte Carlo to Miami $900 PP Jan 2020 - Santiago to Miami $1,400 PP Feb 2019 - Auckland to Sydney $1,900 PP Feb 2018 - Miami to Miami $500 PP Prior to the above cruises fares were always quoted in $US. Here's a few with the air credit in $US: Mar 2017 - Miami to Miami $312 PP Sep 2016 - Athens to Athens $800 PP
  3. This may be an anomaly but let me give you the actual cost of a cruise I have recently booked to show how taking OLife is actually worth money for me. Note that dollar amounts are in $CAD. The cruise I booked is in 2021 and it's a 26-day back-to-back. On a per person basis, the OLife cost for a PH1 suite is $14,399. The credit for air is $900 and the OBC with OLife amounts to $920. If you subtract the air credit and OBC from the $14,399 you come up with $12,579. The cruise-only fare for this cruise is $12,649. By taking OLife I come out ahead $70 PP, which equates to about $50 PP $US.
  4. Not sure how one effectively "prepays" OBC when they make a deposit on a cruise. In my experience the deposit amount is always the same regardless of whether O Life is chosen or not. Also, you don't have to drink $800 worth of booze to utilize the OBC - it can be applied against gratuities and any other on board charges incurred (excluding most, but not all, casino charges). Edit: If one books an OS, VS or OC suite the required deposit is 20% of the cruise fare so I guess in that case booking O Life means you are effectively prepaying 20% of your OBC. Otherwise the deposit amou
  5. Here's two photos of the balcony for 7130 on the Marina. It's an aft PH1, so not exactly what you're looking at but you can get an idea of the depth of the balcony on the B3 staterooms in the second picture (with the two loungers). The balcony for 7130 is a huge wrap-around (see the first picture for the aft part of the balcony) but the floor space for the cabin itself is slightly smaller than a regular PH cabin .
  6. Only on the O Class ships (RIviera and Marina)
  7. Your itinerary is almost identical to ours. The only difference is we left Melbourne at 3 am in the morning and docked at Geelong at 8 am, leaving Geelong at 6 pm. Your cruise stays in Melbourne instead of crossing the bay to Geelong. We had our TA arrange land tours for us in Australia and Auckland prior to the cruise. During the cruise we relied on Oceania tours. Our private/semi-private tours and transfers were all arranged by Goway Travel using local tour guides. Just a note on the crossing from New Zealand to Tasmania - during our cruise there was a big storm
  8. We were in Dunedin on Feb. 21 of this year (aboard the Regatta). As per that day's "Currents", "Today in Dunedin guests may use complimentary shuttle buses provided by the local port authority to reach the Visitor's Centre in the city center..... "
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