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  1. I asked the Club Royale people if my Nov cruise gets cancelled will I be able to use that offer after that? I was told that the offer for my cruise has expired, so no, I won't be able to book another cruise based on the Nov cruise. I am hoping that we will be able to sail.
  2. We will tip the same as we normally do. We do the auto gratuities and tip our steward extra at the end of the cruise. The amount depends upon how much service we receive and how well our steward interacts with us. We tip a minimum of $1 a drink in the DL and at the end of the week, tip extra to the waiter who has served us the few nights we have gone to the lounge. I tip an extra $1 or $2 per drink when I have the drink package. The amount depends upon what I order. I don't tip extra though for a bottle of water. I tip the person doing the specialty coffee too. We do the UDP and tip $5 per person for lunch and $10 per person for dinner. We don't eat breakfast most of the week. I feel the amount we tip is fine for us and unless someone else goes beyond what we have had, it will stay the same.
  3. I guess I didn't even know my travel agent could do the check-in. I've always done it for me and when I sail with my son and his family, I also do theirs so we can get the Expedited Boarding. It doesn't always work, but it does most of the time. I can see where some might need their agents to do it, but that's something I never even know existed.
  4. I was initially told May 15, but then I was told by the end of next week which will be the 23rd. Who knows though?
  5. Chris, Thanks for the video. I've enjoyed your previous ones even though I didn't start at the beginning. I am looking forward to the new ones when you have info about cruising.
  6. I just wanted to thank Oursusualbeach for posting all the info you have. I was able to use the Lift & Shift and probably would never have known about it had you not posted the info a few days ago. We were a bit concerned about sailing in October and now we have rebooked for October 2021. The price for the new cruise is almost $1000 higher than what we were to pay for this year's cruise. Getting the new cruise for the initial price is wonderful even if we lost the $18 drink package. Thanks again.
  7. We were able to take advantage of the Lift & Shift program which works out well for us. We were concerned about cruising in October and now we are set for October 2021.
  8. I'm close to your feelings regarding Wonderland, although hate is a bit strong a word for me to use there. I do think part of our dislike may be because my sister doesn't eat seafood, and I am allergic to shrimp. I realize that limited our choices. We had the smoked eggs and, even though I have never had eggs smoked in grass, that's how I felt they tasted. I thought the veggies in avocado smash were decent, but my sister wouldn't even touch them. We both ordered the chicken breast as we had beef every night until Wonderland. The chicken was well presented and looked so delicious. If only it tasted like that, my attitude toward the restaurant would be different. It was dry as a bone. One bite was all I ate of it. There was an accompanying cauliflower something whose name I don't remember. We both love cauliflower and this was like the paste kids in kindergarten use and tasted close to what I think the paste would taste. The best thing of all was the world dessert. It was sooooooo good. That alone made the dinner bearable. Additionally, we had heard the Mad Hatter added a lot to the enjoyment, but he was nowhere in site when we went on Harmony. For us, the experience was a one and done for sure.
  9. For those of us in the USA, I haven't seen free drinks packages and if one books a balcony guaranty, I guess it is possible to get an upgrade. I have seen though that the UK, if that's where you live, has packages that include free drinks. I wish we were able to have that, but I guess we have some advantages that those in other countries don't have.
  10. Carnival has found a way to do this for several of their ports. If they can do it, so can other cruise lines.
  11. Yes, I"m sorry I didn't explain that the email I received was regarding the policy I purchased through IMT. I do know that they handle many companies and I purchase what appears to be best for my family.
  12. I have 3 cruises booked and a trip to Europe as well. I do have insurance through insuremytrip.com. I booked all either last year or early Jan of this year. I live in NY so I was not able to purchase cancel for any reason insurance. I received an email from IMT a month or so ago telling me because I purchased my insurance before Covid-19 was named/identified, I would be covered. I called them to see if I wanted to cancel my European tour because of the virus, would I be covered? The answer was "if you get Covid-19 and are unable to travel, you would be covered. If you cancel because you are worried about the virus, sorry, you won't be." My European trip has been cancelled by the tour company and I am promised a voucher to be used by Dec 2022 per the website. I have not officially been notified though and I don't want a voucher. I would like a refund, so that might be a fight. My cruises are also in the same category, so unless they are cancelled, I, hopefully, will be sailing as they are not until Oct, Nov and Jan. I know that my insurance will cover us if we move the European trip to next year, but, I am not so sure that's what I want to do.
  13. NY did not allow cancel for any reason insurance. It may have changed recently, but I purchased my policies last fall. I believe Insure My Trip was saying they don't cover pandemics, but if I were to get the virus, I would be covered.
  14. I buy insurance for every cruise and I don't buy it from the cruise line. I purchase through insure my trip and received an email from them a month or more ago advising that policies purchased after Jan 26, I believe, would not have ANY coverage for the virus. For those who purchased insurance prior to that date, they would be covered ONLY IF they had the virus when they were supposed to be on the cruise. I did question the last part and was told that the insurance companies used by insure my trip, do not cover pandemics. So, even though people may have purchased the insurance, they may not be covered, so perhaps you may need to change your way of thinking of others. As far as your feeling that agencies should be allowed to charge a cancellation fee, I feel that they are being paid by the cruise line the same as if no cancellation was done, so why should they be paid twice?
  15. I agree with that. It also keeps the money held in the coffers of Royal Caribbean longer.
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