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  1. The post below is from an online "conversation" I had with Gwen on the RC site on that "other site." The gray area is RC and the blue are my questions. Gratuities are at the discretion of each guest and include stateroom attendants, dining room staff, and other hotel services. If they aren't prepaid prior to the sailing, gratuities will be automatically charged to the guest’s folios once onboard. However, you are able to alter the charge at Guest Services if you'd like. I do know about prepaying and being billed once onboard as I have sailed many times. I do not normally remove the gratuities, but who are the other "hotel services? " What if I do remove the gratuities, then tip in cash, will the steward, as an example, have to turn in all the money to the pool? Or will he be have to turn in what is the normal amount paid on a daily basis for the steward and keep the rest? I'd really like to know these answers please. I understand. The daily gratuity is shared among dining, bar & culinary services staff, stateroom attendants and other hotel services teams. If you chose to pay the stewards in cash they don't have to turn in any of those gratuities. Thanks, but what are the other hotel teams? Who are they? You're welcome. It would include anybody working behind the scenes who still have an affect on your experience. It seems as though you can't/won't tell me who they are. I don't understand why it is a big secret. I like to know who gets my money. I don't buy other things and give extra just because someone thinks it's a good idea. Are the entertainers part of the other? Are the laundry people part of the other? Are the ladies room cleaners part of the other? Are the people who wipe down the hand rails part of the other? Are guest services part of the other? Are the hostesses in the specialty restaurants part of the dining tips or are they part of the other? I understand that you want to know where it goes. It goes to just about everyone but the Officers and Entertainers. -Gwen
  2. I've had the same experience on Allure and on Harmony. Our last Allure cruise was in June and our last Harmony cruise was in January and we are going again in January.
  3. I guess I must have gotten better hotel directors then, lol. I sure hope the one you had isn't the one we get in Jan. Thanks.
  4. My 12 year old granddaughter ordered from the adult menu and her parents paid full price for her on all the specialty restaurants on Allure.
  5. Our experience in Hibachi was not like you described at all. The Hibachi meal is included with the UDP, but if you choose to eat in Izumi (the sushi area) then the $35 credit applies. Did you actually go to Hibachi or are you posting from what many believe is posted on the website. It is broken down on the website and it is confusing. We have done Hibachi on Harmony and Allure and both have not had the $10 uncharge. We do not do sushi ever.
  6. We've been able to go to a specialty restaurant on boarding day with no charge. We did run into a problem trying to go to Chops on Harmony and Allure a few months ago because it was closed because of the Key. I understand now that it may be open so we will probably try it again when we go on Harmony in a couple of months.
  7. This is why we pay a bit more and get insurance that is primary. I don't want to have to file a claim and wait for the rejection and then submit the claim to the travel insurance company.
  8. On Allure my son was billed the full price. I heard later from someone that was at the bar that he should have ordered a virgin Pina Colada and then ordered a shot of rum and he'd have only been billed for the shot which is less. I don't know if that is true or not as this was the only alcoholic drink he had on the ship.
  9. When I redeemed mine, I had already purchased everything I wanted, so I thought I would use it for onboard. I did request the OBC be for me only, as I was traveling with my sister. When I got onboard, I found the credit was divided between the two of us. I had to go to Guest Services with her to have the credit transferred to my account. I did see it posted before the cruise on the Cruise Planner, but as I signed into my account, I had no way of knowing it was going to be divided. I think for most people traveling as couples, it's not a problem, but for 2 traveling and paying as individuals, it may be a problem. It all did work out in the long run, but I shouldn't have had to go to Guest Services.
  10. My husband would never have left me alone to go on a cruise, nor would I have ever left him if he weren't able to cruise. We were a partnership. I can't imagine the relationship of a couple who would leave one at home when the one left is ill or unable to go for medical reasons. That, to me, is sooooo sad. Having said that, I guess we all have to do what we feel is right. We started buying insurance because we had elderly parents and were concerned if we had to fly home etc. We continued doing so as we got older and had to use it a few times. I still get insurance for every cruise and have my family do the same. To me, it's part of the price of the cruise.
  11. I agree that there is too much food. We are "good eaters" and eat our fair share of food, but even without eating breakfast on sea days, having lunch at Noon and dinner at 7, we don't have room to totally enjoy dinner. Our lunches have been a burgers, a salad or a quesadilla in a specialty restaurant with no apps or desserts. Our last cruise had 4 sea days and by day 2 we decided not to have lunch in a specialty restaurant so we could enjoy dinner. We ended up going to breakfast and skipping lunch and then we were able to have an app and entree at dinner. Most nights that I had steak in Chops, I didn't finish it as I wanted to have room for dessert. I couldn't finish the dessert, which was probably good for me in the long run. We have it again for our next cruise and will definitely skip the lunches in the specialty restaurants on the sea days . I think it was much better for us when they had the 5 night dining package.
  12. Thanks, somehow I missed that. It's been many years since we've been on Brilliance.
  13. I'm confused as I thought the restaurant in the Solarium is the Solarium Bistro and that the Park Cafe is on deck 8 in Central Park. That's how I remember them from when we were on Harmony of the Seas.
  14. My father had a similar situation a few years ago. He booked as a single in ocean view balcony cabin and he paid twice the price as a single. A few months before the cruise he decided to have a friend go along with him and tried to book his friend into the cabin with him. He was told he couldn't do it because other cabins had 3 or 4 in them. He was told that he should have booked 2 in the cabin to start with and if the friend had decided not to go, he could have cancelled the second person. We had previously not heard of this policy.
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