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  1. Between my six sailings on Allure and Harmony, I have seen the 10 drink card 3 times. All of those offers were on January cruises. When we have cruised in June or July, the 10 drinks cards were not available. When they were available, they were in the Compass for the 4th day. I did not see them advertised anywhere else on the ship, but I really wasn't looking as we had a beverage package.
  2. On e thing I would like to caution you on is that on Oasis class ships, at least, the 12-14 year olds are in the same area for most of the time with those 15-17. I don't know how you feel about having your daughter hanging out with 15-17 year olds. Not all activities includes the ages, but when there are no scheduled activities, they are pretty much all in the same area the majority of the time. My 12 year old granddaughter looks a lot older than she is and was hit on by the 15 year olds and she refused to go back to the club. She has since gone back at 13 and 14 and can handle herself, but there is a huge difference in what an 11-12 year old expects and a 15-17 year old does. JMO.
  3. I think this is how it was in the past, but I know on our Harmony cruise in Jan no reservations were made for us and we were told that many people changed the reservations made for them, so they no longer did so. On Allure a couple of weeks ago, we didn't have any restaurant assigned the first night either, or, if they did, no mention was made of it at all when we went to make our dining reservations for the cruise.
  4. You should be able to. I have done that for my son and his family who were traveling with us.
  5. You can accumulate points over a year, which for the Casino Royale starts April 1 and ends March 31. So if you don't get 2500 points in one cruise, but sail again during that same period of time, those points get added to the previous ones. Having said that, even with a couple of cruises a year, and losing what I consider a goodly amount, I haven't made it to the 2500 points. A couple of weeks ago the Cruise Compass stated 2400 points, but the info from the casino itself stated 2500 points were needed. I have gotten a few hundred off cruises though for my playing.
  6. I've booked my insurance through insuremytrip.com and have done so for many cruises. I have also had to use it a few times. A few years ago my husband developed pneumonia a couple of weeks before the cruise and our doctor would not allow him to travel, so we had a claim with that. I fell on a cruise and ended up with a broken elbow, hematoma etc and I needed to see a doctor for more x-rays after I debarked. The cruise line had an ambulance waiting for me and I was transported to a hospital and the x-rays were done. My blood pressure was also very high with this so I was treated for that as well at the port of debarkation. My sister and I were going on a cruise from Ft Lauderdale and we left to go to the cruise 2 days before the cruise. I was flying from Upstate NY and my sister was flying from Nashville. I got to Baltimore and my flight was delayed, delayed, delayed. It was the day there was a shooting at FLL airport and all flights were cancelled. My airline sent me to Orlando, and my sister was sent there as well. The insurance paid for our hotel, rental car, meals, tolls and everything else for us for that night and the next day when we drove to Ft Lauderdale. I started buying insurance when my parents were getting "old" and felt we may need to fly home from a port if something happened to them. After they passed, we continued to get insurance for every trip. I just look at it as part of the price of cruising and I won't travel without having a goodly amount of insurance for medical evacuation nor will I get a policy that doesn't pay as primary. I don't think the cruise line insurance has enough coverage for me to be comfortable.
  7. It tells me that you gamble more than your husband, or you are luckier than your husband, lol. I think, but am not sure, as I am not Prime, but I think you get free drinks in the casino.
  8. Thanks, unfortunately we do 7 night cruises and it is no longer available.
  9. We had the UDP a couple of weeks ago on Allure. Other than my teenage granddaughter, the rest of us are big eaters. We did not eat breakfast at all on the sea days and by the 2nd or 3rd day, it was almost a chore to go to a specialty restaurant for lunch. I had a burger a couple of days and some of the others had pasta. We went to lunch about 12 and had dinner about 7 or so and we didn't eat a lot at dinner because we were so full from lunch. We ended up not eating all the lunches in the restaurants that we could have because there was just too much food. I liked it much better when we were able to get a 5 night package as did the others. I'm sure we will get the UDP again, because the 5 night has been discontinued, but I know we will probably only do lunch in a specialty restaurant on embarkation day because none of us liked feeling so uncomfortable with eating so much more than we do at home.
  10. Izumi Hibachi is not a la carte per se. It is a full dinner with a fixed price except if you order sushi type items IN ADDITION. Having said that, it is NOT available to those using the 3 night package. It has recently become available with the UDP package and it is busy/full every night.
  11. They will take your picture with the iPad instead of going to a counter.
  12. I understand that the levels from the casino go on a fiscal year rather than a calendar year. If I sailed in June and ended my cruise with 14,000 points where I got a voucher for $300 off a future cruise and I use it, and then go again in January and get another 13,000 points will the two cruise points be added together to get over the 25,000 points for a free inside cabin? If so, will that cruise have to be taken before the end of March when a new calendar year starts? If they are combined, would I be able to pay extra to upgrade to say a balcony cabin? I haven't played enough to get a free cruise, but I have gotten money off for my last several cruises. Thanks for your help.
  13. I'm also one who ordered them from Amazon and i just picked the ones that were for Royal Caribbean. Be sure when you order them that the ones you choose have the metal grommets on the tags. The ones that don't have them rip very easily. I've used mine for years and they work beautifully.
  14. I've done an 8:30 and 9:30 flight from Ft Lauderdale. I've also done an 11:20 flight. I was nervous with the earlier ones, but decided to take a chance so I wouldn't have to wait until 5PM for a flight home. On those flights I did self debarkation and was off the ship and at the airport by 7:00. For the later one, I also did self debarkation, but didn't leave the ship as early.
  15. I purchase insurance for every cruise based on my age, albeit I am not the age you are. I know it is more expensive buying third party insurance, but the coverage is more extensive. I use insuremytrip.com and pick insurance that is primary rather than secondary as I don't want to have to deal with getting a rejection from insurance because my problem occurred out of the country. I also don't think the cruise line insurance covers enough for evacuation or medical if in a foreign country. I do have controlled high blood pressure and have had that for years, so I buy my insurance within 20 days of booking so I am covered. My look back is covered as my meds haven't changed in the period of time on the policy. I don't want to lose the money for a cruise if something should happen, but in all honesty, that is the least of the problem. Medical expenses are far more important to me, but we all have to decide what we want to spend and how much coverage we want.
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