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  1. I wonder if lobster is included in this new special as the description includes it and doesn't mention an additional charge. If it is included and another specialty restaurant as well, it may not be as bad as we think. This is from the website for our Harmony cruise in Jan. with a price of $75. Make your adventure a true flavor fest with an all new, exclusive dining experience — Chops +1. Savor dinner at Chops Grille, the Royal Caribbean hallmark steakhouse, and feast on signature favorites, including hand cut steaks, Maine lobster, irresistible sides like Gruyère Cheese Tater Tots and decadent desserts like Warm Apple Pie a la Mode.
  2. Yes, but it will be more expensive by maybe $1 plus gratuities per day per person. It will just show up the same as a regular charge does on the Sea Pass. I guess I don't understand the how does it show up on the SeaPass.
  3. Honestly most times I've gotten spring water, but a few times I was given Perrier or some other name brand. I honestly don't remember what the brand was as it might have been Evian. I do believe, but perhaps someone else will know, that a name brand can be requested instead of the spring water. Everyone/anyone that has questionable items in locked suitcases can be in the room. It is not private at all. I have never had to go to the naughty room, but that is what I have heard. Save yourself the trip there by checking the website for prohibited irons. It seems most times people have gone there because of irons and/or steamers.
  4. If you think about the price you paid for the bottled water, the wine you ordered and a couple of drinks a day, you may be spending close to the $46 per day. My drinks run close to $13 each. You can cancel the water and wine, get a refund and buy the alcohol package. With the package you will be able to get unlimited bottled water, wine and hard liquor. As far as carrying things on, a rolling suitcase is fine. I use one for the things I want to have with me as opposed to waiting for my luggage to be delivered. My suitcases have TSA locks and they are locked when I fly and then board the ship. If the cruise line sees something suspicious, they will send the suitcase to the "naughty" room for me to open it in front of them.
  5. I would think they would know if you purchased a dining package as they are only sold at a discount. So far it has been cheaper to book the dining package prior to the cruise. An example was our Harmony cruise in Jan, 2019. I purchased the UDP on Black Friday for $155 and when we were onboard the package was $238 which was the regular price of $199 plus the 18% gratuity. I am hoping for another good sale for this Black Friday for my Jan 2020 cruise. I also purchased the UDP for our June cruise on Black Friday for $126 which, to me, is a great price.
  6. My suitcase alone is 28 inches in length and quite large and I never have to have it open to fit under the bed on any ship. I guess I have been luckier than you. It is hard sided, so it doesn't squish down to fit either.
  7. They key menu doesn't have: Carpaccio, salmon (has Branzino instead), The wedge salad (has Caesar instead), 8 oz steak (instead has 6 oz steak), chicken, steak salad, key lime meringue pie (I think that was in Chops). The sides are fewer also.
  8. That is true as compared to the dinner menu, but the Key menu is a shortened version of the Chops lunch menu. Entrees are different as are desserts. I can't remember if the apps are different as I can't eat that much for lunch.
  9. I find that very interesting as I have been posting on Royal Caribbean International's page on FB and I have been told that with the UDP I can go to Chops for lunch on embarkation day and it will not be the limited menu that is used for the Key. I have asked this question twice and gotten the same answer both times from different people. I have also been told this change allows Hibachi to be part of the plan. The dining for Allure in January 2020 is not open yet, so I can't look at anything for then, but the info I asked about was for our June 2019 sailing on Allure.
  10. If that is all you drink all day, then it could come to $1.60 a drink. If you drink the specialty coffee, soda, juice at breakfast, bottled water daily, you are not tipping $1.60 per drink. It goes down based on how many things you order daily. If all I were going to do is get 4 drinks a day, I would NEVER get a package as it would probably not be worth it to me. I do get lots of bottled water, a mocha coffee or two in the morning and fresh OJ so it is worth it to me to get the package and because of the number of things I get, which include perhaps 1 alcoholic drink during the day, a couple glasses of wine with dinner, and an after dinner drink or two.I tip extra per item with the exception of the bottled water. My items comes to over 10 per day so that's less than $1 per drink which is far less than if I ordered things without a package. JMO.
  11. I don't know the amount that is included in the online price, but, to me, it is considerably lower than if one purchased the meal onboard and had 18% added to the cost. Having said that, we tip $10 per person at least for dinner in a specialty restaurant and if we have the UDP, we tip $5 extra per person for lunch. We have had excellent service with every meal in the specialty restaurants with the exception of lunch in Chops on boarding day on Harmony. We had 3 different waiters and none knew what the othesr had done, so when food came out, it was questioned who gets what etc. I got the impression that 2 of the wait staff were new and had no clue as to what was going on. This was in Jan 2019. There were only about 8 people in the restaurant, so it wasn't like they were overly busy.
  12. No ice cream, a tiny splash of Kahlua and chocolate poured on the inside of the glass. It was so bad that one sip was all I had of it.
  13. I thought there was a difference in the amount of alcohol in the drinks in the casino on Harmony and Allure. I had the alcohol package and tipped every drink. I handed the tip with my card, so the bartender knew he was getting a tip. On Harmony, the bartenders measured exactly and when I asked for a Double Johnny Black, the bartender told me he could only give one shot at a time. That was my mistake as I wanted a Johnny Double Black, not a double shot. I did the same thing on Allure and got a double shot. I was very careful to order correctly after that, lol. I also noticed on Harmony that a Mudslide had very little liquor in it as opposed to Allure.
  14. I would be worried then too. I will not use an agency that has the charge made out to the agency instead of the cruise line. I'm sure you didn't know that initially, so I understand your concern. Years ago I used an agency that employed a friend. I found out that when things were charged to the agency, the owner floated the money and many times didn't pay for tour company or cruise line until they said they were going to cancel the reservation. My friend only worked there a short period of time after she realized what was going on, so now I only use large agencies that have the charges charged to the cruise line, not the agency. I know the cruise line won't talk to customers using an agency, but I wonder if you called and asked for a supervisor and explained what happened, if they could tell you without telling you, if you know what I mean. Somehow asking them if you need to be worried about FP might allow them to say yes or no. Good luck and for sure, don' t use that agency again, lol. It's not worth the stress.
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