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  1. 0 Were it a matter of £100 we would take an extra case, however Etihad want $624 for 20 kg one way- that includes 20% early booking discount! The tux and evening dresses will be staying in the wardrobes and we will follow the guidelines that Princess give. Thanks for the packing tips but we already employ them all.
  2. Mainly correct. Here are the guidelines for packing I think this reflects the modern day problem that air travellers have. I have a 35 night cruise coming up, and several days pre and post cruise. The total luggage allowance is 23 kg checked plus 7 kg carry on. The cost of any extra allowance is prohibitive.
  3. Ū Are those prices with or without the 18%? Thanks
  4. And then And then there is this. https://www.princess.com/cruise-tips-vacation-ideas/cruise-destinations/cruise-tips-advice-and-information/tips-on-what-to-pack-for-a-cruise.html See last paragraph.
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