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  1. Does anyone know if Royal makes you check out towels on European cruises? I've read many posts about this on Caribbean cruises but was wondering if it's the same on cruises that don't usually involve taking towels ashore. Also, is there a limit on number of towels you can take? Seems like a giant pain. Never had to worry about this on Celebrity!
  2. Where can you go on land that allows smoking indoors? Nowhere! I've been a loyal Celebrity user predominately because of their strict smoking rules. I'm about to try Royal for the first time and am praying they change this annoying, unhealthy policy before I sail. If it was just a matter of passing thru a smoky casino, that wouldn't be so bad but the way smoke travels and the smell of it lingers on your clothing forever makes it intolerable. For all you smokers that disagree, would you mind if I coughed in your face for several hours at a time? I bet you would.
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