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  1. We are long-time Celebrity cruisers who recently took a seven-night Med cruise on Brilliance of the Seas. We had been looking to try another line and Royal's itinerary and timing seemed like the right time to get them a try. Based on our experience, I don't think we'll be giving it another go. First, the daily pricing was higher. We did opt for a spacious veranda cabin but it wasn't any bigger than our previous Celebrity cabins and the interior was definitely dated. They probably lost us when we walked out on our veranda for the first time. A dirty window and plenty of rust greeted us. We knew that Brilliance was an older ship but didn't expect to see such negligence since it was supposedly refurbished in 2018. While we thought the public spaces were generally beautiful, we hated the fact that smoking was still allowed in the casino. We also had a neighboring cabin who decided the non-smoking rule didn't apply to him but the ship responded quickly when we reported it. Shows were better than on Celebrity and we actually enjoyed the mini-golf course so we found other ways to be entertained. The food was okay (especially in the MDR) and we liked the cafeteria space and the way it was set up but the scrambled eggs definitely tasted weird (do they use powdered eggs on Royal???), we couldn't get a poached egg and they closed the cafeteria every day from 4 to 6, actually locking the door to get to the back of the ship. Super inconvenient. Celebrity always keeps a station or two open offering afternoon tea or snacks of some kind. The only option for any kind of food during those hours on Brilliance was in the Solarium and that was definitely lacking. We were also disappointed in the service on the ship, which I had heard others rave about on these boards. Often dishes laid on our table in the cafeteria until we eventually removed them ourselves. Our stateroom attendant, while pleasant, didn't do anything over and above and looked at me as if I had two heads when I asked her about cleaning the balcony window. (She did do it, tho.) The muster drill was chaotic and disorganized and took way longer than it should have. Since we are definitely not candidates for Royal's massive new ships, I'm not sure we'd be willing to try Royal again. Anybody want to try and convince me otherwise?
  2. Does anyone know if Royal makes you check out towels on European cruises? I've read many posts about this on Caribbean cruises but was wondering if it's the same on cruises that don't usually involve taking towels ashore. Also, is there a limit on number of towels you can take? Seems like a giant pain. Never had to worry about this on Celebrity!
  3. Where can you go on land that allows smoking indoors? Nowhere! I've been a loyal Celebrity user predominately because of their strict smoking rules. I'm about to try Royal for the first time and am praying they change this annoying, unhealthy policy before I sail. If it was just a matter of passing thru a smoky casino, that wouldn't be so bad but the way smoke travels and the smell of it lingers on your clothing forever makes it intolerable. For all you smokers that disagree, would you mind if I coughed in your face for several hours at a time? I bet you would.
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