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  1. Muster station B is inside on the Carnival Ecstasy. It is located on the Promenade Deck (deck 9) near the Crystal Palace Casino. There are some very rare occasions where they make people practice going from the inside muster stations to the lifeboats. Out of four times of sailing on the ship, this only happened to me once. It is very rare that you would have to move from the inside muster station to the outside lifeboats, but it can happen. I hope this helps! Have a great cruise!
  2. Great question and thanks for asking!! For the first day I will usually eat lunch and then immediately explore the ship. I start with outside areas because I have found they crowd earlier than interior areas on the first day. Then I go inside to take pictures. For the sea days, I wake up at 5:45am and am usually walking around by 6:15am taking pictures. My morning walk before breakfast allows me to get a little bit of exercise before eating more and I can take pictures of the lounges while the ship's public areas are mostly empty. Throughout the cruise I almost always carry my camera with me and will take a picture of empty areas I come across.
  3. Thank you so much! Thank you! I'm happy you found the review helpful! Thank you! I'm glad you liked the organization and pictures!
  4. Thank you so much! I am the same way when it comes to planning. I am not sure about if they still have a luggage service from Galveston. I did not see any flyers or information about ship to airport luggage service.
  5. Thank you! Please let me know if you have any questions at any time! Thank you! Have a great cruise in September. It will be here before you know it. Please let me know if you have any questions at any time!
  6. I now have posted Days 1-3 and hope to have Days 4 & 5 online within the next few days. I hope everyone is enjoying the review so far. Please ask me any questions you have here!
  7. Thank you! I'm glad to hear you think its comprehensive. Sometimes I feel like I don't go into enough detail. Thank you for sharing it with the people on your cruise FB group. I hope everyone is enjoying it! Have a great cruise on the Vista! Ya'll are in for a great ship. I hope to have the review done by the time you cruise, but will likely be close if I'm not finished by then. These reviews take forever to write and upload pictures!
  8. Thank you! Sadly, I don't have the Camp Ocean newsletters. I had intentions to get them and walked over to the Camp Ocean lounge on the first day. The lounge was closed because the muster station drill was about to take place and I never thought to go back and get them later. Sorry about not having them!
  9. Thank you! Thank you for reading! I try to make the review detailed to make the reader feel like they were with me on the cruise.
  10. Unfortunately, I am not sure if the stateroom doors are magnetic. I saw a few decorated doors that used small pieces of tape (Carnival's online frequently asked questions says tape isn't allowed, but these people didn't get caught). I am so sorry I cannot give you a more specific answer. Have a great cruise! The Vista is a great ship.
  11. Boarding The Carnival Vista: Boarding the Carnival Vista was delayed because the cruise terminal's gangway was broken. The gangway broke one week prior to the cruise and was unable to get fixed by the time our cruise departed. Due to the broken gangway debarking passengers had to get off the ship on Deck 0, which made the process of getting cruisers off take longer. This delayed our embarkation and meant the wait in the cruise terminal was longer than normal. Around 11:40am announcements about how the boarding process would work were broadcasted over the cruise terminal's PA and by 11:45am the boarding process began. First, wedding guests were allowed to board the ship. Next, the VIFP Diamond and Platinum guests were allowed to board. After Diamond & Platinum guests boarded, Faster to the Fun guests were allowed to board. Cruisers with Faster to the Fun paid extra for priority boarding as well as a few other perks. There were several Faster to the Fun guests sailing on this cruise. Once Faster to the Fun guests boarded, the boarding process continued by zones and arrival appointment times.
  12. Arrival In Galveston & Parking: After over 15 months of anticipation the day of the Carnival Vista cruise arrived! My alarm was set for 4:45am, but since I was awake since 2:00am I decided to get up around 4:30am to start getting ready for the day. I couldn't sleep because of the excitement of getting on the ship and my constant desire to keep looking up the ship's position on the tracker overnight. After getting out of bed I showered, finalized my packing, and ate breakfast. We left around 6:20am and began our journey to Galveston. Due to traffic being very light, we arrived in Galveston around 8:30am, but stopped at McDonalds first to get a dollar large drink. We parked at EZ Cruise Parking and had a great experience. Prior to the day of our cruise, I reserved a parking space on EZ Cruise Parking's website and picked their "Park & Walk Special". Selecting this special meant we received a discount for not using the parking lot's shuttle. Upon arriving at the lot, we showed our online receipt and were instantly directed to a parking spot. After securing our vehicle, we walked about 4-5 minutes to the cruise terminal. A police officer was working the crosswalk along Harborside Drive and he stopped traffic to let us across. Having a police officer working this crosswalk made the walk across the street much safer because vehicles had to follow the officer's instructions to stop. Arriving At The Cruise Terminal & Check-In: After arriving at the cruise terminal our suitcases were taken by a porter. We followed the outside signage to find where embarking passengers should go to check-in. One thing I have always liked about Galveston's Cruise Terminal #1 is the signage is very clear. Since we arrived too early the doors to check-in were not yet open. As we waited outside we were able to watch debarking passengers get into taxis and parking lot shuttles. Thankfully it was not too hot outside and the wind blew every few minutes. This made the wait much better. Around 9:30am, some cruise terminal employees came outside to finalize setting up. One staff member organized the outside area into two different lines. One line was for priority guests and Faster to the Fun. The other line was for all other cruisers based on arrival appointment time windows. There was a wedding taking place on the ship and the wedding party guests were directed to another line to wait. Around 10:00am the doors to the cruise terminal for check-in were opened. The line with priority guests and Faster to the Fun was let into the building first. Before being allowed into the building boarding passes were checked to ensure each cruiser was in the right line. I overheard a terminal staff member tell a newer staff member to also check the ship name because sometimes cruisers will go to the wrong cruise terminal on days when two ships are in Galveston. After entering the cruise terminal building, we had our passports and boarding passes checked again. The staff member doing this scanned our passport and uploaded the passport photo into Carnival's system. If a cruiser's appearance differed from the passport photo a new picture was taken on the spot for Carnival's identification system. Thankfully my passport photo is relatively recent so my passport photo was able to be used. Following this part of the check-in process we went through security. After going through security, we were directed up an escalator to the cruise terminal's second floor. This was my first cruise being Platinum in Carnival's VIFP club and as a result I was directed to the Captain's Lounge in the cruise terminal. This area was for Platinum and Diamond guests. Some refreshments were available for everyone in this lounge to enjoy. During my wait I kept getting up to walk around and look out the nearby cruise terminal windows. I was able to see the very back of the Carnival Vista as well as the front of the Carnival Dream docked at terminal #2. NOTE: Cruise Critic's editor is giving me a little problem with posting image links so I hope ya'll are able to see the images.
  13. Information About This Cruise & Me: This was my 15th cruise and my 1st time to cruise on the Carnival Vista. This cruise was May 18-May 25, 2019 and it departed from Galveston to Montego Bay, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel. I try to do the review in parts, by day. I took over 3000 pictures and will try to include as many as possible of the ship, food, and ports. The review is on my personal cruise blog (no ads), which is also where you can find Fun-Times and other scanned handouts from the cruise. Here Is The Review, Photos & Fun-Times: Review & Pictures: http://www.embarkandaway.com/carnival-vista-7-day-caribbean-cruise-review-2019.html Funtimes Newsletters: http://www.embarkandaway.com/carnival-vista-7-day-cruise-review-fun-times-activity-newsletters.html For those that do not want to click on external links, I will post the pictures from the review to Cruise Critic after I get most of my review online (will be at least a few more days). This is the way I have done several of my past cruise reviews so I will keep the same format! I greatly enjoyed the Carnival Vista and wish I was still onboard. 🙂 Feel Free To Ask Questions You Have! I will answer questions as quick as possible! One of my post-cruise activities is compiling my pictures to write a review. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it.
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