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  1. Yes, contacted them today because we were thinking of using them in our upcoming cruise. They replied within 20 minutes. Weve used them twice in previous cruises and have been extremely satisfied.
  2. There are 10 of us... wanted early dining, couldnt get it, even though 4 of us are platinum. We cant even be waitlisted... I have noticed anytime dining starts at 5:45. Do they actually seat you at that time? Usually, I have noticed they dont even open the doors until 6pm. Also, what are the chances of 10 of us sitting together with the anytime dining?
  3. Has anyone ever done either of these Carnival sponsored tours? Looking to do something that includes a 4 year old. Thanks!
  4. Thanks so much everyone!
  5. Is there any snorkeling from the beach that's right off the ship? Does this beach have a name? Would like to search it
  6. Has anyone ever booked vista cabin 7278 or 7280? These balcony cabins are right outside the IMAX theater. Just wondering about the loud bass that comes with those IMAX shows Looked thru 10 pages of cabins In above thread, could find nothing. Thanks!
  7. I'll check it out, thanks!
  8. Any ideas where a group of 10(4 families) could stay possibly close to pleasure pier? How close is pleasure pier to the carnival port?
  9. Platinum rewards are a great perk.
  10. A lot of businesses have a loyalty program whether it be a discount card or punch card. Perks for being a returning customer. After 20 cruises on the same cruise line, I would have appreciated even $25 OBC. Obviously, they dont need to do this, it's just nice to be appreciated. Yes, I bet you're right.
  11. Yes, I should have done that. We booked and I'll just watch for price drops I guess.
  12. Does this sound odd to anyone? -we cruise 2 times a year -usually get a great casino offer -we are platinum -we qualify for senior discount This time when we booked, there were no offers, no discounts, no upgrades, no OBC. My daughter who has cruised 4 times had the best offer. *****? Is this how Carnival rewards us? Anyone else experience this?
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