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  1. We are flying into Copenhagen from London. I don't think we clear immigration in London since it is just a layover/connection for a flight from the US. Our flight is on British Air. I would appreciate any information about what to expect clearing immigration in Copenhagen. How long should I expect this to take? Thanks.
  2. I am on your cruise. Here is what I have learned. There are public buses, 45 and 49 leaving every 30 minutes to the train station, Lutten Klein where you can get a train every 15 minutes into Rostock or Warnemunde. However, it is suggested that the easiest is to take a taxi from the port to Rostock and I am told they are available at the port. However, I have tried to contact the taxi company and have gotten no response. I was asking about the fare ( maybe about 30 euros) and if there is a fee for pick up a the port. You can get a lot of information about the various options from this port at travelanni.webs.com At this point I think we will take the taxi. It would be great to learn there is a shuttle.
  3. Thank you all very much. Now I am all set. I have internet plan so I will just print at the cafe.
  4. This is really looking ahead but I am wondering if I will be able to print the boarding passes for my return flight after the cruise. It is with EZ Air. I see I can check in online with electronic boarding pass on phone but would rather print if possible. Thanks.
  5. Just learned how to take a screenshot on my iPhone thanks to You Tube. Not really sure what the advantage is to having it as a screenshot, however. It is easy enough to just access it on Ocean Ready. Now I have it in my photos too.
  6. At the risk of sounding really dense I have a question. I am all signed in with Ocean Ready and I see a message that says "Save a screenshot or print a copy of your Ocean Ready Pass". Is this the same as the boarding pass. If not how do I save a screen shot or print a copy of something on my phone????? What am I missing?
  7. I just learned that the Princess Regal will dock in the Rostock Industrial Port and not Warnemunde. I would like to take the train from Rostock to Schwerin or Lubeck but find is not very convenient to get from the Rostock Port to the Main train station in Rostock. Has anyone gone from the Rostock Port to Schwerin or Lubeck this summer and what was your experience? Is there a chance Princess offers a shuttle ? I see HAL offered a ferry shuttle which was announced the day before the arrival there..
  8. Thank you very much. I will post a thread to see if anyone has docked at Rostock this summer and made their way to Schwerin or Lubeck.
  9. I just discovered that my Princess cruise is also docking at the industrial port and not Warnemunde. It is very inconvenient for those of us who want to tour on our own. I will appreciate any info you get. I see there is a bus that goes to a local train station where you could catch the train to Warnemunde and a bus with a connection that goes to the main station in Rostock where i want to go. That will take me almost hour each way.. Some lines provide a shuttle but not Princess.
  10. So --- to buy the coffee card on board I don't go to the International cafe but I go to a table when I board where hopefully there are no lines. I got internet prepaid and I see that I can't prepay gratuities using OBC. I did use OBC for excursions. I think I got this figured out. Thanks for your input.
  11. I picked up this info from DanishViking on the "paying for public transport in ports" thread. It is under the Ports of Call section. See Northern European and Baltic. Basically he said you can't make 2 purchases in a row for the same amount. It is for fraud protection. You can see his response on that thread.
  12. Thank you so much for the valuable information. It really helped clarify the situation. Of all my cards it looks like the best one to take on my Baltic cruise is my Barclays card. Hard to understand why Chase does not make the chip and PIN card available. I will also have my ATM/debit card since I am told there are kiosks where you cannot do two transactions for the same amount (two tickets). on the same card.
  13. Thanks. I checked it out and discovered that Barclays uses chip and PIN. I will check Citi. Also I was wondering if I can use a debit card with a PIN at the kiosks. Sounds like that worked for you. I would be buying two tickets so good to know to have a second card. I appreciate your response.
  14. Are there any banks in the US that issue chip and PIN cards? I have not found any. Chip and a PIN would be very convenient for bus/metro/train tickets. I also read in Rick Steve's that there is a kiosk for Vasa tix which only takes chip and PIN. Lines to buy with other credit crds can get long. Thanks.
  15. Unfortunately my bank told me they only have chip and sign credit cards.. They do not offer chip and PIN. I have used my card successfully in Europe at restaurants etc. but I know there are kiosks (frequently transportation tix) available only to chip and PIN. IF anyone knows of a US bank offering chip and PIN credit cards I would love to hear about it. Thanks.
  16. So I will skip the app for transport in Stockholm. If the cruise ship bus from Nynashamm drops us at the train station where can I buy ticket for the bus to see the Vasa? I do not have a chip and PIN card.Thanks. I appreciate your help with this.
  17. Do I need a chip and PIN credit card in Stockholm and Copenhagen? We do not usually have these from the US. If needed and I don't have chip and PIN do I find a kiosk or window with a person selling tix? I am guessing there are long lines to do this with cruise ships in the city. Would you recommend just buying a 24 hour card for convenience? Where do I find those without a chip and PIN? I will be taking the ship bus from Nynashamm with drop off at theTrain station. Thank you very much.
  18. Thanks so much. Just the answers I was hoping to read. Looking forward to my decaf drinks.
  19. Do they have decaf coffee drinks available in the International Cafe in the evening? I am thinking a decaf specialty drink would be great in the evening but I can't handle the caffeine after dinner time. Thanks.
  20. If I purchase unlimited internet prior to my cruise is it refundable if necessary? I assume I need to get this with a credit card. Thanks for your help.
  21. So sounds like I am not able to pre-pay for internet using OBC? Is internet fee paid by OBC or credit card refundable if necessary? Thanks.
  22. This is a basic question but I would appreciate some help. I get that the unlimited package is good for one passenger but is it only good on one device or only one device at a time. Can I switch from phone to Ipad? Thank you very much.
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