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  1. Hi all I noticed on our last 4 or 5 cruises on Royal there did not seem to be a lot of people using the main dinning for dinner. On our next cruise with Celebrity we are cruising the Baltic and the Med on Silhouette and was wandering if we should get a table for 2 or try our luck at a bigger table,but from what I saw on Royal we would have spent most nights alone. My question is do you think table mates are more likely to use the main dinning room on this type of cruise.
  2. Hi all when you book a on board future cruise while sailing on a Celebrity ship and receive perks,can you transfer your booking to your own TA when you get home and receive further perks. I think I remember doing this years ago with royal.
  3. Thanks very much for your help
  4. Hi all can I disconnect my phone from the network on my cruise so that I don't receive any incoming calls. But are able to connect to face book via the on board internet to send my holiday snaps.
  5. Is there a discount on booze packages for Diamond status guests when sailing Royal Caribbean
  6. Hi all can you get a discount on a booze package with Royal Caribbean if you have Diamond status or higher
  7. Hi all can anyone tell me what deals or perks one should expect to get from royal when booking a future cruise while on board. Also does it matter that i'll be on a Celebrity shipwhen booking.
  8. Hi everyone when booking a future cruise on board can you book for friends that are not on board and both receive the benefits.
  9. rte

    Southampton B2B

    Thank you all for your help
  10. Do you have to get off the ship in Southampton when doing a B2B. Was not sure if we would have to disenbark for immigration and then get back on for second leg
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