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  1. I look forward to meeting you on the ship. We should have nice warm weather until we reach New York City. I have a drink package so I'll be at the bars A LOT!
  2. Hi guys. I just booked this cruise on the Bliss from Los Angeles. I am cruising as a solo. The title of this post says "Nov. 4", but I think the embarkation is on Nov. 3 in Los Angeles. I look forward to meeting you onboard the Bliss! Glenn
  3. Who will be joining me on the Amsterdam on August 12, 2019 for 14 night Alaskan cruise? I look forward to hearing from you.
  4. I apologize for the typographical error. Need to be a more careful proofreader!
  5. Yeah! Carnival Splendor is now sailing out of Long Beach Harbor (23 hour delay!) Fair winds and following seas for the Carnival Splendor and I hope to see her safely back at her dock next Saturday.
  6. Since Splendor has not yet left the harbor and is now accompanied by two tug boats, I'm guessing that she will return to the dock after Independence departs this evening. Not sure if they will cancel the Splendor cruise or offer an even shorter (5 day) cruise (just guesses by me). I agree that Carnival definitely made the correct decision to stay in Long Beach. In 2010 or course, she was stranded at sea for over 72 hours without power, propulsion or electricity. The guests were fed spam and were forced to poop in biodegradable bags since the toilets didn't work. I remember that Carnival was very generous in their compensation at that time. Carnival's obligations (after passenger safety of course) are to their shareholders (including me), so I'm sure that they made the correct decision to stay in Long Beach rather than to risk problems when off the coast of Mexico. I'm glad that you are not offended by an offer of $50 OBC for a shortened cruise with 1/3 of the ports missed because of mechanical problems, but as a shareholder, I'm greatly offended for the harm to the reputation to a company which would treat their "guests" this way. I'm looking forward to when the new Carnival Panorama home ports in Long Beach, later this year.
  7. Splendor is still "stranded". She cannot leave the harbor and she cannot return to her dock. I don't want to be negative but when there is nowhere to go, I think it fits the definition of "stranded, My home overlooks the Harbor of Long Beach so I"m keeping a close watch. I really do want her to get repaired and want the guests of the ship to enjoy the rest of their cruise. It's now 1:14 pm. on Sunday and she is still anchored in the harbor. Making it worse is that it is now lightly raining (I hope the rain doesn't get worse). Guests on the ship cannot now even enjoy the outside decks because of the rain. Again, I apologize for my negative attitude. What set me off is the offer of $50 OBC which I think is insulting.
  8. The Carnival Splendor was supposed to depart Long Beach yesterday at 5:00 pm. Instead, because of unspecified technical problems, she stayed docked in Long Beach all night. At 5:00 am this morning she had to leave her dock and is now anchored in Long Beach Harbor to make room for the Carnival Imagination which was returning from her 3 day Baja cruise and needed the dock to disembark her passengers (only room for one ship at the dock in Long Beach) The captain of the Splendor sent a letter to all guests advising that they would receive $50.00 OBC. In my opinion this is inadequate compensation for turning a 7 day cruise into a 6 day cruise (assuming they can make the repairs today) and missing one port (the ship will no longer call in Mazatlan). I know that "ship" happens but I think Carnival could be more fair with their compensation. I just hope that they are able to make the repairs today and depart Long Beach.
  9. $50.00 OBC for converting a 7 day cruise into a 6 day cruise and skipping a port (assuming they will be able to make the repairs today and leave Long Beach today) is an insult! At a minimum there should be a discount on a future cruise.
  10. Thanks for the news. I woke up a few minutes ago (6:18 am now) and saw the Splendor anchored in Long Beach Harbor. The Imagination is docked where she is supposed to be. I hope that they get the Splendor repaired fast!
  11. Perhaps I am missing something, but I do not see that Cruise Critic has separate Roll Call forums for Cruise & Maritime Voyages. do people just start roll call threads on the main Cruise & Maritime Voyages forum? Thank you.
  12. Who else will be on the Nieuw Statendam as she cruises from Fort Lauderdale to Amsterdam on April 21, 2019? I look forward to hearing from you guys.
  13. Which car rental agencies will pick me up at the San Diego cruise ship terminal? Thank you.
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