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  1. And some people would never book an inside cabin. What does it have to do with the op's question?
  2. Are the new cruise certificates out yet - I believe they are due out this month? Then next ones in January? can anyone comment? Thanks!
  3. Women, like wine, get better with age πŸ’ƒ and, once you get comped, it’s increasing difficult to pay full price... enjoy!
  4. 2400 points to earn inside, 3600 ocean view. 4800 balcony, 8000 junior suite (per player) for onboard certificates. as you are the only one with the URComped account you should find out if your friends will be eligible for future direct offer mailings/emails from Club Royale OR they would have to create am account with URComped to see future offers as they may be linked to URComped as well because of the booking. have a great time!
  5. Hi Soflalaw, from what I understand, charges appear as a regular sale from rccl. They are not designated as cash advances. Credit card points are accrued based on your account agreement on straight purchases from rccl.
  6. pcakes122: I would be happy with Haven comps as well!! If you reach out to the executive team let us know how it works out!
  7. Hmm, I can only assume you could redeem those separately - but don't have any first hand knowledge.. I know there is a thread started by a RCCL crew who just converted to host position on one of the ships - maybe you could reach out to him and get a definitive answer as to onboard perks etc... https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2689676-hello-im-a-crew-member/
  8. You keep the points for accrual towards certificate and annual tier level. The points DO get zeroed out for cashing out purposes. SO if you have 5.000 points, you can get $100 OBC OR Freeplay. Your account will still show you earned those points and you will still get the corresponding certificate AND they will accumulate towards you annual tier status. You CANNOT however cash those 5,000 points in again and as others have mentioned previously - if you opt for Freeplay - you will NOT earn points until you cycle through that $100 first. I approached the host to get my certificate and was asked if I want OBC or Freeplay. I didn't know this was a perk they just told me it's part of the system.
  9. Yes, they have NJ - but few and far between.... I believe the current certificates have a couple of Anthem sailings on them - but I think the Grand suite level certificate only had 1- a 5 night, the junior suite had 3... Do they charge you double on the comped sailings or just when you try to price out the dollars off? That's really too bad! I also think there are a few offers on the Q4/Q1 sailings on the anthem now. If you call and ask for a casino rate they won't do anything? I'm really surprised because at your level they should be chasing your business, JMHO I read somewhere that some players have Club Royale host assigned... If you want to do RCCL more - you could call and inquire if that is a possibility.. Refurbished Oasis & Adventure are coming this summer to bayonne should be nice... I have my eye out on two sailings and crossing my fingers the stars align and I get some comp for one of them and will try to book my prime on the other.. If you inquire through the main email and don't get an adequate/acceptable response and then inquire via phone (oregon) and mention not getting an adequate/acceptable response - you will get a response from another department from another email... I have the email but don't think I can share it here and for some reason cannot send you a pm.. Finally - I have read that some people actually email the CEO's office with concerns and those get addressed promptly. Again - not sure if all that is more trouble than it's worth and NCL is a great cruise line..
  10. AHH - yes you don't earn points on free play. You have to cycle through that amount to start earning points again. I opted for OBC in any event. I also don't play at your level - quite lowly player in comparison πŸ˜† I never cruised on NCL - maybe will book something in the future as they have some convenient options for us - but overall was very happy with RCCL as far as knowing what my level of play will get me and the amenities on the ships (including adventure ocean) were a big hit with the kids - which keeps mommy happy...
  11. When I went up to the host on the last night of the cruise for my certificate - they told me I am eligible for OBC at a rate of $20/1000 points. The points remained for purposes of calculating my tier and instant certificate. They did not zero out my points in order for me to cash out the OBC. I also mentioned that you can convert them to either OBC or freeplay - I chose OBC. Maybe we're talking about two different things?
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