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  1. we will be heading to palamos on our seaborn cruise in october. unfortunately they just cancelled the one excursion we wanted. other than the gambas, any thoughts on other things to do or is this one of those just walk along the port and old town and grab an order of the famous gambas. thanks steve
  2. we are looking at river cruising next year. my question is this: if we have verizon international phone upgrade will we have service while cruising. i know we will while in port, but what about while moving. i was hoping we'd be close enough to shore to have service most of the time. thanks steve
  3. definitely a longer walk than we were told. guess the taxi option sounds like the way to go. thanks to all who answered! steve
  4. does celebrity offer a free shuttle to town in cozumel
  5. first time seaborn cruiser, i usually cruise on oceania and azamara.. i'm looking for a little clarity on men's dress in the evening on casual nights. i am used to dressing for dinner with slacks and a nice polo shirt or colorful golf shirt. i know that on formal nights i'll dine in a venue other than the main dining room, but will i feel out of place dressed this way. just trying to determine that i will feel comfortable on seaborn. thanks steve
  6. i haven't been on celebrity in 10 years. however i was on rccl twice this year and the difference in the main dining room on two sailings only two months apart was so bad that both families sailing have sworn off rccl for good. many of the same changes occured on rccl as celebrity which makes sense since they are owned by the same company. there was a new menu put in effect in between the two cruises which we did not anticipate. on the positive side, all else was as good as ever. now we just got off an oceania cruise a few weeks ago and never expected a celebrity or rccl cruise would be comparable food wise. that explains much of the price difference. looking at the new celebrity menus i am sure i will find several choices but my wife is pickier and i suspect she will be ordering apps for her mains several nights. in summary, we go on mass market ships with lower expectations on the food but high ones for the overall experience. i assume that will still work on our upcoming one on ascent in february.
  7. we went on the same food tour as nasus2. we enjoyed the history, the food, and the coffee. well worth it.
  8. i also was looking to add back in 2 cruises i was not credited for. they responded roght away that they received the request. i haven't gotten a response yet on the claim but i only sent it in on friday. i also used used this address: guestaccount_help@azamara.com
  9. thanks for all the updates. we've only been on azamara once before and were blown away by the event. so glad to hear it is back!
  10. any comments about white night. we were on azamara a few years ago and it was fantastic. is it back up to pre-covid standards?
  11. can anyone confirm the return of the old style white nights. especially on pursuit. thanks steve
  12. WHITE NIGHT so glad to hear that white night is back. when i last checked with azamara they told me that they couldn't run them due to covid but hoped to have it back soon. was the food as good as i remember with lobsters, shrimp, apps, carved roast beef, etc. thanks, steve
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