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  1. Years ago, my Dad bought my Mom a topaz and diamond ring onboard the ship. Turns out it wasn't a topaz. It was a citrine. On the other hand, he bought her a 18K necklace for $200. As years have passed, that purchase was a steal.
  2. OP here. I was relieved to get an acknowledgement that a refund is in the works. I had filled in the request for a refund weeks ago but had not had any further info from RCL.
  3. Just got an email from RCL apologizing for the delay of my refund. It should be coming in the next couple of weeks. I was happy to get an acknowledgement that it was in the works. I can be patient.
  4. Do it online with country's website. Commercial website charges a lot more.
  5. My May cruise on the Adventure of the Seas was cancelled. I held off cancelling my air on Southwest. Today I checked my reservation and found that my flight had been changed to almost 24 hrs earlier. I was able to call and request a refund rather than a credit for a future flight. Do check to see if your flights have been changed due to the lack of fliers with the Covid pandemic. You may be lucky.
  6. My cruise was cancelled last night by RCL. I contacted my travel insurance carrier today. I was told I could get a refund as I would not be making any claims on the policy. I have to submit a request for the refund. Check and see if you can get your insurance refunded if your cruise has been cancelled. I also had the option to transfer the policy to another trip or leave it open for a future trip. Hope this helps.
  7. Click on the word "quote" beneath the post you want to reply to.
  8. We departed the ship on the 9th.There were very, VERY strong winds and heavy rain that day. The ship would have had great difficulty getting away from the pier and sailing out of the harbor.It would have encountered major seas once out of the harbor. The captain made a wise decision to stay in Sydney until the storm died. I was not surprised that the sailing was delayed.
  9. Medicare doesn't cover you outside of the US. Your supplement may not either.
  10. Check out cruisett.com. Check the ports for the dates of ship arrival.
  11. The jewelers report the purchase to US Customs. They have a list of large purchases when the cruisers debark ship.
  12. Got off the Radiance last Sunday. On our cruise we had two different itinerary changes while on the cruise.. First we learned that Mare and Lifou were cancelled with Isle of Palms and Luganville as replacement ports. We were later notified that Isle of Palms was not allowing us to come because of the Corona Virus. We would return to Noumea a second time at the end of the schedule before returning to Sydney. Royal handled the schedule to the best of their ability considering the limited ports that were available. All this was very last minute. BTW,Mystery Island has no access for medical care. It is an uninhabited island.
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