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  1. Entertainment for my Allure 11/3/19 opened up yesterday. 115 days out.
  2. This happened with us as well when we were in Belize. We had a non ship excursion and the DL concierge told us the night before to meet her in the DL the next morning and she escorted us down to the front of the line. She was awesome!
  3. We are booked in a CP view cabin on Allure in November and was surprised that the price was only $12pp more than a normal interior. Also 191-sf vs 140-sf!
  4. Can the diamond balcony discount be combined with the BOGO50 and flash sale discounts?
  5. He just called the main reservation number. I’m not sure if we being diamond played a part in his success.
  6. Thanks Bob. My son called RCCL today and they were happy to lift his waitlist and assign him to MTD.
  7. I agree. Early seating is too early. Late seating is preferred so you can enjoy pre-dinner cocktails. Who wants to get ready for dinner at 3:00.
  8. We are sailing on the Allure in November and have MTD scheduled. My son and his friend just booked this cruise but said that MTD was not available and that he is on a wait list. He did reserve traditional early seating as a back up. What does my son need to do to secure his MTD reservation so that they can join us each night and not have to go to early traditional dining without us? Thanks!
  9. I loved the horse races on sea days! Mariner 2004 we cruised with another couple. The husband ended up bidding and winning two of the six horses. Needless to say, his wife was not thrilled at all with his purchases. So much so that they got into an argument in their cabin and she destroyed one of the horses and threw it into the hallway. The cabin steward had to euthanize the horse. Luckily they had another horse in their stable to replace the broken horse. Now, come race day, his wife recovered from her outburst and was the jockey for one of the horses and my DW was the other jockey. One of his horses ended up winning and they netted around $400.
  10. Thank you for your responses. Like CruiseKeeper says - Consistently Inconsistent. Sound like the box fan is too large and may primarily be used by maintenance to dry or air out spaces. We will continue to pack our own fan and hope for the best..
  11. My DW loves bringing a fan for our cabin. She is going through the change and really loves the circulation at night and while getting ready for dinner. The fan is a somewhat small desktop fan and we’ve never had a problem bringing the fan on RCI ships. Recently we were on a NCL cruise and they would not allow us to bring the fan for our cabin. They confiscated it at security checkin and said we could get it back on the last night. In order to accommodate us, they provided a nice floor fan for our cabin in exchange for not allowing our fan. Does anyone know if RCI will provide a fan for the cabin? If so, we wouldn’t need to bring our fan and one less thing to pack. Thanks!
  12. I’ve booked an excursion a couple weeks ago through the ship and now I can’t see it anymore to monitor price drops. Has it sold out or am I blocked from monitoring it? Is there another way to monitor it after it is booked?
  13. Because of all the food I eat on a cruise, I spend a lot of time in the library!
  14. Hey RCCL Fan! Enjoying your review so far. What is with you guys and precruise issues! Glad to read that everything got ironed out. The kids are getting so big and cute as ever. Say hi to wifey.
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