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  1. Carnival is the largest company in the cruise industry with nine brands and 100 ships and can weather this storm. I have owned CCL for many years, I have bought and sold a lot of CCL stock and made a lot of money with them - I plan to buy a bunch next week when the dust settles... Also; Several analysts are forecasting a $56 share price in 2021 when yields and costs return to normal.
  2. I understand Princess is going to start EZpay - Its a monthly payment plan option that allows you to spread the cost of your cruise over time and the payment will be automatically charged to your debit or credit card. Supposed to have no interest charges or additional fees. Sounds like a good plan - has anyone know if its true
  3. New tag line "Princess the Standing Room Only Cruise line"
  4. I'm the OP that started this post - so thanks to all for the comments - and to Princess I hope you bring back the chairs but I wont hold my breath. I'm sure we all have seen how Princess is trying to squeeze more profits out of our cruising experience, by cutting, food quality, waitstaff, and now no chairs... Princess if you need more money raise your cruise price don't cut quality. (my 2018 Cadillac cost me more than my 2014) We just finished our 27th Princess cruise, (Princess is our first cruise line) and are now looking elsewhere for our next cruise - To bad I really loved you guy's
  5. Just on the Ruby Princess in a balcony room and noticed the small barrel chair was missing from the room - all you have to sit on is the awful little desk/makeup chair. I asked customer service about the removal and they said they removed the chairs to give you more space... I told them if they removed the beds we would have lots of room! My wife is a little upset about no chair to sit and read her book - Thoughts...
  6. I tip the waiter $10 (not Asst. Waiter) only in the "specialty restaurants" Crowne Grill, etc not the MDR - I give him the money when he brings the bill to sign if service was excellent...
  7. When you sign the bill for the cover charge, there is a place for tip amount, if you add the tip to the bill it goes into the “tip pool” shared by all the waiters - if you leave a cash tip ( what we do) it goes directly to your waiter and not the pool.... We normally give them $10 cash depending upon service
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