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  1. We enjoyed Le Petit Chef. The food was good but felt the portions were small. The experience was funny and entertaining. Do it again, maybe as part of a dining package.
  2. We go with someone else. Have found Nationwide Travel a good policy with great benefits. For example (depending on policy level purchased) you can receive payment for itinerary changes and port of call change. All-in-all we have been pleased with their service and product. Looking forward to getting back onboard ship. Happy sailing everyone...
  3. Perhaps I am interpreting the announcements incorrectly, but it appears several of the sailings are switching to 4 / 5 nights from 7+ nights. Could be wrong, but impression I am getting.
  4. We enjoyed our cruise on Edge. She is a beautiful ship. The decor is great; however, to us the ship felt compartmentalized / disjointed. It was like different parts of the ship were put together. I guess a better way of saying it is the flow was off. Take for example the Martini Bar. You can't walk all the way around it like you can on the Solstice Class ships where the Martini Bar is really a focal point. The way the track connects between deck 16 / 15 - if you are not careful you end up at a wall with the only option to backtrack. A+ for the: Magic Carpet dining
  5. Yes angled balconies are great and larger. See below for AQ 1610 on Solstice. It is from 2013, but will give you an idea of what to expect.
  6. I have been a "lurker" on this thread - finding the information informative and helpful. Of late, I have been "kicking myself" for not making a purchase when the shares were in the $20's. Now it is high $30's / low $40's. However, wonder what will happen Monday given the new CDC guidance. Just so confused... At any rate, appreciate all the discussion here. Hopefully, some day we can return to the open seas. Wishing everyone a great weekend.
  7. I am curious as to what they will do with the fleet during the suspension. Will the ships remain in their last port of disembarkation or will the ship return to sea?
  8. I really did not see that big of a difference. However, the Retreat Sun Deck appears to be a waste in its current design. I get what they are attempting to do, but the gap is lack of service. There is an attendant up there, but what they should have done was added a bar. There is sufficient space I think for a small bar at the front of the area (facing the bow). Having experienced the Retreat on The Edge (which I was surprise how much I liked it), the dedicated bar service was a winner. Maybe they will revisit the idea on Equinox and add a bar or at least provide a cooler with bottled water.
  9. We really enjoy the Butler Service (although we have never asked for assistance with unpacking - need to know where things are (LOL)). For us, we have asked the Butler: Assist with Specialty Dining Reservations Coordinate a Sail-Away in our stateroom (they usually provide canapes, shrimp platter, etc.) Other special requests (as they arise) Hope this helps
  10. Just returned from Equinox sailing where we went to La Petite. Absolutely enjoyed it. Our favorite was the pasta entrée. Hopefully they transition the entrée to Tuscan Grill. Happy sailings everyone.
  11. Thanks for the post and updates. We board next Saturday - so excited to be back onboard Equinox. By any chance did you happen to notice the Artichoke Soup on the menu in Luminae? If so, which night? (It is delicious by the way) Glad to know the Silent Disco is Day 2. Thanks again.
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