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  1. Just got back from the Marina. In Jacques one night they seated a guy in jeans. I wish I'd have known, I'd have worn them myself.
  2. Thanks to all who responded. It looks like the taxi is the way to go.
  3. I did this. They do not provide shuttles. The passengers are on their own. I was just looking for some recommendations and costs.
  4. ON the Marina in a week. Does Oceania Marina have shuttles from the airport to ship in Barcelona? If not, how do we get one and what is the cost. We've sailed Viking Ocean many times and shuttles were included.
  5. I've done my research. Not setting us up for failure. The cruise will be wonderful as were the other 12 I've taken. It's the transportation that isn't very good. Never cared for Vikings routing ether but never was as long as these flights and have flown all over the world regarding flying to and from cruises. I do believe $300 to just talk to someone about alternate routes is a little much.
  6. I would think MCO to Miami , or Orlando to Atlanta to Barcelona going over especially without a 5 hour layover.
  7. How many dollars do you usually tip your butler for the cruise - just a general idea of what your tipped.
  8. First time going on an Oceania cruise, a transatlantic. The O'life flights that we have been assigned are pretty bad; flying Air Canada Rouge from Orlando to Toronto to Barcelona (seems very roundabout, since we are starting in Orlando, FL.; and Rio to Sao Paulo, Brazil to Miami to Orlando on return; the last on an Airline I have never even heard of, Latam. There is one 5 hour layover at Toronto, and another 3 hr in Miami. Then there is no transportation provided from airport, or ship to airport. We were advised that the shuttle from Barcelona would cost us an extra $ 80 pp to get from the a
  9. Going on our first Oceania cruise, a transatlantic. We've never had a butler before so I wonder what you tip yours. Do you also tip your cabin steward?
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