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  1. Ok thanks for your feedback all....
  2. Been a member a while.....YES it is cruise critic
  3. They used to as Used it to communicate and arrange private excursions....certainly up to early last yr Yu could go into profiles and individually message people
  4. Why cant I send PM.S to individuals....keeps saying I can only send 0 messages a day???/
  5. Most ships have laundry rooms....pick a sea day and do your washing then.....last trip my wife washed EVERYTHING day before arriving home...just folded it all then ironed when we arrived home
  6. I can give you the personal email of the guide we had who now runs her own company called redsun-tours...I can HIGHLY recommend her.....I have given her name etc to DOZENS of cruisers both here and FB and they have ALL been VERY PLEASED .She can tailor the tour to what YOU want, ie Times ,places, visas, and even sort out Ballet if you want. When we went (on Royal) the ship charged over $200 per day pp....she charged half that for 2 days...really exceptional....please message me if interested
  7. Yes...did it once....gave us a bar ...not even a bartender..no staff at all...64 turned up....they lost a few quide there
  8. Maybe its MEET AND MINGLE you mean
  9. Some garages use them for filling cars with fuel.......could always borrow some
  10. Looking at HALIFAX TAXI SERVICE for a trip around halifax..(saw it on trip advisor) anyone else fancy it....check it out on TA
  11. they only do 2 flights a months nov -feb from Cardiff using the Dreamliner..very comfortable aircraft...and only 45 mnts drive...cutting it down to 1 a month next year....if we go from Gatwick it means an extra night in a hotel plus transport there and back to be honest if it wasnt flying from Cardiff we wouldnt do the cruise.because we have done a number of cruises there and stayed on most of the islands.....but we do love Barbados
  12. Better than Gatwick lol
  13. Its possible the flights are from Cardiff..we flew in Jan and Dec 2018 from Cardiff to Barbados on Azura and Britannia
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