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  1. I'm thinking of taking a tour at the Sandiego Safari park that begins at 1pm. My Celebrity ship is scheduled to arrive at 7am. I will pick up a car at the airport rental facility. Does anyone think this might be to much of a rush to get there on time for the tour?
  2. I received an email from Celebrity saying they were offering up to 25% off on shore excursions (among other discounts) on my cruise. Error 1: When I click on the link it takes me to the Celebrity page and shows my cruise and excursions with no discounts. Error 2: When I go to Celebrities main page and I am signed in it shows me my two upcoming cruises, one which is in 4 weeks. When I click on "Plan my cruise" it takes me to a page asking me what cruise, reservation number etc... even though it was showing the cruise on my main page and I clicked from there. Error 3: I was "chatting" online with a celebrity rep (the opportunity showed up on the screen" and I told her my shore excursions were not showing any discount, she asked my reservation number. When I gave it to her she said, yes there were discounted excursions. When I went back to the excursion page, the chat window disapeared but kept "dinging" in the background meaning she was responding but my chat window was gone. It is really hard to understand why a corporation that relies on its marketing can't find tech people who can fix their IT problems. This hasn't changed for years. They are really frustrating. Of course I can call, wait on hold, that have the rep go through my 15 day trip and read me a list of all the discounts. Yeah, not going to happen. I'll just book discounted shore excursions by finding ones on Trip adviser that are not through the ship.
  3. We went on the Islander in March/April. It was amazing from start to finish. I highly recommend this Islander due to it's perfect size. I considered the small Yacht type ships, the Islander and the 100 passenger vessels. We found the Islander to be a perfect size. In my opinion the 48 passenger size was perfect for interaction with other passengers, ease of embarking and debarking for the different excursions. We thought the ship was beautiful. The options for excursions were perfect. Any questions, feel free to ask.
  4. Thanks I read that, but that still does not address specifically uploading pictures. Does anyone have experience with the new cheaper package and how it works for this?
  5. I am not clear on the new cheaper internet choice. It says you can't stream video on the lower price internet which is fine for me. What it doesn't say is whether your ability to upload pictures to Facebook, Instagram etc, or have your auto backup to the cloud affected? Does anyone know if you can still do this on the cheaper package?
  6. I just made a reservation for 2020 on the Silly. I really enjoyed my TA o the Reflection so I assume I would also enjoy the Silly. When choosing a European cruise in fall 20202 I left out all of the Edge and Apex cruises from my list. If they get rid of the Ensemble, Sky Lounge and Wine Cellar when they "Revolutionize" the ship, I will cancel. I am beginning to think Holland America could up their game and begin filling the void Celebrity may create if they begin eschewing 50+ cruisers.
  7. Thanks for the follow up and verification that my TA had correct information. Again, she wasn't saying go or no go, just consider this information. We were on Reflection for 2 weeks in October. We quickly learned even on that ship we had to arrive at ensemble or the Martini bar early to get a seat. Sometimes we would get drinks at the bar at the Martini Bar and carry them over to either the Wine Cellar on the other side or sit around the Vodka on Ice table. At least there were acceptable options nearby that didn't involve going outside. I can't imagine having even less options and getting to may more for that privilege.
  8. My travel agent is very pro-RCCL and Celebrity. She didn't tell me "don't choose the Edge" She said she really enjoyed the IV room for various reasons "but it's not for everyone". She is always careful to point out the good and the potential downsides of every ship we talk about. She is a very active TA, not a PT one. She goes on lots of cruises and seminars to keep up her current knowledge. In relation to your list I agree with what Esprit said. Specifically I think of a "bar" as a place that has the feel of a place you would enjoy going to to have drinks before or after dinner to enjoy with other people who enjoy before or after dinner drinks. We have met many wonderful people in the bar in such a way. 1-Martini Bar (Full Bar atmosphere even if Martini's are the specialty) --The Club (Apparently this appears to be part of a new dance area, not someplace I would think to go) --The Casino (again, not a regular more like a place for the gamblers to get a drink) 2- Eden - Seems like it might be a nice place to hang and drink if not accosted by strange dancers. -- Magic Carpet - My understanding is it will be used for many other purposes other than a bar most times. --Resort Bar - Please enlighten. Can't find it listed on the Deck Plan or under 'X's own list of bars 3- Sunset Bar - (the solstice class Sunset bar was perfect, why change it to a bar facing a wall?) Cafe Bacio - not a bar. Place for coffee with spirits in it. Ocean View - Might as well list all the restaurants where you can order a drink if you don't mind waiting a long time. From this list it looks like my travel agent may have been over-generous. I only find 3 places that are dedicated "bars" Even on Celebrities own web site they don't list the "resort bar" https://www.celebritycruises.com/edge/dining/bars-and-lounges/ They also got rid of my favorite bar, The Ensemble, where we gathered before dinner at a specialty restaurant and enjoyed live music and Hor D'oeuvres. By the way, I did decide to exclude Apex and Edge from potential choices and went with a Silhouette cruise. It will be "Edgefied" by the time we go and I'm keeping my fingers crossed they don't eliminate too many public places for the addition of Suite Only places. I also am hoping they make changes in the Apex to fix some of the most common complaints.
  9. So I have been deciding on a cruise for 2020 fall and have to pick one by the 30th to comply with my future cruise "deal" I got on my last cruise. I have been reading a lot of reviews of the Edge and already had concerns about the IV rooms. I just got off phone with my travel agent and she went on the 3 day Edge preview cruise. Here is what she told me. She liked some of the things about the IV room. However these were the problems. I was unaware, according to her, that when you have the "balcony" window open the AC goes off. I asked can't you just close the inner doors? She said they don't seal. There is a one inch gap, so the heat and and humidity will steam up the room. She is one who's husband likes to sit out on the balcony and she doesn't so, it's a problem The second thing she mentioned was the lack of bars for "regular" folk. There are only 5 bars on the Edge for non-suite guests. She said getting a drink was not easy. This is a real problem for those of us with drink packages who like to make the most of them and enjoy our cocktails. The third thing is that she said the central lobby area where the Martini bar is, is extremely noisy and loud. She ate in the Fine Cut Steak house and said they couldn't even hear their waiter because the restaurant is directly off this central gathering point. So, as of now, I am waiting to hear about any changes in the Apex and will book a non-edge ship. I just hope they don't get rid of any bars during the "edgefication process of the current fleet.
  10. I don't know if it is a typo or not but they show the Reflection moved back a whole year to 2024. That would be strange.
  11. FYI for those that are interested. The concession for the Glass Blowing on the Celebrity Ships is now run by Hollywood Hot Glass. They have a studio in downtown Hollywood on Young Circle. If you are staying in Ft Lauderdale at the beginning or end of your cruise for a few days you can buy groupons (or as for the groupon deal direct with them) to make your choice of glass items. The cost depends on what you pick. You do assist the artist but they control it the most difficult parts. I mention this because they may offer more options at their studio or you may be going on a ship that doesn't offer it. Here are some pictures of pieces my wife and I made and some of the process.
  12. Well I was trying to be nice when I said not my taste, but yeah, pretty horrible.
  13. More hats off to Celebrities less than impressive IT and marketing departments.
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