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  1. I won't be complaining if we have to board late on our upcoming cruise as we are on just AFTER one:eek:!! They can take all the time they need cleaning and disinfecting!
  2. Trust me I know the feeling all to well...I am cruising Indy Nov 17th and there is a swingers cruise just prior:eek:
  3. I see the coffee card being offered for our upcoming sailing on the Indy, my question is does the card cover Starbucks coffees and drinks? Or just specialty coffees from other establishments on the ship?:confused: Thank you in advance!
  4. Cruising and Disney commentary, two of my favorite things...loving it!
  5. My thought would be to swap names "on paper" and take either the 20yo or 21yo from the 1st interior cabin and swap with the 23yo of the 2nd interior. This way the 16yo is listed in a cabin with an adult and the one in the interior cabin with the 23yo no show is old enough that it doesn't matter. (I hope I wrote that all out right and it makes sense...lol)
  6. We live in Pinellas County and have taken that drive twice now and will do it again this November, but we always opt to stay the night down there though. I worry about traffic, car problems you name it...lol...the one night hotel cost is worth my sanity :-P
  7. Question...has anyone every received an upsell call who was booked through a travel agent? Or do they typically just upsell those booked directly through RCCL? Just curious...
  8. 150 days til our "Biennial" Thanksgiving week 5 nighter on Indy! Cant wait to see her newly refurbished!
  9. I somehow came across the fact that our next family cruise "follows" a swingers chartered cruise this November on the Indy:eek:
  10. We usually cruise with other family and friends and when the kids are going I make personalized décor for everyones cabin doors. Everyone loves it and I have fun doing it :-) Working on a few ideas for our upcoming cruise in November - 7 cabins as of right now.
  11. Following...hope you enjoy the cruise. We are on her in November and cannot wait! This will be the first time we didn't claim our corner aft balcony on deck 10. We opted for the interior/balcony adjoining cabins on deck 9, girls are getting older and the 2nd bathroom may prove helpful. Can't wait to hear all about it....
  12. Its so close to the bed we never really even noticed it...
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