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  1. A few years back, our cruise was the week before a swingers cruise. Our stateroom attendant regaled us with the preparations that have to be made both during and after a "lifestyle" cruise. :eek: Let's just say I prefer to be onboard the week BEFORE. We had more laughs although I do feel sorry a bit for the crew. Many are very religious and sheltered and are very uncomfortable with this charter. Apparently they are given the choice to stay off that week but so many need the money.


    One prep they do - they open all the balcony partitions. A few others I don't think I can even post here. :D



    I won't be complaining if we have to board late on our upcoming cruise as we are on just AFTER one:eek:!! They can take all the time they need cleaning and disinfecting!

  2. We live in Pinellas County and have taken that drive twice now and will do it again this November, but we always opt to stay the night down there though. I worry about traffic, car problems you name it...lol...the one night hotel cost is worth my sanity :-P

  3. We usually cruise with other family and friends and when the kids are going I make personalized décor for everyones cabin doors. Everyone loves it and I have fun doing it :-) Working on a few ideas for our upcoming cruise in November - 7 cabins as of right now.

  4. I agree the cost for a one day park ticket is pretty steep. Not only will you be rushing to see as much as possible you will feel bummed because you likely wont get to do everything you want:(. May I suggest if you get transportation figured out spending the day at Disney Springs. Its such a nice area to walk around, shopping, restaurants and some activities for everyone. The weather during that time should be prefect too!:)

  5. We have a group of 24 people (9 cabins)traveling on our upcoming November cruise. I was curious who/where do I reach out to about getting a few tables "reserved" in the MDR. Only 4 of our cabins are "linked" together due to different booking methods etc. Is there a specific dept or number I should call?

  6. I've seen the same' date=' but I think I know why at least. Indy is still sailing across the Atlatntic right now. It comes back and the first 5 day out of Ft. Lauderdale is the middle of November.


    Looking forward to getting the reviews and compasses too...we sail December 17th![/quote']


    Exactly what Dopeys girl has said here...We sail her on November 19th and I'm crossing my fingers I will be able to give a better review then what I am currently seeing.

    39 Days til sailing!

  7. We have the wonderful corner aft cabin on deck 10 on our upcoming Indy cruise. We just learned that our friends joining us will have the cabin next door. Does anyone know whether or not the balcony dividers in these aft cabins can be opened/removed? I know sometimes the regular balconies can be opened/removed but cant find anything about the aft balconies for freedom class?


    I have had the same cabin on Liberty and don't recall seeing anything, but really wasn't looking for it either...


    Thanks in advance!

  8. Booked on the Independence for Thanksgiving. Prices are dropping so we have moved from an aft inside to a balcony midship for only $22 more. First time in a balcony! Can't wait.


    That's a great deal!

    Our cruise on Indy returns on Thanksgiving morning, we have several in our group that have gone from oceanviews to balcony cabins for real cheap too!

    I booked our cabin ions ago to get my corner aft cabin that sleeps 4....I'm staying where I'm at!

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