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  1. Does anyone know what wind/weather conditions usually prevent a ship from stopping at Coco Cay? Which direction the wind is blowing and how strong?
  2. Can anyone tell me if the ferry times back from Blue Lagoon to Nassau change with Daylight Savings time? So instead of the last ferry leaving at 4pm does it switch to 5pm? Just curious. Our ship has a late arrival in Nassau (1pm-10pm). We loved Blue Lagoon last year and we're trying to decide if Blue Lagoon is worth it this time around. Also- if anyone has any information about ferry times for Balmoral Island that would be helpful too....we might go that route this year instead. THANKS!
  3. Hey Everyone- Our Grandma has booked her ticket and has joined our extended family cruise next year. She was shocked to find out (from me) that she could not bring her heating pad. She tends to rely on it fairly frequently. I was wondering if those stick-on heat packs would be permitted. Anyone had any experience with bringing them on board?
  4. Hello! Looking for information regarding going to Blue Lagoon for the afternoon only. Our ship is scheduled to stop in Nassau but our port times were changed. Instead of 7am-6:30pm, we're now scheduled to be there from 1pm to 10pm. Somewhat annoying to us traveling with a small child but whatever it's vacation and we'll roll with it! We've been to Blue Lagoon in the past and found that it seemed to take a lot of time to get everyone off from our ship and checked in with the excursion folks and then to the Blue Lagoon tenders and finally to Blue Lagoon. I'm wondering if it's still worth the time/money to go for next year if it's only for the afternoon. I seem to remember the last tender back from Blue Lagoon being at 4:15....that was before the yearly time change. Next year's cruise will be during Day Light Savings time so I'm wondering if Blue Lagoon changes there last tender time. Thoughts/suggestions are most welcome! (we will also be traveling with someone next year who can not walk long distances...making choosing excursions very tricky)
  5. Hi Everyone- I'm in the early stages of planning a cruise next winter to Florida/Bahamas with Royal Caribbean from New Jersey. My husband and I are not new to cruising but next year we will be accompanied by my in laws who have never cruised. It has been decided that my mother in law will be renting a scooter for this trip as she has some mobility problems concerning her balance/arthritic pain/frailty. She can walk unassisted with a cane but only over short distances. I want to add that going on a cruise is a giant step for her. She has never traveled much and is very apprehensive. She doesn't have much of an adventurous spirit and prefers the quiet of her living room but also doesn't want to miss out on family activities. She's mostly afraid she will be a burden to the rest of us with her mobility. I'm really happy to have her go on this trip with us and want to give her the opportunity to have an amazing time. I don't want her to feel like she's stuck on the side lines watching us all have fun or worse in the cabin because she doesn't know what to do, and so I wanted to provide her with some options of things she can do with all of us to include her as much as possible. Any thoughts, suggestions or shared experiences would be much appreciated to help me start my research. We will be sailing on Anthem of the Seas, a ship that my husband, son and I are familiar with having just cruised on her a few weeks ago. Information on excursions to do while in port (Cape Canaveral/Nassau) would be very handy. Does anyone know if she could get her scooter to Kennedy Space Center via the Royal Caribbean excursion? Or on the shuttle to Cocoa Beach? Nassau too seems to be a challenge for me to figure what types of things she could handle. When we were there, the pier was loud and chaotic which was fine for the three of us but it worries me when traveling within a group. I welcome any advice I can get! Thank you fellow cruisers!
  6. Thanks for the review! I'll be there in a few weeks with my husband and our 5 year old. We're also sailing with Royal so I was happy to read about your experience. I too would have been slightly annoyed at the start time being vague had I not read this post. I'm glad the rest of your time spent at the lagoon was enjoyable. We booked the dolphin encounter (it was our son's "must do" activity). Not sure if lunch is included with what we paid for but we'll see! Enjoy the rest of your trip and again thanks for posting!
  7. This is very interested. We are on Anthem in February and we haven't received a change in itinerary email yet either nor has our cruise calendar changed. I haven't booked our excursion for that port yet and I'm glad because it certainly does make a difference. I'm glad you posted your finding and I'm interested in hearing what others have to say. Enjoy your cruise!
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