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  1. Will be visiting on cruise ship in April 2022. Would love to spend all day in Portofino. Ship tours do not give us enough time in Portofino. What would be the quickest and safest way to get from port to Portofino? I believe a taxi or car service will take 40 minutes. Am wrong? Any suggestions?
  2. When I ordered my 3 kits for myself and my husband, there was no place could I add his name. Someone said that as long as we both register with the company it will be fine.
  3. Thank k you. This is very nerve racking!!
  4. It says 9/21. And the cardboard sleeve says expiration extended for 3 months. I got it from royal Caribbean site
  5. Just received my kits and noticed the card that comes with it says Celebrity instead of both names. Do I have the correct kits? It is the Abbott Covid 19 home test with emed Telehealth service . This is the corrects kits right?
  6. Thank you I did it on my planner and it took. Another couple is going with us and when I requested a table for 4 it said available times 5, 5:45, and 9. I told my friend to book a table for 2 a d it booked it for 7 as did mine Crazy .
  7. Just received by testing kits. We ordered 3 of them The card that comes with the kits says Celebrity Cruises. You would think it would have Royal and Celebrity ??
  8. There is no place on the app to make a reservation unless I don't know how to do it Can someone tell me how?
  9. From looking at. the times there are some shows that are only 1 show and it's at 9:45. Could not imagine eating at 8 and getting there on time I'll have to rethink trying to get on MTD Thank you for the info Did you eat at the Solarium Bistro for dinner?
  10. When do you make reservation? On the app or at the Bistro?
  11. I will be going on this ship. I need to know about the My Time Dining Can you make a reservation or does Royal Caribbean give e you a time for dining? Also what are the shows that are presented? What times? Right now I have st dining for 8 o'clock and am concerned that I might miss some of the shows. Thank you
  12. Thank you. We will be going to Port Everglades. 😀
  13. Just tried updating my new passport info and it tells me there is a mistake. I have checked and the new passport info is correct. Am I being blonde?
  14. I have been told that people are waiting 12-18 weeks for their passport renewal. We are shocked that ours came in 4 weeks. Yes we paid for expedited but it still should of taken 12 weeks. We are thrilled. Now let's hope to start travelling
  15. We were on August 1 and wi fi horrible. Never had that problem before with Celebrity. They are making us purchase the better package
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