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  1. Four seasons is also more expensive 😀
  2. Looking to stay for 4 nights. It says breakfast included but is it just cold buffet or is it a buffet spread with lots of choices and egg white omelette At US the holiday inns serve premade eggs Also is this better than the intercontinental hotel? Thanks for the assistance
  3. I was on scenic two years ago . It was amazing. We did have a problem with water level. Scenic solved it by us switching with a other one of their boats. The worst was having to pack. We met others with Viking, Avalon and they were going to hotels and not switching boats. Is it terrible problem?? Yes it is but you can't help mother nature. Scenic was great. This was one of the best vacations we ever took. We have been on over 70 cruises. We would love to go on scenic again and hope it happens
  4. We are flying in to sydney and concerned about our meds and vitamins. I usually put our daily meds and vitamins in little ziplocks so all of it is divided and I just have to grab a zip lock for am and pm. Can I still bring our meds this way? Do I need to bring them in original containers? When we travelled to Asia I did the zip locks and got a letter from doctors documenting the names and dosages of the pills. Also I heard that we cannot carryon any gum, chips, pretzels etc. I usually travel with snacks for the plane. Is this true? Anything else I need to know? Each country is so different that you have to ask when travelling Thanks in advance for replies.
  5. Does the Ruby Princess have the medallion set up? I keep getting different information Thanks
  6. I will be on one of these next April and need t know how the internet is? I still have to work and internet is extremely important. Thanks I'm trying to decide on which ship since itinerary is similar.
  7. You said you were on the Ruby recently? How does it look after refurbishing? Have 2 reservations Ruby 4/4 and Golden 4/8 not sure which to do . Conerned about internet not working in New zealand/ south pacific
  8. I need info on the refurbishing on Golden and Ruby How are they looking? Need to decide which one to take If anyone has current pictures that would be awesome Thank you
  9. We also stayed at the Marriott- good location for us
  10. Thank you for all your information I’ll keep checking online
  11. Going on cruise June 14- 26 british isles Anyone know the weather there? Ireland, Dover, Liverpool, Paris, Brussels Thank you
  12. Looking for transportation from airport in prague to our hotel in old town Anyone have any recommendations? Thanks
  13. Are there any hotels near the port? Anything to do? Restaurants?
  14. We sailed 2 weeks ago. Beautiful ship, food was good. Our main complaint was the ship rocking when seas were flat. Everyone we spoke to that week were very annoyed. Our other complain was IL Baccio coffee shop. We always love it but we were disappointed. Coffee was not good most days- we drink specialty coffees twice per day. Workers were not friendly which in past Celebrity ships they are very attentive. Concerned to go on Apex. We love celebrity but not rushing to book Edge again.
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