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  1. Wow! Those prices are outrageous. We booked the Chill Island Cabanas for an October Cruise for just $299.00 each. We have a group of 12 so had to book 2 of them. I feel like we got a steal compared to the other prices posted.
  2. Would be interested to know if once on board can you book the other shows they have besides Pixels or will all those just be First Come First Served? Also, as already mentioned what days are Formals.
  3. Thanks Megsie. My friends took the chance with a guarantee cabin after all. I hope they get something like yours. 🙂 That doesn't look bad at all.
  4. Thanks for your replies. I feel the same as the last couple of posters which is why we picked our own cabin but the difference in price now for our friends is about $1000 from Pick your own definite none obstructed balcony to letting Royal Pick your balcony and hope it’s not obstructed.
  5. I’ve never done a Guarantee Cabin before as I like to choose my location but some friends going on a cruise with us are wanting to save some money so are leaning towards letting Royal pick their cabin. This will be on the Ovation of the Seas going to Alaska. The Question: What’s the likelihood that the Balcony Royal picks is an obstructed view balcony? I’m guessing pretty likely which I don’t think they’d want going to Alaska. Thanks for any help.
  6. When the ability to make reservations shows up for iFly or North Star are they in the Activities, Entertainment or Shore Excursions section? I would assume Activities but when scheduling an Activity on Allure earlier this year it was in Shore Excursions even though it was on the ship during a Sea Day.
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