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  1. Norwegian Dawn amd Harmoney of the Seas in Costa Maya.
  2. I agree that the best place in Tampa is the port valet. I have used it twice and will continue to do so when sailing from Tampa. Convenient, fast, and easy!
  3. I'll take a "wait and see" approach.
  4. I am not familiar with Miami, but a search on Google Maps has a public transit option between Port Miami and Coconut Grove. Appears to take about 1 hour at best.
  5. I have purchased used equipment from both B&H and KEH. No regrets or disappointments from either company. I do recommend you compare the "deal" on the used sites with the new price, and pay attention to the sites equipment rating. Both B&H and KEH have grading systems so you know what to expect at delivery. www.keh.com/shop/grading-system
  6. It appears that Greyhound has fares between Tampa and Rockledge, FL for under $30.00 per person one way and UberX estimate from Rockledge to Port Canaveral is $46.96. A little over $100 for two people from Tampa to Port Canaveral. Then whatever the cost from you house to the Greyhound station in Tampa times 2 for a round trip fare.
  7. Ask several crew members where they go. It seems the crew is well informed about the places with free wifi.
  8. Arriving that late I'd consider staying in the Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport. Located inside the main terminal at MCO so there is no need to wait for a shuttle or leave the airport. https://www.hyatt.com/en-US/hotel/florida/hyatt-regency-orlando-international-airport/orlan
  9. The best way is with https://www.miamivicelimo.com/.
  10. You might want to post this question on the Port of Call (https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/2-ports-of-call/ ) > Caribbean (https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/2-ports-of-call/ ) > Costa Rica (https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/120-costa-rica/ ) board.
  11. Thank you Greenhopster for the suggestion. I watched the videos of both performances on Youtube, and now I do not need to see them on board! 😊
  12. Of the two Cirque du Soleil shows (Sonor or Viaggio) on Meraviglia, which would you recommend? Thanks.
  13. I'm not sure what a civilian would do, but here is what the different Armed Services would do: The NAVY would turn out the lights and lock the doors. The ARMY would surround the building with defensive fortifications, tanks and concertina wire. The MARINE CORPS would assault the building, using overlapping fields of fire from all appropriate points on the perimeter. The AIR FORCE would take out a three-year lease with an option to buy.
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