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  1. Hmm... Oh that's right: Azamara is the port-intensive line, not Oceania, and according to their new CEO, will retain that feature.
  2. Correct. Nevertheless, those are ships actually cruising the seas now. And more will continue to do so: Celestyal, a Greek cruise line, is pestering me to death with their Greek-isles-only itineraries. I expect--Greece being among the countries whose economy heavily depends on tourism (30% or so)--that they will soon join the ranks of the countries currently welcoming Americans. Those include Croatia and Mexico. Though Ponant (French) is not currently cruising, it has a regular itinerary of nothing but Croatian ports. As a favorite country, I'd jump on that in a minute; the Celestyal ones too.
  3. We regret to have now cancelled the July 30 Oceania Riviera cruise. Sitting tight for December's...
  4. We currently see the Quantum of the Seas is sailing out of Singapore and the Grandiosa out of Civitavecchia without consequence. So it's happening "as we speak.".
  5. We're in complete agreement. I was responding to the question whether tour companies could afford to run, in this case, x number of buses to a single/only-allowable site, and therefore whether pax would be willing to pay for it. "Could afford" meaning bus rentals, gas, drivers, etc.--plus be able to earn at least a minimal profit. (If they only will break even, why bother?)
  6. My sailing agenda is the least restriction possible while being safe as possible--admittedly contradictory. I gave the facetious example of the cruiselines requiriing that everyone in a given port city also be vaccinated in order to allow us to wander... But frankly on some itineraries, being forced to stay in the ship's shorex bubble--as well as pier-terminal restrictions, would in fact be a dealbreaker. Not liking the shorex choices alone could do that; we also often meet up with local friends in some ports. Another aspect: in my a perfect world, every single person
  7. Here is the link from which I copy/pasted. First item on the page. https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/cruise/index.html Note there is nothing whatsoever about vaccinations. And why on earth "should [you] have known better"??? You don't know me, nor anything about me. I suppose one might as well say, "After all, what can you expect, from someone who drinks pinot?"
  8. EXCUSE ME??? I did not post any such thing. My post is a direct cut and paste from the CDC's current conditional sailing framework about pushing the end of the conditional sail order to Nov. 1, 2021. How DARE YOU.
  9. Right; our town was making a million dollars a month for hosting 3 NCL ships for several months...
  10. From the CDC its very own self (as of today), its stance on the crusing framework: "This Order shall remain in effect until the earliest of The expiration of the Secretary of Health and Human Services’ declaration that COVID-19 constitutes a public health emergency, The CDC Director rescinds or modifies the order based on specific public health or other considerations, or November 1, 2021." Between that and the UK's new "everyone arriving internationally must quarantine for 10 day or $5K fine, doubled if you lie" rule--with no mitigation for cruisers--I'm sorry to s
  11. Sure, if they jack the prices way up--which tourists will pay, if there are no other options. "We came all this way, so..."
  12. Exactly so, thanks. And similarly, while we've not encountered such in the Med, in Cartagena (Colombia) last year, the pushing and shouting among the very aggressive street vendors--who followed our small group around!--was unbelievable. (The only place I've seen it almost that bad was Tortola taxi drivers, lol.) I devolved from "No gracias," to No and glare, to ignore. Our guide did nothing. How will tour guides fend those off*, and also ensure the local folks comply with, or at least respect, the ship's bubble practices? Cities dependent on tourism are not going to police th
  13. And just having read that the CDC has pushed the lifting of their restrictions to Nov.1 2021, pretty sure our Dec cruise ain't happening neither...
  14. Right. I had earlier cited the Riviera's single offered shorex at Mitilini, an island with TONS of stuff to do. If they are at 50% capacity, 342 pax, that's still about 5-6 buses, all heading to a single monastery at 8 am...either that or a mad scramble to be in the first cohort to sign up. Nope, na' ga' do.Too much travel time, planning, logisitics, cost to all be jettisoned that way.
  15. Good question! I seem to recall that Avalon--which we love--has done the same, including all-assigned meal times. It's a shame about not sharing tables, as we have really enjoyed getting to know our fellow cruisers on such small ships. Bubbles: We had to cancel our Budapest cruise in 2019 and had planned to go early & bum around, as we always do on our European departures... ~So that's the one question I don't see answers to, anywhere: In spite of requiring a covid test in advance, who's to say one won't be catching cooties in the departure port? Alternatively, what about require
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