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  1. Right; we were booked on an October cruise to Greece that we canceled after it changed its itinerary to eliminate Turkey--a country we love--and some Greek ports. Added a sea day, etc. Due to Turkish regulations...
  2. DH did it, didn't care for it because it was very impersonal, no connection at all between the patron and the staff, rough (did not feel good, in fact it hurt), but most of all, seemed very unsanitary! Actually grungy.
  3. We started out with OBC for OLife; our TA, in conversation with her O counterpart, determined that the shorex would be by far the better deal. We got 3 free shorex--the algorithm deletes the cost of the 3 most expensive ones you book-- and then all the others are 25% off. But the OS ones you still have to pay for (the helicopter to the pyramids, etc.).
  4. Great--and a very helpful link; thanks! (Haven't seen a pink squirrel on a bar menu in a looonng time, lol)
  5. Being new to O, we are trying to decide on bev pkg vs bringing a bunch of wine and ordering a couple of predinner cocktails. On other lines, we just get the premium/ultimate bev package (since they limit the wine you can bring aboard and no booze).Can anyone give us a ballpark on say, a top shelf margarita? Thanks.
  6. Cruises in December are always ridiculously cheap--until Dec 25th. Check again: usually any cruise that involves being aboard on the 25th will be significantly higher priced, and stay that way until after Jan 1. If you disembark on the 24th, you're fine. The word "holiday" in the cruise name will be the key. Notice there's a 11-night cruise to the ABCs that leaves on Dec. 13 for $711.The very same same itinerary on Dec. 24th is $2015! The cruises in Dec are cheap because 1. Everyone already traveled for Thanksgiving or will do so for Xmas. 2. Kids are still in school--and universities are in exams--until the 3rd week of Dec. But for us, this is the perfect time to cruise in warm waters because it's past hurricane season and not yet the "high" season which extends until March...Plus low prices and less crowded. What's not to love?
  7. Did y'all see her instagram posts last spring, when she wore a mermaid tail at the private island (before cruising resumed)? Fantastic. We had a trivia quiz all about her cat Bug Naked on the Edge's first sailing in June... @captainkatemccue
  8. Guys. Azamara's Journey stops in October in Crete at Agios Nikolaios, where we've never been. So we researched, found a beach excursion to an offshore island, Spinalonga, which features the "Tourist Exploitation Drinks Bar." I kid you not. We were so pumped to go there! But sadly have had to cancel that cruise. They fixed the signage on Google maps photos but weren't able to remove the 215 reviews rating it a 1.9 on that site... Here ya go, though: https://gr.revieweuro.com/crete/tourist-exploitation-drinks-bar-1074143
  9. Early October. The gazillion European tourists will be gone by then.
  10. Yep. And no need for reservations; just show up. Or have your butler--i mean, retreat host--make the rez. On the Edge in June, we ate in the Tuscan and other MDRs 3 nights because Luminae was like a magazine: issue after issue... waited forever to place our order (they forgot us); brought wrong entrees with no backup (that is, not just switched); he had a terrible "ribeye" that was all fat--and when they cleared our table, no one blinked at the pile of fat left on his plate; and they asked me very rudely, when I didn't finish my meal, if I was on a diet! Unbelievable. Tuscan Grill was fantastic and excellent service! That's where the sommelier introduced us to Caymus. Now we're ruined, lol.
  11. Clairol, I also poked around some on the boards whose ships should have stopped in Turkey lately & couldn't find much. But Celebrity Apex--which was supposed to sail out of Israel all summer but switched to Athens and an all-Greece itinerary--initially had Turkey among its ports and cut it. Also, very interestingly, the Greek line Celestyal which we've sailed and which *always* stops in one or more Turkish ports--has recently cut both the Istanbul overnight and Kusadasi, replacing it with Patmos. Things might change by October. But we just cancelled our October Azamara cruise, for FCCs good thru spring 2023...
  12. From Azamara Journey--it says "restrictions"..."while abiding by the local regulations": Dear Travel Partner, We're writing to inform you of some important changes regarding your clients 12-Greece Intensive Voyage scheduled to depart on October 13, 2021 on Azamara Journey®. Due to current local restrictions in Turkey, we've had to make slight adjustments to your clients itinerary. We have done our best to keep the itinerary as planned while abiding by the local regulations. Unfortunately, this means we have had to remove Ephesus (Kusadasi), Turkey and Nafplio, Greece from the itinerary. Instead, we have added a day for your client to relax aboard your boutique hotel at sea followed by a stop in a new port on this itinerary: Paphos, Cyprus. Although the entire town of Paphos was named as a UNESCO World Heritage site, guests connect with more than its ancient fortresses and palaces. Wine with a history that dates back to the wedding of Richard the Lionheart, haloumi or "squeaky" cheese, and other Cypriot foodie favorites are equally as pleasing as the natural beauty of the beaches or the Roman mosaics, some of the best in the world. Would you expect anything less from the legendary birthplace of Aphrodite? Additionally, we have altered the dates your client will be in port in Patmos, Greece and Mykonos Greece. Your client will now visit Patmos, Greece right after they embark from Athens (Piraeus), Greece and before their final overnight in Athens (Piraeus), Greece your client will stop in the beautiful city of Mykonos, Greece. Your client will still embark out of Athens (Piraeus), Greece on October 13, 2021 and disembark out of Athens (Piraeus), Greece 12 nights later, as planned. We apologize for any inconvenience that results from this change and hope you will understand that when planning so far in advance, sometimes circumstances may arise that require us to alter our sailing schedules." Nothing more solid about what those Turkish " regulations" are...
  13. On the first sailing of the Edge last month, we had a brand new (that is, never sailed before) steward for our suite. Would have thought the crew were cherry picked... I tried to rate her well, but it was clear that she had been coached to constantly talk to us, even chasing us down the hall just for conversation. Pretty exasperating. The last day she she asked for the eval, but also "I cannot say the word out of my mouth." So I suppose they were forbidden.
  14. Funny how all the person stories come out on the last day. We once learned that our butler's wife hated to travel--in fact she was terrified... The crew who hadn't been home in 10 years! The children cared for by relatives, etc.
  15. Does anyone know why stops in Napflion would be cancelled--in October? Our Greek-intensive cruise has just changed itinerary, to remove Turkey due to "regulations"...They added a sea day and replaced Kusadasi with Paphos, though Cyprus is still half Turkish with a porous border... But Napflion would have nothing to do with that! Thanks for any info.
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