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  1. We recently booked a 10-day cruise on the MSC Grandiosa for next April 2022 in the Yacht Club as we had had a fantastic experience in the YC on a different ship back in 2019. When we booked there were only a choice of 3 cabins available, but if we had chosen to disembark one day earlier, making it a 9-day cruise, there were tons of desirable cabins to choose from. I obviously thought well the cabin I wanted must be booked on the next voyage out of the port so it wouldn't show up inventory. But with investigation I found that the same cabin I desired was available for the next 10-days regardles
  2. We have a 7-day cruise on the Seaside leaving next Saturday, 13 April 2019, and we're staying in the YC. I really don't want to pack anything formal (sport coats, ties, etc.) Is it really a necessity on a Caribbean cruise? We can go to specialty restaurants on formal nights without formal attire I assume. The dress code would apply only to main dining rooms whether in YC on main part of ship. Correct me if I'm wrong. TIA
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