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  1. I'm on the HAL tour and we left from Argentina so we had to do the walk from the buses with our luggage in the rain. The few people that would need a wheelchair at the airport were able to get a cab just past the barricade and it wasn't a short walk there and it was slightly uphill and wet and muddy. We and several others walked a lot of it and then caught a cab just at the actual entry to the airport for only $4 which was a bargain. Quite a few including our tour escort and guides walked the whole way and it started pouring before they made it the whole way. Somehow the plane left on time and we just arrived at our Buenos Aires Hotel getting ready to leave for the Tango Show and Dinner in 45 mins. Long day! Ruth - We re-board the ship tomorrow afternoon so our blog probably won't be updated for today until Sat morning.
  2. We had her on the Maasdam earlier this year in Alaska and she was the absolute worst we've ever seen. We and many others walked out. Here's the entry my husband made about the show in our blog "We went to the show to see Frances di Lorinzo who bills herself as a Mommy By Day – Comedian By Night. Here’s a news flash for her, and some advice: She shouldn’t quit her day job! She tried to find her groove for five minutes, struggling from one unfunny line to the next. Grasping for help at one point she complained, “I’ve heard of a tough house before, but there’s no call for this.” One of her problems was that an older person who lampoons themselves for being old, can get away with jokes about old people cruising with HAL; but those same jokes don’t work for someone who thinks of herself as a mommy and is in her early 40s at the most. We gave her five minutes, four more than she deserved, and we didn’t need to see any more. There is funny, and there is funny, and this wasn’t funny! I’m just saying… Later when Sharon was checking for our Kodiak picture at the photographer she heard Frances pondering, “What is it with these people, are they all engineers who don’t know funny when they hear it?”"
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