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  1. Has anyone taken the 6 day cruise tour in Italy offered by Princess Cruises? If so, could you please provide some details on your experience? Thanks
  2. I too have a problem keeping the camera steady but in playing around with it and a few tweaks, it seems to suffice. We’re doing the Niewu Statendam Voyage of the Midnight Sun with another couple. Should be fun as well as getting away from this crazy weather 🥵
  3. Thanks for the information. When traveling, I often bring a Sony 6300 and a couple of lines. For an upcoming trip to Norway, I'm going with a Sony RX100VI and the Sony RX100M3 as a backup. Candidly, I've been trying to compare the VI with the 6300 and to these tired old eyes, I don't see much difference.
  4. Anybody out there on this cruise that can offer a report?
  5. Please keep in mind that this is a very subjective overview of this cruise compared to roughly 50+ cruises we have been taken over the years. My wife enjoyed the pre arrival talks on Hawaii though she noted that cooking demos presented she observed last fall. My comments should not be construed in any way to dissuade you from the cruise. If the activities offered by HAL enrich your cruise experience, I’m sure you’ll have a great time.Just hope for good weather and calm seas.
  6. We are on this cruise. A few observations: By all accounts, there was no way this ship was going to tender into Kona as the scheduled first port of call. Once docked in Honolulu, we were going nowhere as the port was closed. Arriving this morning at Kona, there were many small boats apparently searching for whales. One reason I think that the captain canceled the port call is the ships demographics. There are lot of elderly people on board. Under the best of conditions, some people experience difficulty in using a tender. Imagine the outrage if someone had a serious accident utilizing the tender. BTW, I’m in my 70’s. Being cooped up on this ship for 10 days and only one port call will test any relationship. LOL. We all seem to be getting along fine. However, the lack of shipboard activities is unconscionable on the part of HAL and the cruise director. Your only options are to eat, sleep or drink. Today they’ve come up with checkers, “The Story of Surfing”, a trivia challenge , flower arrangements, basketball shootout, (bet that will be something), etc. In fact, shipboard actities from the first day at sea have been dismal. We’ve been to Hawaii before. We selected this cruise as we sought a break from the Caribbean for our February cruise. I really feel sorry for those passengers who would be seeing Hawaii for the first time. It’s a beautiful place and cruising is a great way to get around and see all Hawaii has to offer. Just not this time.
  7. I enjoy a Manhattan prior to dinner. I plan on purchasing a bottled of Jack Daniel's from HAL but I'm not sure if i can bring a bottle of non alcoholic mix to enjoy my cocktail on our balcony. Has any had any experience with this situation? Thanks
  8. Sorry Princess, not interested unless you make the staterooms larger as well as the balconies without having to book a royal suite at an outrageous price. Every new ship you build results in more cramped space. I’m sure you’ll do the same on these new ships. Also, I bet you’ll try to emulate RCL with their mega ships with all sorts amusement rides. For those of us that are “boomers”, it’s time to wake up and accept the fact that we are no longer the target demographics for the cruise industry. That’s OK. We still have money to spend on vacations which we are using on river cruises, upscale cruise lines, e.g., Oceana, Seaborne, etc. See ya Princess👎
  9. We boarded the Regal Princess on February 4th. We always tip the baggage porter $10 for 2 bags. We did the same this trip. As we were walking towards the Princess terminal, I was a few feet ahead of my wife. All of a sudden, my wife starts calling out for me. I turn around and she is being verbally intimidated by a porter. I immediately go back and the guy starts berating me telling me "You have to tip". I tell this clown I did and he continues on telling me to identify who received the tip. I locate the guy and drag him over to talk to "The Intimidator" My guy tells "The Intimidator" I tipped him. "The Intimidator" starts yelling at the porter to turn over the tip to him. We picked up the pace and soon were safely inside the Princess terminal while the 2 porters were still jawboning at each other. I don't know who oversees these guys, but you better leave a tip - or else.
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