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  1. They usually announce the process the day before and have it in the daily program that ist distributed the evening before.
  2. On regular days cabin attendants could finish morning duties around noon and start again around 6 pm.
  3. What is the full treatment? Adding more cabins on deck 11 forward and relocating the fitness center in the back? And the new look of the pool deck. However, there is no difference how existing standard cabins have been treated I believe.
  4. E.g. P&O, TUI Cruises Germany and Pullmantur Cruises as mainstream lines include tips in the prize, no tipping required (unless something very special is done for you), no bribing for better or first service and a happy crew and overall good service for all guests as well. Some also stop evening service or make it on demand like hotels which reduces workload significantly.
  5. This is exactly the attitude of bribing and competing that from my point of view should not happen in a nice world... This „I enter a ship, give everyone a fifty upfront, expect to be served better and tell everyone without being asked that I always distribute a lot of fifties all over the place to make people like me....“ attitude is really disturbing for many people from other cultures. If you do something nice just do it but don‘t be a show off.
  6. Is it Quantum to Seattle in Summer 21 as additional ship or Summer 22?
  7. The HoHo Bus costs about 90 USD per day per person in all UAE ports, very expensive, taking several taxis is cheaper!
  8. ..Beside the fact that both are not M class ships!
  9. But this is why at least most European countries have a deposit system for reusable(!) bottles in place and single use cans have been banned in first place because Aluminum is a limited resource and recycling requires a lot of energy and creates a lot of air pollution.
  10. And cans from aluminum are better for the environment than plastic bottles? Does not make any sense.
  11. That is indeed not the idea of the guaranty room (Royal picks the room for you and you got the lower prize). Changing rooms thereafter in the same category as assigned currently works only in America but I trust they will stop this practice soon as they have to touch all bookings twice which changes an advantage for Royal to a disadvantage.
  12. This is nonsense, all local rates are based on the current exchange rates. However, I noticed that cruises from Southampton are in general much cheaper if booked in the UK. Often up to 40% below US or continental European prizes. For other destinations it varies.
  13. Why didn‘t you drive just to the terminal where the ship was docked?
  14. Please keep in mind that countries like the Philippines and Indonesia have been seafarers nations for centuries. All seafarers are comparably rich people at home. The local economy will never provide similar jobs to them, they would have to work even harder for less money. Local cost of living are very low and no one should compare it to living in America or Europe. It is still a win-win for all parties involved. To tell sad stories because they know that especially Americans love to tip big and extra is part of the game. We pay the (alway increasing) suggested amount because it is common practice but this is more than sufficient in most cases.
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