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  1. TUI Cruises (as somehow part of the Royal family) starts cruising from Hamburg on July 24 with three and four night cruises to Norway with technical stops but no exits.
  2. The name of the cruise line Royal Caribbean International is unchanged, just the holding has been renamed from Royal Caribbean Cruise Line to Royal Caribbean Group. C&A and logo gear refers to RCI, all unchanged.
  3. If they really try to sell a cruise ship it will for sure not be done via appoloduck or yachtsale or such websites....
  4. TUI Cruises, Hapag Lloyd Cruises and Aida also start late July or Early August with cruises to Norway and Scandinavia without port stops but drive by or with technical stops. 60% ocupancy, food is served even at buffets, no masks required in general, only in some smaller indoor places. Buttom line cruises will go on, even in 2020, not like many here say no cruises even in 2021....
  5. Allure is just one year delayed for Galveston, Liberty will leave then.
  6. It is not an internet rumor but a mouth to mouth info from an insider.
  7. I heard a reliable rumour that P&O refuses to take Iona at all due to their financial situation and that she will go to another Cruise Line. Could this be true?
  8. Bow thrusters have already been replaced in Rotterdam, this is done and no issue anymore. Ship was built in Papenburg, not Bremerhaven. Only dry docks big enough for her in the area are in Rotterdam and Hamburg, hence to go there in case of issues is standard procedure.
  9. It is much cheaper to dock in Ravenna or Terragona or Ilmuiden instead of Venice, Barcelona or Amsterdam, it is as simple as that..Those ports also make special offers to get part of the business now.
  10. No, there is no channel for big ships. To deepen the Laguna on this side was one of the original ideas but much too expensive. It should be cheaper and easier to move the cruise port to Marghera.
  11. The cruise industry has already implemented the reduced capacity approach on ships that just started to sail again (e.g. river cruises, Hurtigruten ocean cruises in Norway and from Germany, Sea Dream ocean cruises in Norway). Hotels in Europe also opened with a reduced maximum capacity allowed.
  12. TUI is not owned by Royal, both have a joined venture to operate TUI Cruises. Marella Cruises (former Thompson) is owned just by TUI.
  13. Cruising in Europe starts next Friday from Hamburg with Fridtjof Nansen 14 days to Norway. Bigger ships from TUI and Aida will follow in August or September latest with revised itineraries. People are flying already within Europe for vacation so cruises will for sure start later this year step by step but not at the end of 2021 or 2022....
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