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  1. Why should you be stranded in Europe in March 2021?
  2. As all ships have schedules and booked guests they will all come back to their original itineraries if ports and countries allow it and if Royal ist still in business at that time. All crew is waiting to come back as they rely on the jobs.
  3. What does Ft Lauderdale not taking Zaandam now has to do with Barcelona in July or August? Fact is that Europe is a few weeks ahead of the US regarding the virus development, the rest no one knows at this time.
  4. Officially river conveyance for the big ships is permitted only between October and March, so she goes at the beginning of October.
  5. My reply was optimistic because I assume they have to start over earlier and they will. By the way a bankruptcy of a single company in a working economy is a total different story.
  6. For sure the industry will be bankcrupt if cruising is done for all 2020. Same with all airlines and hotels if traveling does not start over again in a few months. It would be suicide if they cancel all 2020 now.
  7. Of course not as all cruises from Southampton have been canceled already.
  8. She will start when all ships start over, not before but also not much later!
  9. It is because foreign flagged vessels always have to stop at a foreign port before returning to the US. A US flagged cruise ship could do cruises to nowhere or only between US ports. US flagged ferries can do it. US flagged cargo ships can do it. Suitable crew visas will be obtained by the shipping company accordingly. And for all cruise ships that just stop at any US port all crew needs US Visa anyway.
  10. Not allowed only in the US indeed. And the reason is not crew visas.
  11. Perfect example, because Saab went into bancruptcy and it did not matter if Saab 900 or 9-3, they were all gone. In the current situation people should hope that Royal and the whole cruise and travel industry bounces back asap and not show off with prize drops they got after keeping the call center busy with such unimportant matters or complain about missing waterslides for cruises. A bancruptcy scenario is not unrealistic for many cruise companies and airlines and if this happens all prize drops and amped cruises are gone together with most people's money.
  12. Very happy so we might be able to book her again without ugly waterslides, no more cabins and still the nice peek-a-boo outside deck!
  13. If most ships are not running again in August Royal and most cruise lines will be bancrupt for sure! I do not care about amped or not as water slides do not matter at all in the current situation and not adding again more cabins is very positive. However, this discussion with complaints like "I paid for an amped ship" is totally ridiculous.
  14. Vision has never been scheduled for Copenhagen...
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