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  1. As you are in the UK: In most European countries and I believe including UK this is only possible by cancelation and new booking including paying respective cancellation fees.
  2. There are three piers at Key West, two at Mallory Square (B and M) and one in the Military base (OM). The damaged pier was the one for smaller ships (M), all docks Celebrity ships could use (only B and OM):have never been affected. No current Celebrity ship ever docked at pier M.
  3. He should return Nov 5 so the current Captain is not a temporary fill-in but the rotation has somehow been totally different to your list.
  4. On Explorer the current Captain is not Kjetil Gjerstad. It might be Mal Bardsnes but could also be someones else.
  5. If possible can you try to find out if Captain Stig goes with Serenade to Alaska and Australia or if he will change back to Jewel or Brilliance? Thanks!
  6. All ships have gone down the river on their own power with engines running.
  7. Older ships might be much more expensive to operate but they are more amortized so the total costs might still be ok. Look at MS Europa (30 years old) or MS Artania (over 40 years old), both look excellent from the inside and outside, they go into long dry docks at least every two years and their companies are very profitable.
  8. If you are in the service or tourism industry this could immediately change to more unhappy customers, less bookings, less revenue, unhappy investors, happy competitors. Royal is moving at the edge with all those changes.
  9. Muster stations are related to cabins in specific areas of the ship but not to specific cabin types in that area. You could meet people from inside cabins up to suites at your muster station.
  10. Well, many hotels did not honor TC bookings....
  11. It is very strange that they have not started this earlier. Why now when dry docks for many ships are already done?
  12. If no one changes ships it should be Göran Petersen. Celebrity has three months on and three months off, Royal has 10 weeks on and 10 weeks off.
  13. Empress is still big compared to real small cruise ships. Look at e.g. Seven Seas Navigator, Silver Wind or Hanseatic. Empress is three or four times their size.
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