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  1. Similar to other flag states you have to hire crew under local contracts, US flag requires crew with contracts and salary in line with US requirements. This is e.g. why Royal and others went away from Norwegian flag, became too expensive. This is why many Norwegian officers are gone from Royal.
  2. They include Staff Captains in this count. Wendy Williams was Staff Captain as well, not Captain.
  3. There are dozens of famous ports in North Europe a ship of Empress size can go but a Voyager class and bigger can‘t.
  4. We‘re discussing ships that sailed within Hawaii only and both did. I know the details of those ships.
  5. And Pride of Aloha and Pride of Hawaii? Both German built including hull.
  6. Pride of America is built by Lloyd Werft in Germany, she just sails under US Flag.
  7. The beds are all near the balcony on this class of ship.
  8. All these outside cabins have two pullmann beds = two upper beds that are pulled down.
  9. it depends on ship and location of cabin, they are not all built the same way.
  10. If this is a strategy it is fraud and not a small issue, no matter how small the amount is. A (wrong or right) drink charge in windjammer would have been charged and visible in the account earlier as well. I don‘t understand how this can happen, and we had similar issues two times as well.
  11. Pacific Princess, Adonia, Azamara and Saga just to name a few even smaller ships that have sailed or are sailing sucessful out of Southampton and the ports around. And of course her focus should be on Northern Europe and small ports where the big ships are not able to got to. The Bay of Biscay does not matter for this itineraries even if she is absolutely not a small ship from a general maritime view. I would book such a cruise on her immediately. Indy always struggled with going even into the mayor ports like Bergen, Geiranger or Stockholm, Anthem seems to be to big to even send her there.
  12. Europcar as from all piers you always arrive at the new transfer bus station outside the port.
  13. Sorry but I really do not understand the importance of footstools. I never use them. Most time they are just in your way and take away space especially on smaller balconies. If someone has healths issues I understand.
  14. Please consider that opposite to Millenium Class these ships are not even ten years old. They never promissed to rebuild all cabins and bathrooms at this time, and why should they?
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