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  1. Does this mean no access to any outer decks forward for all non-Suite guests? No outside view anymore if you e.g. travel into a Fjord in Norway or approach a nice port?
  2. Marella or Pullmantur maybe, TUI has been focused on building new ships with several more on order. Pullmantur struggled with their key markets in Spain and France, opposite to Germany, UK and others no growth in the past years. Marella got former Galaxy and Century and should get former Mercury from TUI next. That should be sufficient for the near future.
  3. Those brokers do not have a mandate from the owner to sell a ship, they just publish offers to initiate something as indeed everything might be for sale at the right price.
  4. Can anyone confirm that Captain Srecko Ban is indeed back on Anthem?
  5. Or it is still dark during early arrival and you have a great view of the lighthouse from your starboard side cabin when you leave Portland... It does not matter, in worst case you leave your cabin for ten minutes and go outsite.
  6. I believe all these obstructed views are acceptable as long as the price is reasonable below other balconies. For all who complain please look at obstructed view balconies e.g. on Queen Mary II, the life boats and/or the davids are blocking all the view. This I would call a fully obstructed view but Quantum Class is fine. By the way Solstice Class obstructed view is similar to Quantum.
  7. There is no relation between size of a ship and prize of a cabin. Bigger is not always better or more expensive. In fact it is the opposite if you compare all cruise lines. Also Symphony is not really bigger than Oasis, she has just a few more cabins in the back and is a little younger.
  8. On the weekend they offered the 10 day May 2019 Iceland cruise on Reflection for USD 799 per person in a Concierge Class balcony on guarantee. This is unbelievable! I trust with Celebrity´s current prizing approach you have to wait until last minute for reasonable rates and good deals.
  9. If the ship leaves at 7 the check in remains open until at least 5.30, no problem! In Europe you can also go on board later in worst case.
  10. Marriott Biscayne Bay is much better and better view to the port.
  11. I hope you are travelling on the Allure and on the 8th deck.😀
  12. Rom and Civitavecchia are not in Tuscany and I assume this tour from Civitavecchia does not go to Tuscany as well as it is a longer drive.
  13. Explorer does it from next winter and she is not much different from Navigator, especially after the upcoming dry dock in 2020.
  14. In case of strong winds especially big and tall cruise ships need support by tugs.
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