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  1. I just can’t let cruising go. I’m struggling to find a similar land based holiday that’s value for money and can offer similar quality
  2. I was wondering if they may do round Britain cruises. wonder if it’s worth keeping my October cruise as they may offer it to people booking on already first before general sale
  3. On the Royal Caribben UK Coffee morning they seemed very optimistic about getting Anthem back for the October sailings out of Southampton. Can anyone see that happening?
  4. Hey was there any mention on the usage of masks for passengers?
  5. zjc

    MSC Med Return

    Can anyone see MSC returning in August as planned for the Med? No further cancellations so far...
  6. Virgin Voyages just announced masks will be required for passengers.
  7. wonder if there is something behind this rumour
  8. You guys need to have some faith. the situation over in Europe is improving massively with borders reopening and restrictions being removed. i see no reason why come October cruises can’t sail providing they have implemented health and safety measures
  9. Trying to decide if October is a safe bet to book a sailing on Anthem or not
  10. Hey Does anyone have any ideas when the planned technical dry dock is on Anthem? thanks
  11. Hi everyone thanks for your messages! Holding the wedding and planned reception in the music hall. Waiting to speak with our wedding coordinator on if guests can leave the music hall to go to a bar and then come back with a drink. Don’t know if they will have someone from the ship watching over the event? If they insist on us buying their drinks in the room then I think we are going to move the reception to a bar elsewhere so everyone has the freedom to use their packages. Unsure if we will find space for everyone however in one of the ships bar? Can’t imagine we will be able to reserve any space in a bar?
  12. Hey Does anyone have any experience with having their wedding onboard a RC ship? Holding ours onboard the Anthem but having a few issues with the planning process and wanting to see what other people have done. Main issue is with drinks at the reception after the wedding, all guests will have a drinks package but the information is saying we still need to buy drinks for the reception? This doesn’t seem to make any sense and is basically paying for drinks twice! Anyone know if they allow you to use the drinks packages or if guests can leave the reception venue and get drinks from one of the Ships bars using their drinks package? Its incredibly costly to buy the drinks Royal Celebrations are offering when everyone has already paid +$50 a day for a package!
  13. Thanks for the reply! Really appreciate the detail! Think after considering all that could go wrong, maybe 11:25AM is a little too early and it may be better to go for the 4:45PM departure and have a relaxing morning being one of the last off the ship instead and then head for some lunch at the TWA hotel before the flight. That way it avoids any stress sat in taxis in traffic worrying we may miss the flight!
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