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  1. Would you mind sharing with us the video you made of them? My imagination not working today.
  2. The last tip I got on a race horse it went off at 15 to 1 it didn't get back till 2:30
  3. Well said. I will add that Celebrity always provided everything I paid for in the cruise contract between us. I never read anything in it guaranteeing Captains Club benefits. I don't feel they owed them to me and have to continue providing them. I will gladly accept and enjoy them for as long as they provide them at no cost to me. I will continue with or with AI if it represents good value for my money.
  4. I wish you happy cruising on the other lines. Good by
  5. Many CC members have expressed concern for the well being of crew members and their families. I hope many of us will be even more generous with our gratuities to show support for them. As in the past we will recognize the outstanding ones on our surveys from Celebrity. Its also form of gratuity for them they appreciate.
  6. I noticed Constellation was not on the list. I wonder if its leaving the fleet.
  7. Was the XX rated cruise a lot less risqe than the XXX rated one?
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