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  1. happy for those of you that have received your refunds our cruise was for April 6th - no refunds, no communication from either TA or Carnival yet people with cruises after ours have been refunded ??
  2. I have two cruises (Carnival & Princess) that we are waiting for refunds on. Neither has refunded anything and it has been over 60 days for the Carnival cruise. Good news: due to something read on here on cruise critic, I called the independent insurance company that I purchased the trip insurance through and they gave me a full refund - hit my credit card this morning. Not much - $154.07, but I didn't think that I would get a refund from them. So if you purchased your trip insurance from an outside company - call them.
  3. We received a casino offer that was a free inside cabin (we pay port fees/ taxes and insurance), free gratuities, free OBc, free drink package and wifi - so we jumped on it, paid extra to upgrade to Balcony cabin. This is for April 2021. Had to pay everything up front even though we are still waiting for our refund. Total was around $1,050. I will watch in the future for anything that is within a window of 60 days of cruise leaving.
  4. In the beginning we used a travel agency (on line), but lately have been booking directly with Princess, due to getting the casino rates. The one time we had a problem with our trip I got no help from the airline or cruise department - we were on our own until we got home and then I had to deal with everything (we had booked the airline through the cruiseline). Has anyone gotten their refunds faster because of their travel agency ?
  5. AF-1 yes, it was provisional credit and both cards for the full amount that I had charged. One card is associated with a big box warehouse store that I booked the cruise with. Other card was through our regular bank and I had booked directly with Princess. Both cards - I called directly after i checked to see the dates that I had been hit with the deposit and then again when I made final payment. I never book tours, extras until a few days before the cruise, so I had no other charges to be reimbursed.
  6. Bottom line: It's my money and I want it now ! (commercial out there somewhere) It does not matter what your situation is, why you booked your cruise, how much money you spent, where you were going, why you were going, etc. etc. The cruise lines have "our" money, and they need to refund everyone that has asked for a refund. Now. I have filed disputes for two cruises with my credit card companies. It has been 60 days since I cancelled my Carnival cruise and 34 days since I cancelled my Princess cruise. They have my money and I want it back.
  7. My sail date "should" have been tomorrow May 16th. So according to your "princess rep" they will not have monies back to me for another 61 or more days. Not acceptable to me. I paid a deposit in Aug 2019 and made final payment in February 2020. That was over 10 months for deposit and 90 days for final payment. I disputed the charges on my credit card last week, the credit is sitting on my account. The only people that should have a wait are the ones that are asking for FCC for their refund. That might take a couple of minutes to figure that out. For those people asking for a 100% refund, it means that if I have a total of $3,550 that I paid, hit a button and give me a refund. Stores do it all the time with your receipt when you return something. This is not rocket science.
  8. Road trip - southern california to Richland, Washington in September repaired son's roof booked a "casino cruise" for April 2021 going to Las Vegas, if and when we feel safe setting aside money for next year, when we hopefully will be able to travel again. Still do not want to fly anywhere.
  9. I charged my deposit which was in Aug 2019 and final payment which was in February 2020. Both are now a credit on my charge card while they work with Carnival. If Carnival does not want my business in the future because I have disputed the charges then so be it. I will not cruise again until all my monies are returned to me. I have the same situation with a Princess cruise, but I have a future cruise with Princess for 2021. I plan to go on that cruise. If they cancel me because I have disputed a cruise they cancelled that was due to sail May 16th, so be it. It would be their loss. All total I have $6500+ in dispute - why do I have to wait 60 - 90 days when they wanted their money 75 days paid in full prior to sail date ???
  10. I had two cruises with Carnival and Princess - used two different credit cards. I disputed both and I have the credit sitting on both cards as of this morning.
  11. I had two cruises that were cancelled by the cruise lines. First was Carnival due to sail April 6th - I went on line and used their form to cancel with full cash refund when I received the email from Carnival. Then received email from Travel Agent and put through a cancellation through them. After 30 days, I went to my credit card company and filed a dispute and I now have a credit sitting on my account. Second was a Princess cruise, due to sail May 16th, booked directly with Princess. I went on line and filed a form to cancel for full cash refund - later got a request sent to my husband and filed out another request. Three days ago I filed a dispute with my credit card company (used different credit card then with the Carnival) and that credit just came through this morning. I feel better, because I don't have to make a payment to the credit card companies for at least two months, while they figure things out. If Carnival and Princess due issue the credit, then i will remove the dispute. I feel like most - they have had my full payment since January and February, so I have waited long enough
  12. I would call, not email. My understanding is that they only allow so many "casino" cabins on a ship. So it could be that all the alloted balcony cabins have been taken. We booked a Royal princess cruise (they have no oceanview cabins), and we paid extra for the balcony, others here paid less than us to go from inside to balcony or even higher, but that depends on the cruise and what category you are with the casino. We paid $245pp for a 7 day cruise.
  13. We had an Alaska 14 day cruise leaving May 16th which was of course cancelled. We also have received offers to get $150 per person if we rebook. Our original booking was $500 per person cheaper, we got two perks. The new booking offers no perks and the price is higher and their $300 OBC does nothing for me.
  14. NO - cancelled March 14 for an April 6 cruise with Carnival No - cancelled April 14 for a May 16th cruise with Princess. Then received a request for husband to cancel, so sent another cancel request on April 46 for same reservation.
  15. This was our offer: free Oceanview. We booked the Royal on a california coastal cruise. the Royal has no Oceanview cabins. So our choice was Inside for free or pay extra for Balcony. We paid $490 to upgrade to balcony. You can book what you want when you make your reservation, but you have to pay the upgrade cost immediately to book a casino trip you have to pay $100 deposit per person, but they put the $100 per person on your account as OBC. you pay all charges up front for the trip. Port/taxes, deposit. You are warned that the person who's name the offer is in has to go on the cruise, if not, the other party will be charged full price for the cabin The offer that everyone is doing is a very good offer. This is the first time we have been offered a free cruise by Princess. We have had the same offer given to us by the Casino's (in california) and Las Vegas. The rules apply the same
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