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  1. Then you will sail from somewhere other than Florida ports. To my knowledge, our governor has FORBIDDEN cruise lines from requiring proof of vaccination. I too have just had a cruise cancelled--one day after I paid the final payment!
  2. Back in October we were on a cruise with RCI that included St. Martin/St Maarten. We have been there many times, but wanted to see something different. I searched for a tour and came upon the Artist Studio tour given by Seagrape tours. We did not ask for a private tour but that is what we got. It was delightful--4 artists homes or studios, a choice of artists that I made when I booked the tour. One visit was to Dame Ruby Bute, an island artist for many many years. She is also a poet. Her colorful prints and originals lined the walls and after looking at them, we made a purchase of s
  3. The travel agency just sent out an email with the letters needed for all the participating cruise lines. My question would be what if you do have a chronic condition but have traveled with it in past and doctor agrees you can travel again?? How does that reconcile? Also, does anyone have any clue whether this is permanent or temporary (as is the f48 hour cancellation policy)?
  4. I see that when I tried it. I did repeat it back so DK why. Sorry, did not mean to post erroneous information
  5. That is fine with us. We are not drinkers of anything but wine. But I looked at the page of docs that states all the YC amenities and it says that it includes all bars . So we shall see.
  6. Funny. When I request e tickets it gives me my old cabin number! The ones I have on for me page 4-your cruise booking information, while 'experience' is Bella the category is "YC1 -Yacht Club Deluxe Suite". These came by email minutes after the bid was accepted. Page 6 -purchased services says only "Plusgrade". Page 7, has full description of YC amenities, also under 'purchased services. And as I stated above, the very nice travel agent support agent said that it was not possible for them to remove the experience part. Maybe because I was Bella?????She did not say. I am
  7. I am going to answer my own question, and hopefully it helps someone else. I called the second customer support number, which they asked me not to post because it is for travel agents (I am NOT a TA!) I think they gave me the number to get me off the phone. Here is the answer--they cannot remove the "experience " of the original reservation. However, at embarkation the agent will have "hidden" notes on the reservation that show the YC upgrade and amenities thereof. Whew! She did give me an email address to share with CC members--turnaround is generally 2 days.
  8. May I ask a question as I was recently upgraded also via bid. My edocs still say "Bella" on booking info page, on embarkation sheet, and luggage tags. Is this case with you? Original experience still on docs? Futher back it has a page that lists all the plusgrade amenities. Trying to get Q answered, CS with Meraviglia gave another number to call, cant reach that. Thanks if anyone can answer this one.
  9. Upgrade I was referring to was the purchased cabin upgrade, no drink package upgrade
  10. Is this same with the bid upgrade!
  11. Are Yacht Club drinks contingent on having a drink package?
  12. I think you will see them a bit later than some of the offers already on the site. I did not have spa options when I first started looking. Since there are no assurances that prices will stay the same a year from now, but currently the sports massage is $77 and thye aromatherapy massage is 87 . That is prebooking--I have no idea what they would be on the ship.
  13. I appreciate your telling me about YC. I have read a lot about the ship, the cruise line in general so I somewhat know what to expect. As I stated in my first post, as a first time MSC cruiser, we want a typical experience and want to know how Meraviglia treats "regular" passengers. We have sailed in suites on other cruise lines and enjoy that experience, bu;t we had a history with both lines before we did the suite. We would never travel in an interior suite, either. For us, a beautiful view is part of the package
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