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  1. Not sure if anybody suggested this but with each deluxe alcohol package they give you a soda cup which is exactly the same as the one you get with the soda package. Your kids can just use those.
  2. I think it is actually now 12. The website hasn't been updated. If you continue through the registration process it changes to 12. At least it does for Harmony coming up in a couple weeks. The cruise compass also says 12. Not sure how old your granddaughter is though.
  3. Yes, thank you for taking the time to post the pictures. Will be there in a few weeks. We got one of the beds and they look real nice in the pictures.
  4. Has anyone tried the float out bar off the beach?
  5. I had a similar problem. My son turns 12 on the ship. I was able to download the app for him on his iphone and create a user name and password. For his birth date I just entered one that was inconsistent with what RC has on our reservation. I was able to do it and our cruise showed up on his app. I am curious if the chat will work with him or not. I did buy him VOOM so it probably will not matter but since he has the app at least he can view our calendar, the daily activities, etc. Jamie
  6. Zip line, Abyss and Flowriders have limited availability on port days. Slides will be open though. I recommend looking at a previous cruise compass for your ship and look at the hours on a port day.
  7. I am not 100% sure but I would bet that there is not an organized escape room session for the teens. It seems like RC structured this more as an adult activity given the 12 year old age limit. Also since it is an activity that has an extra fee I don't believe they would plan something there.
  8. Yeah I believe they changed it to 12. If you look at a recent cruise compass they show the age limit to be 12. Probably will like you said have to book on the ship. Maybe i will try calling at some point if i cant book with the cruise planner. Thanks!!
  9. We are on Harmony June 2nd. My son turns 12 on June 5th. I wonder if he will be able to go and I wonder if i will be able to sign him up on the cruise planner beforehand?
  10. hmmm, most of the entertainment for my June 2nd cruise on Harmony can be booked now.
  11. I will be on Harmony in June. From what i can see on many of the cruise compasses there is a cigar lovers event in the evening at the pool bar. I plan on bringing my own cigars rather than paying the high prices on board. Yeah for some reason no smoking cigars in the casino but i plan on having one or two every night at the pool bar. I enjoy smoking outdoors anyway.
  12. Cruising Harmony in June. Just noticed the chat feature showed up in the Royal app. Has anyone ever used it on another ship? How does it work? My son is too young to set up an account on the app so how does it work for him?
  13. I am guessing it opens at 10:00am. Looking at the cruise compasses there it typically morning trivia at the bar at 10.
  14. If you are worried about reservations try and see if there is any Main Traditional seating available. You show up between 530-600 and have the same table and wait staff every night.
  15. I was also very confused about this as my sister bought my son a Royal Caribbean gift card to use with the arcade. When i redeemed it i selected use as on board credit and i expected it to show up in the cruise planner. I waited a few weeks before calling RC. Apparently there is a difference between "on board credit" that you purchase and "promotional on board credit" that you get from the travel agent that shows up on the cruise planner.
  16. I have done both. Personally I would do Royal Caribbean (Allure) over Disney (Dream) even with a one year old. My son was 4 when we did the RC cruise and he loved the Aquanauts program. In my opinion the pools on Disney were ridiculously packed. I also enjoy RC having a casino on board. Both were great trips but RC has more for adults and i believe they are just as good with the kids.
  17. I will be on the same cruise in June. If you look back at the cruise compasses from last summer each night there was a cigar lovers special at the pool bar from 7 to midnight. The more recent compasses do not have such an event listed but it might be that it is just out of season and the weather is a little cooler. Pack your own favorite cigars because they might not have what you like and the prices are high. Jamie
  18. Last time I was on Allure they had a cigar social most nights at the pool bar I believe from 7-10. I recommend bringing your own cigars. Check out the cruise compass.
  19. Nice spreadsheet!! I plan on getting my monies worth with the deluxe drink package. Royal may have to cancel the program after my cruise in June!!
  20. It also takes up to 30 days to see the refund back on your credit card so don't expect to see the credit right away.
  21. Anybody ever redeem a gift card on the website? I elected to use a $100 gift card as on board credit and once i pressed "redeem", a message came up and said "thank you for your business". I went to the cruise planner and the gift card has not been posted to my account yet. Its been about a week since i redeemed it. Thanks.
  22. Anybody out there do the beach bed rental at CocoCay? Trying to figure out how to reserve it. I am cruising next year with my wife and son and we only need one bed. Can I just pay for it under my name and have my wife and son use it too or do i have to pay for all three of us? Thanks.
  23. Sorry, my cruise is on Royal Caribbean, thanks.
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