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  1. I just got off the Royal Princess this morning and love the iPads for bingo. We have used them the past 3 years on different cruise lines. On our cruise last week, there was a good mix of people winning on paper and iPads. $59 is a lot cheaper than Royal Caribbean for their bingo iPads. I actually won four games throughout our cruise. I never win, so it was a nice surprise. I agree the last session is the worst. So many people show up trying to win the final bingo. In our last game yesterday, there were 3 or 4 bingo winners on every game.
  2. Thank you for posting. We sail next Saturday when you return. I am looking forward to your post and insight. I did buy my fit bit watchbands from Amazon like the previous post. I paid $9.99 for a pack of 3 red, black, and blue.
  3. On the Mexican Rivera forums, there are several post that you can get a great massage in Cabo for $33-35 dollars.
  4. I sailed a couple of Spring Breaks and never had an issue with wild kids or college students.
  5. My daughter and her husband are on the Regal right now and love the apps. They have nothing but praise for Ocean Ready and Ocean Now apps. They have had no issues and love the options available.
  6. There are some great places to visit in LA for the day - museums, Hollywood, beach, Disneyland, Universal Studios, and Beverly Hills. I agree to rent a car for the day.
  7. We always stay at the Embassy Suites. It's close and you get a nice breakfast and comfortable rooms.
  8. Thank you for the nice comments. I actually work for Clark County FD. We are a little bigger and protect the Las Vegas strip, airport and a large part of the Las Vegas area. Most of the Las Vegas area is actually county and not in the city.
  9. We have been fortunate that he has never had a severe reaction. I have been able to stop all of his reactions with Benedryl and never had to use his epi pen. I personally have had two full anaphylatic reactions to allergy shots and was stuck with epi and Benedryl both times. I try to be very aggressive in treating my son, so he never has to go through what I experienced. If you have any other photos, he would be excited to see what he could possible get on our next cruise. Thank you
  10. My son unfortunately has food allergies to all diary and all nuts. We took him on his first cruise in March 2016 on the Regal and our head waiter and the pastry chef took very good care of him. Princess by far has been the best for making him feel special and not left out because of his food allergies. Every night they made him a special dessert. We are hoping for the same treatment on the Royal in April.
  11. Thank you for the pictures. My son likes what you got on your cruise.
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