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  1. I thought about doing that, but then I thought if they cancelled it, I would not run into the refund dilemma. silly me! If I have to cancel anything again, I will cancel before cancelling a cruise. Also to note that I had purchased the Ultimate dining plan which got converted to the Unlimited dining plan.
  2. I see posts occasionally about refunds getting lost between Royal and Credit card companies and I thought I would share my story in case it happens to someone else. Background I booked this years Presidents cruise when I was on it last year. My husband and I booked a suite and it was non-refundable deposit. Fast forward to right before final payment.. My father has some major medical issues and his life expectancy was not known. Since the cruise had been booked so long ago, I could not get insurance for his pre-existing condition if he took a turn and went on hospice and I needed to be in town, so I cancelled the cruise and received a Future cruise credit minus the 100 per person. I simply did not want to risk the high premium price I paid for this cruise. I also had bought the dining plan in the cruise planner. I received an email, cancelling that and I was to get a refund for the dining package. It should show up in 5-7 days. This was July 27th. Today is August 18th and no refund. Called Royal Diamond plus desk and was told the refund went out on July 30th. I told them it wasn't in my statement. They told me to call my big box ta and credit card company. Called Royal Caribbean customer service and was told the refund went out on July 30th. Called CC company and was told nothing pending. Called TA who said -no they do not receive refunds of cruise planner purchases but he would talk to a supervisor. I said don't worry I will ask for help on Royal's social media account Tweeted RC Social Media and they responded they were looking into it. TA calls me back and he looked into it after we hung up and says (Mystery solved) They coded the UDP as non-refundable and it was never sent to the credit card company. They are re sending it. RC Social Media messages back and said the same thing. Hopefully this post came help someone else along the way. Lesson learned, RC social media teams can get things resolved. "
  3. Thank you. Great. Thanks. I thought so but wanted to be sure if I used mine his would not be honored.
  4. I had to cancel a cruise and received a 150.00 fcc for my husband and 150.00 for myself. They came in the same email. They have different numbers. I have a girls cruise coming up and want to use it for that. Can we do that or do we both have to use them at the same time for the same cruise?
  5. I hear you. I couldn’t book in August and turns out my daughter changed her plans and we could have went before she went back to school. I am hoping that some of those “deals” will show up as well.
  6. The last week was extended through Friday. The last time I saw the extended sale it didn’t update to the new sale until Monday.
  7. Another vote for side facing. The aft ones did tend to get loud when you were on the balcony, also there is little or no breeze on the balcony.
  8. I also have been on all three cruises. The first was fun, the second one incredible, the third one where I was in a Star Class suite not so much. I had booked for this year and paid over 1000 more for a grand suite versus the Star Class suite. The one last year had a lot of visa sponsored events as they were a sponsor of one of the concerts. Labadee suite beach was overrun with people both suites and pinnacles, Ck was overrun with suite people and pinnacles. IMHO the premium is not worth. I had to our cancel due to some medical issues with my father and daughter that would not be resolved before final payment. If things get resolved and the suites come down I would re book.
  9. My husband and normally sail in Royal suites including several Star Class sailings. We took our first Celebrity to Alaska in May on the Millennium. The suite experience was far above any experience we have had on Royal including the Star sailings. We are planning many more!
  10. Here is the obstruction borrowed from another post.
  11. Thank you for your time doing this review. It is one of my bucket list cruises.
  12. They have changed that for now. On the 2nd President's Cruise, I sat down with an IT guy with my list of issues for the website. One of them was the inability to price out the A1/A2/RFS etc that hold more than four guests with out the painful process of calling . After the cruise he communicated with me that they were able to take off that restriction and they would be visible on the website/ta site without having to call. I have been able to get pricing for these suites using non royal sites that I use to check them allow for you to check, the royal site shows it as available but when you try to click on it it says not available. You still have to call to book though.
  13. That's great. I have a family of five and we could never get 5 in a GS when the kids were younger.
  14. Just curious, how could you get 5 in a GS? I thought capacity was at 4. Have a great trip!
  15. I was just coming to post this! It looks like there is a surprise every Saturday lately! My problem is I book a cruise a particular week and poof a better one pops up later. Looking at Delta skymiles and they are having some great last minute deals to Europe but they interfere with my current "deal" cruises.
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