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  1. I have heard conflicting information from Royal. Do you have documentation from your invoice?
  2. Does anyone know if the Quantum of the seas will have STAR Class Royal Suite Program for the Alaska sailings for 2021. They do not have them for the Asian markets and was curious to know if they would implement them for the Alaska sailings?
  3. Specialty drink cups on the private island
  4. You can grab a soda or bottle water from 11-11 on Oasis class ships
  5. Chefs table up charge for wine. Starbucks food not included on some ships. Some ships the candy store, but cotton candy and popcorn is included.
  6. You really can’t be seen from the other decks. You can be seen by people across the way, in the aqua theater and well as the rock wall people. The balcony is large and there are private spots along the side of the balcony.
  7. Not any longer. When the suite class first came out you were given a pass to go everyday. That has since change and no longer a perk, however when sailing Star Class t was able to go for a day since it had been advertised as a perk.
  8. The room steward can make up the sofa bed for him on the first floor.🤪 There is a bathroom downstairs as well.
  9. I have used a big box ta as well. through this covid policy and rules etc I have found them very under par. Long wait times, many many errors and the knowledge isn't there. For eg I wanted to shift a Dec 6 2020 to a Jan 2 2022 and was told no it has to be one year difference. I had to firmly tell them it did fit the 1 year and +/- 4 week time frame. I am leaning towards a good independent ta that people seem very happy with.
  10. Cruises booked before August 1 and changed by August 1. Just booked something else recently and shifted it.
  11. I would be moving the deposit since I put the deposit in a while ago.
  12. Thanks! Going from allure to symphony on the same itinerary.
  13. I currently have a cruise in November. I found something in December at a good price that I want to move my deposit to. If I move the current sailing to December, is it still eligible for a lift and shift for next year?
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