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  1. I really enjoyed the Tracy Arm excursion because we were so close to the water and glacier. Also the Fairmont Pacific Rim is one of my favorite hotels so far...great service! I wonder if Patrick is still the door man there. He was so sweet! Have fun and thanks for posting about your trip.
  2. Pre-purchases still get the spending credits! I don't know about how it credits to the other guests though since I usually travel solo. I have pre-purchased excursions, specialty restaurants and beverage packages and it was always counted for spending credits. ~Nancy
  3. Could it possibly be a charter instead of a dry dock? ~Nancy
  4. Ha! I had wondered what was in the Crystal backpack the tour escorts carry. Good to know!! 😉 ~Nancy
  5. Crew News......interesting that the Pinnacle menu listed above is quite different than the menu from the Noordam just eight days ago, both for food and drinks listed. It shows that things are changing and will probably change again! On that cruise I had the Chateau Ste. Michelle Canoe Ridge Chardonnay, Washington in both the Pinnacle Grill as well as at the Pinnacle bar and the main dining room with a list price of $10 which worked with my Signature Beverage Package. Lucky me, because now at $16 per glass I wouldn't have been able to have it. It would be nice if the ships all get more in sync by the start of the Alaska season (now)! Thanks for posting the new menus. ~Nancy
  6. Hello bartexas, and welcome to Cruise Critic and cruising in general! 1-don't know about the first courses extra charge, if any - be advised that a lot of food is included as well as any of the side dishes you choose (potatoes, vegetables, mushrooms, etc.) It's a lot to eat!!!! 2-Yes, you can use your beverage packages in PG 3-Yes, the PG has a wine list with more than 4 wines listed. They will tell you which wines by the glass can be had with your beverage package. 4-yes, Pinnacle bar is a full bar 5-I like the soufflé-on Noordam 2 weeks ago it was a vanilla with berry soufflé (not chocolate) Have a great cruise in beautiful Alaska! I just love the Signature Suites!!! ~Nancy
  7. I was very pleased to see that on our tour from the Symphony in Hobart, Tasmania a couple weeks ago, the buses had seatbelts that are required by law to be fastened. The driver announced it at the start of the drive. That was the first time I have been in a large bus with seatbelts anywhere. I was happy.
  8. I was on Symphony for the last Auckland segment and was so disappointed when we had to reverse course and miss the Fiordland park and sounds in New Zealand. It had been the inspiration for my extended cruise to start with! I know it was the only option to keep the ship safe. Even bypassing the worst of the Tasman sea storm we had a pretty “bouncy” couple of days! I’ll just have to go back to New Zealand for a redo!! I know some of the passengers still on board and wish you calmer seas. I miss you all!! ~Nancy
  9. They will do it however you want. I always get my dressing on the side and mix in just the “perfect” amount myself. The salad bar is my favorite lunch!
  10. On the current live view I can see me sitting at the Symphony computer behind the post right now! Having a fabulous time on the Symphony on the way to Bay of Islands, New Zealand!! ~Nancy
  11. I'm on Symphony now and met Teo last night at the Meet and Mingle. He is a very charming man! I told him I had read his book but it's on my Kindle so I couldn't have him sign it......one downside to Kindle books! The Meet and Mingle had a great turnout, I think there were about 18-20 who attended. ~Nancy
  12. Thanks for the preview of the Indian Pacific! Since I’m going in the opposite direction from Sydney the stops/timing will be different but the general trip looks as good as the website touts. I’m in a single so have to use a shared bathroom but reviews have said they keep it very clean! Thanks to Roland4 for carrying on with the world cruise. I’m currently Having fun on the Symphony. Internet has been bad the last few days around Easter Island but seems fine today. Tonight is the Meet and Mingle but wish it had been a little closer to the beginning of the cruise. I already met one CCer in the Cove though. ~Nancy
  13. Thanks Roy and all! I'll be on this cruise also. I'm flying to Santiago on Thursday and the fun begins. Wishing good travels to all getting to the ship or just continuing on from the current voyage. I'll see you at the Meet and Mingle. ~Nancy
  14. This new menu is becoming more interesting to me. I sure hope the Symphony's Silk is improving too.....I'm boarding in 8 (eight!!) days. ~Nancy
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