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  1. erewhon, thanks for the reports from down under. We here in up over are having a real hell of a time in California today...more fires in Napa Valley. Gosh, thanking all the fire crews once again for busting your rears to help us! ~Nancy
  2. I read several of the other cruise line forums on Cruise Critic and the other lines are all putting out very similar protocols, including the lines that have already started sailing in Europe and French Polynesia. I have no doubt that the protocols will evolve over time but the lines all need to institute policies now in order to get permission from countries and ports of call to commence sailing. My guess is the requirement to stay with ship excursions is something the ports are asking for as well to assure them the passengers aren't coming ashore and infecting their citizens....it works both ways....we also don't want the citizens of ports infecting cruise passengers! For Americans right now we don't have many options anyway. 😔 My choice today is to wait to sail or travel, but will certainly reevaluate as the situation evolves. I sure will appreciate my next trip even more than I did before!! 🌏 ~Nancy
  3. I also have been receiving promo emails and HAL at Home emails a couple of times a week. ~Nancy
  4. This is a nice one Roy! Can't wait to be on board again to take the sunset pictures (sunrise not likely for this Night Owl!!). ~Nancy
  5. I'm guessing that the public bus comment may refer to how some people embark/disembark for their cruises at each port. Some get on in Genoa for their week and some get on in Palermo, etc. Is that correct?
  6. I had both hips done and the choice of anterior or posterior was based on my surgeon's experience as well as my physical status at the time. I'm overweight and they chose posterior. Second one in 2018 I went home the same afternoon! My recovery on both was pretty good and I returned to work after 6 weeks.... I could have gone back sooner but chose to be cautious. I went on a cruise to Alaska 3 months after my last surgery and I did fine. I wasn't leaping over rocks and logs on shore but really was quite comfortable! Good luck and I also "Wished I had done it sooner"!!
  7. Mike the Poet, welcome to Cruise Critic. Please see the looong thread already running with all kinds of information on the refund topic below. Good luck, ~Nancy
  8. Stickman and Thecat123 are from Australia and New Zealand where it is common practice for many businesses to charge a fee for credit cards. All my hotel and restaurant charges in Australia charged the fee. They could probably give more details on this. ~Nancy
  9. Copper, according to google Cuban Lunch bars are a chocolate and peanut candy! I figured they were more like a Cuban Sandwich....I was wrong! ~Nancy
  10. Ha ha....this American had to google the Canadian foods except Poutine and Caesar drink! Thanks for this fun info!! ~Nancy
  11. Nice picture Roy....."Home Sweet Home" ~Nancy
  12. Oh dear. I've had credits for a change of travel from two different insurers twice. I'm sorry to hear Aon didn't offer that to you. Thanks for the warning! Take care, ~Nancy
  13. Love.II.Cruise - "We couldn't get a credit or refund." I have not researched this, but I have read here on Cruise Critic that no travel insurance is paying out for cancellation due to COVID. My insurance, AIG Travel Guard, has given me a credit to use for the full premium amount which needs to be used in two years from the date of cancellation. I only need to book other travel by then, not necessarily travel within two years. If anyone has travel insurance that paid out due to COVID, can you please share? Oops, SusyQft, I don't think you intended to have non cruise refund info on this thread. Apologies. ~Nancy
  14. It worked for me just now. Went to All Reviews and they showed up then tried Luxury Reviews and they were there too. I'm using Microsoft Edge browser right now. ~Nancy
  15. Rudi Sodamin has a partnership restaurant venue on Holland America Line as well. The description above is slightly different than the HAL offering, but within the same type of food offerings. I have enjoyed Rudi's on HAL other than one bad experience which I wrote off as that ship's kitchen having a bad day. It sounds like a good addition.....now let's get those ships back out to sea!!
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