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  1. Darn! I have been peeking at the web cam every day and although there wasn't much to see, somehow the view was calming....... Thanks for the position map though Keith. It keeps the connection to dream of future cruises! ~Nancy
  2. Thanks TER777 for the pictures and music! It's oriented correctly on my PC. ~Nancy
  3. I have a very good imagination, but you are sure helping. I'll be reading along on this virtual voyage! Thanks, ~Nancy
  4. My flight to Lisbon is supposed to be on June 2nd. ~Nancy
  5. Hi drib! Since I'm usually solo I will be looking forward to your added data. I haven't seen a blanket single supplement policy listed on the Crystal site in the last couple of years. In the past they had one published, such as 140%(or whatever) for all B1 cabins for example. In the last couple of years I have only seen random single supplement prices listed for specific cruises but not all. What criteria will you use for your Fare Compare? Across the board percentages such as 135% for C3 or only the fares that are specifically published for any individual cruise? Thanks, ~Nancy
  6. My Happy Place....................thank you!
  7. pqr, welcome to cruise critic. Your timing on this complaint from your voyage several months ago is really poor considering what is going on in the world right now. Hurtigruten has been proactive on information for their operations the next few months. Best wishes and health to you. ~Nancy
  8. I'll be reading too! Thanks for blogging. ~Nancy
  9. Going under "my" bridge never gets old. Thanks for the reminder!! Happy sailing to all of us again....soon!!! ~Nancy
  10. Thanks cruiserchuck for the equine info! I'd really rather think about horses or Iceland or pretty much anything else than this horrible mess we are having now. But I did have to ask! 😉
  11. Isn't banning people from anywhere a case of "Closing the Barn Door after the Horses got out"? The virus is already all over the US. What about travelers coming from Australia, Africa, Iceland, etc.? Those places all have cases too. Can anyone explain why not letting in someone from Spain is going to protect us more than letting in someone from South Africa? I'm not trying to be snarky, I would really like to know. Thanks.
  12. https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidnikel/2020/03/11/cruise-ship-passengers-banned-from-bergen-as-coronavirus-cases-rise-in-norway/#77687ef348a5 This article does say that currently Hurtigruten ships are still allowed to embark and disembark passengers.
  13. Do you know if there is any impact on the Hurtigruten ships as of now?
  14. Have a good trip home and thank you again for your entertaining posts and pictures! ~Nancy
  15. Those pictures are just beautiful! I would love a dress made of those colors. Thanks, ~Nancy
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