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  1. My first cabana was on Labadee in 2012 during an Allure sailing. It was $200 for an over the water cabana that we enjoyed immensely. I'm going on the Navigator in November the cabanas are showing around $800 CDN. Glad I got to enjoy one when I did.
  2. Majesty was my second cruise and first solo cruise so it will always have a special place in my heart - those shots of the aft at night are making me want to go back! Absolutely amazing pictures.
  3. Yes! Looking forward to following along - I'll be home for the start of your trip but will be in Jamaica when you return so a good way for me to pass the days by! ๐Ÿ™‚ Congrats to Owen! How does he manage all these sports? Amazing!
  4. Quest is one of my favourite activites during a sailing and it hasn't become boring to me yet. My next sailings are on the Navigator and Explorer and I expect both to be good.
  5. Looking for 2 sailings ... 1) May TA from Florida to Spain, preferably on a big ship, or 2) Sept 10 night Greek Islands cruise from Italy, which is similar to my bucket list trip on Rhapsody in 2016. 2021 is definitely when I head back to Europe, preferably Spain and Portugal!
  6. I've heard it was my smile, laugh and the fact that I was traveling alone why they remembered me - it was about 3 years in between sailings, which was amazing.
  7. I'll be going on the Explorer for the 3rd time in November and have heard reports of the ship looking rough. However, it's a 9 night Southern Caribbean sailing so I'll be fine!
  8. Enjoy the package - I have the 3 night dining package booked for my Navigator sailing. I wanted to try all the new restaurants.
  9. I'm doing a S2S in November with no days in between - Navigator ends the day Explorer starts from the Port of Miami. Do I have to leave the port? I'm assuming it will be a different terminal.
  10. I'm also waiting for May 2021 to become available as I'd like to book a TA from Florida to Spain.
  11. Could only get through the first 15 pages of this thread. I booked the drink package at the $23 CDN/day pricing. I'm not even sure if I'm going on the sailing but wanted to secure the package in case. I got the confirmation shortly after booking it. I've had 2 such instances happen to me with 2 different outcomes. On one of my Adventure sailings, JS cabins didn't have single supplement pricing. A ton of people on the roll call upgraded to JS cabins and the error was never corrected, so it was a great sailing. Another time, Liberty of the Seas out of Galveston was priced around $400 for balcony and suite cabins. Myself and a bunch of friends booked but got an email a week later that the sailing pricing was incorrect. They cancelled our booking but provided us with a $50 OBC. I'm fine if they cancel it - it was an honest error - but it would be nice to get some type of compensation for it, even if it's the OBC.
  12. I'm doing a B2B in November - 4 night sailing in a suite and then a 9 night saiing in an inside cabin. I'll be doing both cruises solo. I will become Diamond Plus on my 2nd day of the 2nd cruise but realize I won't enjoy those benefits until my sailing next year. Looking forward to it!
  13. With the adult comedy shows I've gone to, I personally found it wasn't adult enough. It was almost as if they were afraid to go too raunchy. Either way, I usually stay for the entire show as they are entertaining.
  14. I don't know why I came to look at these pictures again ๐Ÿ˜ž I got a great price for my 9 night sailing and flights are already booked so there's no option to change. But I'm in an inside cabin - if I was in a balcony, I'd just live there throughout the day. How is deck 5 please? That's usually my reading and relaxation area throughout the day. Also, how is the Solarium?
  15. This is worrisome - I'm booked on Explorer for November. This will be my 3rd time on there and this is not what I'm expecting!
  16. I haven't had much luck with price drops lately as I book early being a solo cruiser. However, I would call in for pretty much any amount. The least amount I've called in for was $12 but they realized they forgot to apply my balcony discount, so I actually ended up getting a further reduction.
  17. My Happy Hour routine is to go to the lounge for the first 2 hours and consume 2 - 3 drinks with appetizers. Then I'll leave and consume the 3 drinks on my card over the last 90 minutes, usually bringing my last 2 drinks to dinner with me. I've been fortuante enough to get frozen drinks when I go to the pool bar as part of my 3 drinks. Hoping I can keep that up during my future sailings.
  18. I have a 3 night dining package booked for my 4 night Navigator sailing. Based on the invididual pricing, this was the best option. I booked for night 1 and I'm looking forward to trying Hooked and Jamie's Italian.
  19. I did the Chef's Table for the first time on my last cruise, which was a TA, and really enjoyed it. True story ... I emailed them before the cruise after hearing that they sometimes offer group discounts. It was showing as $130CDN and I refused to pay that price. They emailed me back saying they wouldn't be offering group discounts. When I got on onboard, it was being offered for $79 USD if I'm not mistaken and some people from the roll call were offered the experience for 50% off, which was good. I'd say on the 7th day of the sailing, I was reading the daily compass and saw that they had priced the Chef's Table incorrectly - it said $25!!! I had discussed it with two couples I had been spending some time with during my sailing and after a conversation with Guest Services and another manager, they honored that price but were told we had to do it on the last day of the sailing. It was an amazing way to end the cruise and we made sure to tip generously based on how much we paid. In saying all that, as much as I enjoyed the experience, I don't know if I could pay the regular price for it after this experience. It pays to read the daily compass in detail!
  20. 219 until Navigator and 223 until Explorer - can't wait for my first B2B!
  21. During my last cruise, I specifically told them I wanted to apply my discount for my free photo. They were prepared to charge me for it. That's the one Diamond perk I find you have to be extremely vocal about or you will get charged.
  22. I went to Resort for a Day and booked Warwick Paradise Island for the first time. I'm looking forward to it!
  23. Random question about the app ... how far in advance can I start using it for an upcoming sailing? It still won't let me access it for my Navigator sailing in November. I'm assuming maybe after final payment?
  24. My first long cruise was a 10 night March Explorer sailing from NJ. I loved the fact that it was older people. I don't think a 7 night sailing will be enough for me again. I'm fortunate to have 4 weeks of vacation and will always spend 2 weeks at a time on cruising.
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