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  1. SHIP: Eclipse (24 March 2019, South America to San Diego). CABIN #: 1610 DECK #: 11 CLASS: Aqua (A1) AREA: Mid Ship, very close to Elevators, on the hump. Great location. BED NEAR: Closet and Bathroom QUIET?: Overall very quiet. On a rare occasion, I could just hear some music, but mostly when I was on the balcony. I may have heard chairs being moved, but I typically wear ear plugs. BALCONY VIEW: Great views forward and starboard. Being the last angle cabin next to the hump, you can lean forward and look aft. This cabin is next to a large suite. BALCONY SIZE: Extra large; largest of the angle balconies. WIND A PROBLEM?: Near the balcony railing, it was windy; otherwise no issues. SOOT A PROBLEM?: None. PROBLEMS/COMMENTS: I loved the location of this cabin and having the bed-by-the-bath configuration (although I'd take any room configuration). Our cabin attendant, Jaime, was great!! He kept our room tidy, changed our bath towels when we needed them changed, and was very prompt in our (few) requests.
  2. I wish Celebrity would extend their happy hour; or better yet, match what RCL does. In the Diamond lounge on RCL, happy hour is from 5pm to 8:30pm with unlimited drinks. You can still use the three drinks that are loaded on the card in other areas within that same time frame. RCL also has a great finger food buffet set up, which is much better than on Celebrity where one has to wave down a server walking around with a platter of food. Monica
  3. I'm wondering what this dead space is next to these cabins. Anyone know? Also, deck 2 (shown below) doesn't have cabins on the starboard side. Is that area crew cabins? I was once on a Celebrity ship on a low deck and it turned out that I was just above the big exit doors. It was terribly noisy. Thanks, Monica
  4. Good plan. Yes, having a car gives you a lot of flexibility. Not sure if you have made a decision on where to go for your two days, but here's what I did with my husband and friends one year (2015): We drove to Vetralla, Viterbo, and Tuscania for the day. Here's a portion of my journal: ...we visited Vetralla, Viterbo, and Tuscania for the day. Along the way to Vetralla (about 45 minutes from Civitavecchia), we stopped twice to take photos of the Roman aqueducts in the area. It’s amazing these aqueducts are still in existence. Vetralla is a beautiful hill town. After a quick stop at the side of the road to take photos of the town, we walked around for a short while. There are lots of small, pretty streets. Christine and I ducked into a church or two. Next was Viterbo, another town atop a hill. I made the mistake of not checking the opening times for the Pope’s Palace, so we missed going through it. We did have a nice time walking around town and stopping for a coffee break. The day turned into a lovely sunny day. Lunch was very good: Pizza at Taverna Etrusca. It was not crowded, as we arrived in the afternoon. I loved the decor with its exposed brick/stone and Tuscan burnt orange colors on the walls. The pizza was delicious! Thin and crispy – the way like it. Tony and I had one with sausage and mushrooms (only 7.50€) along with a small carafe of white wine (3€). Tuscania was our last stop of the day. I think this was the prettiest towns between the three; and the Tuscania landscape in the area was gorgeous! This town has a Romanesque church, a tower, and lovely streets to wander around. It was the late afternoon so the sun was hitting the hills and trees in the distance. We had spectacular views from the Torre Lavello Park. In the distance were a couple of old fortresses. The next day: I elected not to keep the rental car for this day, as several of us wanted to visit Tarquinia. After breakfast, Tony and I, along with our friends, walked to the bus stop, which was located across the street from the Duomo in town. Nearby was a tobacco shop where we bought our tickets (5.7€ round trip for two). Tarquinia is an Etruscan town located about 30-40 minutes away. The day was beautiful. Perfect blue skies. Just around the corner from the bus stop in Tarquinia is the tourist office. Further up on the left is the National Archeological museum. All of us paid for the combo ticket which included the Monterozzi necropolis. The archeological museum has a huge collection of Etruscan artifacts. There are three floors to explore - sarcophagi, pottery (some amazingly in excellent condition), jewelry, coins, and the restored paintings from the tombs of Monterozzi; don't miss the winged horse’s relief. On the upper floor is a large empty room with wonderful city views. You can see the ocean in the distance. The room had a plexi-glass window, which was a shame, as we would have gotten better pictures without glass or open windows. After an hour or so in the museum, we walked up the main street and turned right to walk to the Etrucsan tombs. It was a good 30-minute walk, passing thru a residential area (small grocery store on the left for bottled water and snacks). This Etruscan archeological site has about 20 tombs, all of which were similar in design but with different fresco paintings. I checked out probably eight or so. Outside there are signs to read about each one. One has to be careful using the steps to go down to see the tombs. It's dark but there's a button at the bottom to turn on the light to see inside the tombs. If anyone goes here, be sure to do this in cooler weather, as I can't imagine visiting these tombs in hot, humid weather with the crowds of tourists. Not timing things correctly, we 'missed' lunch. It seemed the town shut down when we were ready for lunch so we took the bus back to Civitavecchia. We had a light lunch at the pizza place next door to the hotel. Pizza is sold by the 'etto' (by the weight). Enjoy your trip!! Monica
  5. I've rented a car before at the Rome airport to go to Tuscany, which I pass by Civitavecchia. The last time I did this (the fall of 2017), I spent several nights in Pitigliano before going to Civitavecchia. I stay at Hotel Traghetto, which is in a very good location, basic hotel, wonderful hotel manager Giuseppe. There are two rental car companies a block away from the hotel (Avis and Europcar - I've used both), and the cruise pick up point (I was going on a Celebrity cruise). Have a good map of the area, especially for Civitavecchia. The first time I drove into town from Tuscany off the main highway (2014), I missed one round-about exit and ended up further south. I'm good with directions, so I was able to get back on track. It's very easy to get from the airport to Civitavecchia. Signs are well posted, but you should know in advance what the signs look like. Here's one sample website to review: http://www.reidsitaly.com/planning/get_around/car_road_signs.html If you are going from the airport to sightseeing to dropping off the car in one day, I would be very concerned about your luggage in your car getting stolen. When I go from airport to my destination, I go directly to my apartment. If you do this, be careful and make sure nothing is showing in the front and back seats. Rental cars are easy to spot and you could possibly be a target for a break-in. When I'm out sightseeing (nothing of value in my car except maybe some shopping), I typically find a parking lot that I can back my car so that the back end is against the wall and my trunk can't be opened. Of course that won't stop anyone from breaking a window and going in from the inside. Don't mean to sound so negative but I know this has happened to others. Back in 2014, I was with a friend and we took turns (we were going to Siena from the airport) staying at the car to keep an eye on our things (we had to put one suitcase in the back seat) at a rest stop for our bathroom break. Monica
  6. Hi, Did you get a taxi once you got off the ship and negotiate a price/trip or did you book in advance? If in advance, with which company? Thanks, Monica
  7. Greetings, My husband and I, and friends, are doing our first B2B next year. The turn-round port is Venice, which is scheduled to depart at 4:30pm. I'd like to know when we would have to be back on the ship. I want to maximize our time, as Venice is one of my favorite cities. I'm hoping to be off the ship by 8:30am or so. I would guess muster would be around 3pm or 3:30pm? Thanks, Monica
  8. I got off the Reflection this past Friday. Show times were 7pm and 9pm. PS: I was searching something on the Reflection and your posting came up. I just noticed this is an old message. Sorry.
  9. Ship: Reflection - 20 October 2017 Transatlantic Rome to Ft.Lauderdale Cabin: 1138 DECK #: 10 CLASS: C2 AREA: Mid-ship, starboard side BED NEAR: The bath QUIET?: Yes BALCONY VIEW: Views out and facing aft. This cabin ison the back angle, so you can't see forward towards the bridge. BALCONY SIZE: Larger than the regular cabins butsmaller than the other angle balcony. Two chairs, two footstools, andround table. I had a shadybalcony during the crossing. WIND A PROBLEM?: No SOOT A PROBLEM?: No PROBLEMS/COMMENTS: Great location nearthe mid-ship elevators and stairs; and only three flights up to the OVC andpool area. This is a connecting cabin, but I did not hear the person next door(1136). There was an occasional sound in the bathroom that came from the showerdrain, but not an issue. Cabin attendant Naves was great!!! If I askedfor something, he brought it right away. Quiet man, friendly and always with asmile on his face. I would not hesitate to book this cabin again. Monica
  10. I remember Chiko on one of my cruises. He was great!!! Monica
  11. Which ship were you on that has this private section? Monica
  12. On my last cruise, I asked to change the bubbly for wine. If I remember correctly, it was $28. I ended up getting a white wine for about $34. I had to pay the gratuity on it. I certainly didn't mind paying the difference between the two bottles, but I didn't think was fair to have to pay the gratuity since the bubbly was part of the cabin amenity. Monica
  13. I always like to get to the ship by 11:30am. I my not be able to access my cabin until 1-2pm, but I can at least have lunch and start my cruise vacation. Monica
  14. Thanks for your review, especially about the ports. I'm looking to do a Canada/NE cruise in the fall of 2019. The Summit isn't my favorite ship, but I might give it a chance. Monica
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