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  1. Carnival Corp is in the market this week selling stock so required to disclose any upcoming material events. No sail extensions by Princess, Hal and Seabourn would certainly qualify as such.
  2. And if you thought Cafe Al Bacio lines were long when most had bev pkg hate to think what they'll be like now that everyone has it.
  3. Don't assume Moderna is more effective than Pfizer. Moderna first read was 94.5% while Prizer was "AT LEAST 90%". Need to wait and see results for each candidate broken down by demographic groups.
  4. Have you actually sailed VO? Not big boats (930 passengers), not big shows (Sky only had 4 person performance troupe), two specialty restaurants which are included in base fare and no private area for suites. Food and service still well above X.
  5. Might be coincidence but in 2014 RCL rolled out it's double-double program which set goals of doubling earnings in just 3 years and achieving double digit return on capital. They hit those targets and paid out $80 million in bonuses. Growing earnings at the Royal division was aided by the addition of four mega-ships but X received no new ships. Therefore the only way X could improve performance was through fare increases and expense cuts. That's when LLP took a machete to the business.
  6. This means boomers have a good 10 - 30 years of cruising left in them. Many are newly retired with kids out of college, mortgages mostly paid off and lots of free time. Should be a prime target market for cruise lines.
  7. Meanwhile AA is reducing flights to London due to weak demand. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/11/15/american-slashes-london-flights-in-december-due-to-weak-demand.html
  8. If they have 20mm doses available in December why not give 20mm people their first shot then? By the time those folks come back a month later for their second shot enough new doses will have been produced to accommodate them.
  9. Working folks receive a limited number of vacation days each year so If X is serious about focusing on younger cruisers they will likely have to shorten most sailings to 7 nights or less. That would be a shame as we have always enjoyed longer itineraries. Really miss the 14 night Southern Caribbean sailings they used to offer on Eclipse.
  10. We're mid 60's, started sailing with X on Zenith back in '93. Current X product doesn't compare to 10 years ago, especially if you don't sail in suites (and we don't). Not bad, just no longer special. My three thirty year old daughters won't sail X with us. Prefer Royal for activities and live music. We tried Viking and love it. Outstanding food and service. Pricing not out of line when you factor in inclusions. No kids, but no casino. Cancelled two river sailings this year and received prompt refunds. They're outfitting the VO ships to provide daily PCR testing for everyone.
  11. Senior and Resident rates are just part of their basket of marketing tools. May be gone today but could resurface in future if bookings slow.
  12. CNBC just ran video including interview with passenger. Downbeat tone on how despite being tested twice prior to boarding passengers still getting sick. Mocking conclusion - stay away, cruising not safe. Just the kind of bad publicity cruise lines don't need.
  13. CCL took advantage of yesterday's vaccine driven price jump to file for $1.5B stock sale. CCL down 15% today on that news. Wouldn't be surprised if RCL follows suit.
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