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  1. Having 3 cruises booked and not willing to take the risk of waiting for them to be cancelled, or having to take them all in FCC if they are not, we decided to cancel one of them just before final payment date. The others, we will take a chance on. We had, however already made full payment, so I suspected I would lose my deposit. I rang Celebrity who confirmed this and I proceeded with the cancellation online. The cancellation process confirmed my deposits would not be returned to me. On closer reading of the CWC FAQs I found this Q: What happens if you decide you are not interested in getting a Future cruise Credit and simply wish to cancel for a refund, what are the options? A: If you wish to cancel prior to final payment, you can absolutely do so for a full refund of all monies paid to-date, and the nonrefundable deposits will be returned in the form of a FCC. After final payment, the standard cancellation penalties apply for guests not interested in taking advantage of the Cruise with Confidence policy OK, so maybe I will get my deposits back. I rang again today to ask about this and was told that my cancellation had been processed as a 100% FCC. What? Not what I had requested. I was reassured that my money was safe and all cancellations were handled this way before they were processed by the appropriate department during business hours. Ring back during the week for a definitive answer on my FCC. So it appears that the cancellation policies are being applied manually. Hopefully I will get my deposits back as FCC, but for the moment I am in the system with 100% FCC. Has anyone else been in this situation and did you get the deposits returned as FCC?.
  2. Yes, I didn't mean you had copy/pasted it but whoever created the sign may have. It's not the first time I've seen a sign at a restaurant which was completely different to Celebrity's published dress code. Not that anyone pays attention to the signs.
  3. Long sleeves for smart casual? Where did that come from? I can't remember every having worn long sleeves in Blu on any night. I think someone;s just copy/pasted something without thinking about it.
  4. I never noticed any noise on the Constellation. The movies aren't that loud usually.
  5. There is no requirement for long sleeve shirts in the dress code. Evening chic is described as "time to shine—your way". If Hawaiian shirts are your thing then go for it.
  6. Sometimes the problem is caused by cabins in a particular category being sold out. There might be one available at the start of your booking but it might get booked before you finalise (or in this case, call Celebrity). This happened to me recently when I was trying to get a better price on an existing booking. I had a price on the screen, but when I went to book I got thrown out back to the start and then there were no cabins available when I tried again. In the end I just persisted daily until I got a chance to put a cabin on courtesy hold, then rang Celebrity to complete the booking. They couldn't refuse once I'd received the email with the offer and I saved a considerable amount of money.
  7. If I had a choice between cruising with the sort of people who wear shorts to dinner and the sort who complain about what other people wear, I know which I would choose. And no, I have never worn shorts to dinner.
  8. We sailed on the Eclipse in January and it was fantastic - probably the best cruise we have ever done. I have nothing bad to say about the ship or her crew.
  9. No one is going to stop you if you meet the basic requirements. It's up to you.
  10. On each of our last 3 cruises they have done it differently. On our most recent, the authorizations for onboard expenses were erratic. Sometimes they appeared immediately, sometimes not at all. On the last night of the cruise we decided to pay with a different card. At that stage we owed about $600 but there was only $200 worth of authorisations on the old card. We switched cards and paid our bill as we had done on previous cruises - or thought we did. What they actually did this time is put a new authorization for the full amount owing on the new card (leaving the existing authorizations on the old card). The next day they then put the final payment through on the new card. So we ended up with $800 worth of outstanding authorizations across two cards and an actual debit of $600. Having experienced this nonsense before we were well prepared for it, but it did cause some inconvenience. I imagine it could be disastrous for some people. On our previous cruise everything worked more logically but was still annoying. Each transaction generated an authorization, and at the end of the cruise the available funds on our card were reduced by exactly twice the amount we had accrued - the final payment plus the associated authorizations. The authorizations then each cleared exactly 3 weeks after entered.
  11. Yes, he was on Eclipse but left after the last cruise. One of the activities team said they thought he would be back on board after his vacation but they couldn't be sure.
  12. We got the multi entry visas for our cruise last April. Others got evisas. Nobody had any problems as far as I know, but multi-entry visas were recommended for anyone doing the multi-day Delhi shore excursion. I believe that the process for cruise ship arrivals was simplified around 12 months ago and evisas should be fine. However...if I were to go again I'd make the effort and get the multi-entry visa just to be sure. You never know when it comes to Indian bureaucracy.
  13. These themed cruises are getting ridiculous.
  14. The Deck 11 Aqua class cabins on M class ships are in a fabulous location and the S class Aqua cabins can't match them. Also the S class ships don't have an equivalent to the Rendezvous lounge which is a good medium-large venue. In most other ways the S class ships are superior.
  15. Now you've done it. I'm breaking out all my metal tees for my next Celebrity cruise. Do you think they'll rescind my Elite status?
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