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  1. Langoustine

    Hamilton on Christmas Eve

    Horseshoe Bay is closest, but it could be very cold at that time of year; the water certainly will be.
  2. Langoustine

    free wifi in Key West?

    If you really need WiFi (as I do, because I have a WiFi-only iPad), go to any Starbucks. Or ask a crew member; they usually know where anything can be found in every port.
  3. Langoustine

    Walking around?

    Magen's Bay is a gorgeous beach. And yes, you do need to tip the beach drink runners.
  4. Langoustine

    Uffizi Galleries

    My wife and I spent 5 days in Florence in 2015 and found the Firenze Card to be a godsend for seeing as much as possible without standing in line. As Cruisemom42 said, it's not cheap, but compared to the cost of your cruise it's probably worth the money, even if you only use it for one day.
  5. Langoustine

    Power Strips on Board - Vaandam

    Surge protectors aren’t safe for a rather ironic reason. The circuit breaker that is supposed to protect you from fire due to short-circuits or overload may not work right on a ship. These breakers generally rely on disconnecting the ‘hot’ wire in your AC circuit, leaving only the neutral and ground wires connected. Because a ship generates electricity in a different way, and has a somewhat different method of grounding, there is a chance that the circuit could become overloaded, but tripping the power strip’s built in breaker will not stop the flow of electricity. You could then die in the ensuing fire in your cabin.
  6. Langoustine


    I will be astonished if this thing ever gets built. The idea of providing passengers with period clothing is enough to make it logistically and economically unfeasible; aside from the fitting problem, how much will it cost to clean these garments each week? Will there be armed guards to shoot the third-class passengers if they try to come upstairs? Etc. etc. etc.....
  7. Langoustine

    Venice port to St Marks to Jewish Ghetto...

    The Alilaguna system is separate from the Vaparetto system. As for safety, Venice is probably the safest city in Italy, day or night, in terms of violent street crime.
  8. Langoustine

    Venice port to St Marks to Jewish Ghetto...

    Gondolas are everywhere, you do not need to book in advance. The rates are set, and singing is extra.
  9. Langoustine

    Venice port to Jewish ghetto

    The ghetto is in the Cannaregio district. You can either walk or take the vaparetto to the Guglie stop. There are some very good restaurants there, a museum, etc. For more information, see https://www.innvenice.com/en.Venice-Jewish-Ghetto.htm
  10. Langoustine

    Hollywood Beach Boardwalk, Florida

    Hollywood Beach is a great place to stay and eat, but there is no boardwalk---it's the BROADwalk. Can't help with the water taxi question.
  11. Langoustine

    Disney Magic stopped in NY Harbor 10-19-2019

    And now leaving once again, after serenading mid-town Manhattan with the opening to "When You Wish Upon a Star" with her horn. Very charming.
  12. The castle is amazing. My wife and I first saw it in 1972. At that time, the town was excavating some Roman ruins that (if I remember correctly) had been exposed by German bombing during WWII.
  13. Langoustine

    Where to go for jazz

    Preservation Hall.
  14. Langoustine

    Venice mask shop?

    My wife and I bought several paper-mache masks from Tragicomica in 2015. The address is Calle dei Nomboli 2800, 30125 San Polo, and the phone number is 39 041 721102 (they speak English and can give you directions. The masks are handmade by the owner and are quite beautiful. There are a lot of cheap plastic masks for sale all over Venice (usually made in China) but these are the real deal.
  15. People not from here (NYC) probably do not realize that "Ray's Pizza" and its many variations such as "Ray's Original Pizza," "Famous Ray's Pizza," and "World-Famous Original Ray's Pizza," are the names of dozens of pizzerias in the area that are generally completely independent (a few have multiple locations) but may have similar menus, signs, and logo. As of 2011 there were at least 49 restaurants by some variant of that name in New York City; since then, a number of them have closed down due to rising rents. If you want something that actually resembles the pizza you will find in Italy, go to Capizzi on 9th Avenue between 40th & 41st or John's on Bleecker Street (or 44th, if you must, but it's not the same); NYC pizza can be great, but it's a creation all our own.