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  1. One place where you can find stone crab claws is the Oyster Bar Restaurant in Grand Central Terminal.
  2. One American thing is to place the knife and fork from 3 to 9 as a signal to the waiter.
  3. That's on the "secret" menu...I think you have to have a British passport and know the secret handshake.... The first time I ever had a pasty was in Penzance, and managed to completely mispronounce pasty, much to the amusement of the proprietor...the second time was in Sarasota, and I told a friend who had retired there from Croydon about this place; she gave it her seal of approval.
  4. You also need to be aware that Cusco is at 11,152 feet. Altitude sickness generally starts affecting people at 8,000 feet or higher, so Machu Picchu isn’t really the potential problem since it's significantly lower, but Cusco can knock people for a loop (some of the hotels actually pump oxygen into their rooms to help travelers).
  5. Her performing schedule is a little complicated, and so is that of Hadden-Paton: Laura Benanti will star as Eliza Doolittle through 7/7/19. Kerstin Anderson will play the role of Eliza at Tuesday evening performances, however Laura Benanti will perform on Tuesday 3/19, 4/23 and 6/4. Laura Benanti will not perform on 3/9, 3/10, 3/24-28, 4/27-28, 6/5, 6/28-30 or 7/6. The role of Henry Higgins will be performed by Michael Halling on Wednesday evenings.
  6. Pie Face (an Australian chain) opened up a number of stores here in NYC, but they all quickly went out of business. There's an interesting article about the situation in Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pie_Face Florida has a large population of retired Brits (must be something about the weather...) so it's pretty easy to find British pubs and food there. There's a bakery in Sarasota that turns out great pasties: http://www.4and20pastycompany.com/
  7. Try Monday. If that doesn't work, try the following Monday.
  8. Reading/speaking French is not a problem; being unfamiliar with European road sign symbols can be, but it's easy to learn those before you go. AAA can probably give you a guide; if you don't belong, just Google for the symbols. Also, there are a number of posts on this board about renting cars in Le Havre.
  9. You also need to keep in mind that there are very few inexpensive hotels in Venice that have elevators.
  10. Venice, the Cinque Terre, Lake Como. We usually fly in and out of Milan because of the price.
  11. The cable car is the most interesting thing in Puerto Plata (though I have not been to the waterfalls).
  12. I agree with njhorseman. The amusement park will be closed by 7PM on April 27. Unless you are going to a specific place (Gargiulo's Restaurant, for instance) Coney Island after dark is not a great place for you to be wandering around.
  13. My wife and I have eaten at Lattanzi's several times and enjoyed it. It's a little west of Becco, which we also like. In addition to their regular menu, they have (or did have) a selection of Roman Jewish cuisine that's quite interesting. And if you're looking for old-school elegant Italian, try Barbetta (closer to 8th Avenue) Like all the good Restaurant Row places, make a reservation.
  14. My wife and I spent a week at a resort outside Puerto Plata (the town outside Amber Cove) several years ago. The cable car was a great view, the Brughal plant was not a distillery but a packaging facility where you could watch German equipment assemble cardboard boxes and fill them with bottles, and the fort was...meh...there are much better forts in San Juan, Havana, and St. Augustine, Florida. We also did the Amber Museum and the cathedral. Underwhelmed by the whole experience. Amber Cove didn't exist then, so I have no opinion about it, nor the coffee excursion. I have read that the waterfalls are quite interesting and worth seeing.
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