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  1. Gone. Baha Mar is now the only location.
  2. I love Katz's, but it's not Kosher, and that may be an issue for the OP's friend.
  3. Take a look at Ben's Kosher Deli at 209 W 38th Street. Salt Beef seems to be an English term for what we call Corned Beef, yes?
  4. There is also a TV series based on the Donna Leon books. It's in German, but has English subtitles.
  5. When I was in Puerto Plata for a week it was for sale everywhere. I found it pretty awful, but to each his or her own....
  6. Italiarail is a 3rd party booker like Rail Europe. Their prices will usually be higher than booking direct on either the Trenitalia or Italo Treno websites.
  7. Sea glass jewelry. Clear Christmas ornaments with pink sand. Gosling's Rum. The usual: T-shirts. Perfume. Rum cakes.
  8. This is not always true. Some friends in Santa Barbara, CA were on their small sailboat when the 1978 earthquake hit off the coast of Goleta, and they felt the shock wave through the water, but thought they had hit a whale (not uncommon, they told me). We certainly felt it on land. I don't know if you would feel anything on a cruise ship. however.
  9. You have it exactly backwards: https://www.thekitchn.com/whats-the-difference-between-bay-scallops-and-sea-scallops-230349
  10. Langoustine

    Taxi or tour

    That's a long trip, and it takes about three hours each way. Renting a car is probably your best bet, but taking a tour might be safer. It's much closer from Montego Bay.
  11. As others have written, you really need to book this trip later in November. For instance, this year the market in Bad Kreuznach, where I lived for two years, will not open until the 23rd. The market in Rudesheim, which is actually on the Rhine (BK is not), does not open until the 21st, Frankfurt on the 25th, and so on.
  12. AND how much do you want to pay? The George V is a great hotel if price is no problem.
  13. Here is another definition: "A chest of drawers or chiffonier of a decorative type popular in the 18th century Master cabinetmakers fashioned a low chest of drawers, which differed from the bureau commode, or large table with drawers, that was crafted in the baroque period.
  14. Very few, and they're pretty awful.
  15. My experience has been that the only way to see the five towns without overwhelming crowds is to stay there overnight. The same thing is also true of Venice now.
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