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  1. Hi, Jacqui! Although it is not yet up on the HAL website, the 2022 GWV is showing when I log in to my account. So would you please start "Zaandam 3 January 2022 Grand World Voyage" and add my name. 2022 sounds so far away and I really miss cruising.😔 Thanks!
  2. Strangely, the credit for my cancelled summer cruise (which is only $600) shows but my 125% credit for the interrupted 2020 GWV does not. However, my TA can access it so I am not worried.
  3. For what it's worth (I really don't think it will happen), I have booked the 2021 GWV on Amsterdam for January 4, 2021. Thanks, Jacqui!
  4. Thanks! I've missed those toots.😧
  5. I sure would love to see the 2022 itinerary even if they did not let us book until much later. I will be going regardless because there is no other way I can use up my future cruise credits but I do like to start planning.
  6. I was surprised when HAL showed a 200% price for solos on the 2020 GWV as I have always paid between 160 and 170% except for Alaska. Luckily, they grandfathered me at the usual supplement because I had been on the 2018 GWV. I guess I have been lucky as I have never had any problems with cliques on the GWV. Yes, there are many people who do the GW every year so at first you think everyone knows everybody else but I have quickly made friends. I think being active on your CC roll call helps with meeting people whether they are on their first or twenty-first world voyage. Roy - I am really surprised that you are still waitlisted. I guess some are waiting to see what will happen (cancelled by HAL, itinerary altered, etc.) before cancelling. I wonder how many have paid in full to get the discount?
  7. I was going to wait until there was a definite starting date for the 2022 GWV on Amsterdam but since you already have it up you can add me. Thanks, Jacqui!
  8. How did you send in your claim? I am trying to decide between e-mail and snail mail.
  9. My TA said she did not expect the 2022 itinerary to come out much before June (which is when booking usually begins). From looking at the 4 choices given for the last few years, the final itinerary is usually at least a little different than any of the proposed. Besides the four choices, we were also asked to rank our preferences as to: 1)more ports, more countries, more overnights, or more UNESCO World Heritage sites; 2)top three regions from Northern Europe, Central America, Middle East, Asia, Mediterranean and South Pacific Islands; 3)top three smaller regions from Panama Canal, Baltic Sea, Sea of Cortez, Caribbean, Indian Ocean, Southern Australia/Tasmania, Southeast Asia, and Antarctica' 4) top three major ports from Rio, Cork, Rome, Aqaba, Haifa, Sydney, Amsterdam, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Venice, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Auckland; and, 5)top three smaller or more exotic ports from Georgetown (Ascension Island), Port Klung (for Kuala Lumpur), Colombo, Puerto Princesa, Cairns, Copenhagen, Easter Island, Bora Bora, Bali, and Cadiz. I would think HAL uses the answers to these to fine tune the final itinerary. I put $100 down for a pre-booking on the 2022 back in February.
  10. Did you receive word from HAL that your September 27th cruise is cancelled?
  11. I'm in no hurry to get my suitcases back. I hate unpacking!
  12. They surely have. In one of Captain Mercer's earlier posts he mentioned that they were organizing games and activities and even teaching some of the crew how to swim. BTW - there is a new post from Captain Mercer.
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