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  1. I already have three FCCs, so I'm not going to book until they start cruising. As a matter of fact, I should be on the first half of my Magic B2B this week!
  2. First of all, unfortunately, I can't get a deal like I had for my April cruise. I have a letter from RCI that says I have until Dec 31st to change my mind and get a full refund.
  3. I took the FCC, but I am now asking for a full refund.
  4. I found that RCI has a Lift and Shift policy for cruises canceled by COVID. But I was surprised that the earliest cruises eligible were ones cancelled on 20 May 2020 or after. I was a little surprised to see this cutoff date because my cruise was cancelled by RCI on 13 March 2020 for the same reason. I requested that RCI grandfather my cruise into this program because like I said, RCI cancelled my cruise for the same reason, COVID-19. They refused to allow me to use the Lift and Shift! I am not trying to get something that no one else has, I just want the same as others received! I belie
  5. Like WNcruiser said "If you have “Your time” it’s no problem, just ask for a table for two when you show up." If you have assigned dining, don't bother contacting the matre'd. They don't have to look at your email. John Heald is who you need to contact. Go on his Facebook page a few days before your cruise and ask him for a table for two. That is the only way to do it to make sure you get it. klfrodo is correct that most tables for 2 are very close together and you really don't have much privacy.
  6. If you go to the casino, you can charge money to your sail and sign card. The Milestone OBC can be used that way to just get the cash. My wife and I just got off of our 25th milestone cruise and used the OBC in the casino. We were on a casino premier cruise so we did not have to pay the 3% that the casino normally charges.
  7. We sail on the Panama Canal cruise also and are very happy to see this positive review! Thank you for posting it.
  8. It will be hit or miss if the maître d will see, answer or do as you requested. John Heald has said on many occasions that the maître d does not have the time to do this most of the time and that they are not obligated to. If you have a special table request, ask John Heald on his Facebook page and he will get the request to the correct people. I have tried both ways and going with John has worked every time.
  9. The Spa always has some deals on board. We always wait for the Spa to see what the first day and in port deals are. As far as the Chef's table, it is normally sold out before the cruise and has a wait list. That being said, last year on the Breeze we checked the first day if there was any spots open and were put on a wait list. We found out the day of the Chef's Table that we could attend. we paid the same price as if we had booked before hand (I can't remember how much, but I did ask if it was the same price and was told yes.)
  10. Sailing on her in18 days with John Heald! I don't think John would be sailing on her and doing all of his facebook videos if she was too bad.
  11. Inside! Carnival Dream and Vista class ships muster inside. The other classes muster outside unless you have a problem with prolong standing. My wife has COPD and just can't climb the steps or stand for a long time.
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