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  1. thanks!!! getting to/from the airport is always the scariest part for me :-)
  2. We will be arriving in Venice 6/1 (Sat) at 6:45 on Rhapsody, and through RC's Air2Sea program, we have a 11:35am flight.. from what I'm reading the airport is a bit of a nightmare.. we fly to Amsterdam (on KLM) before heading to Minneapolis (on Delta) - so it is considered a domestic or international flight? hoping to find out.. what time we should be allowed to depart? does having 1st class on the flight matter at the airport.. hoping they have a lane for checking bags and getting through the security process 🙂 thanks for any advice.. Linda & Don Phipps
  3. can anyone tell me the distance from the port to the airport? Our flight time moved up to 11:30 am and i'm wondering how much to panic. thanks Linda:)
  4. We love next to Newport Beach and love taking the flyer over to Catalina.. our first stop is always the Original Antonio's Pizzeria.. it's not the big one on the water, but on one of the side streets, 114 Sumner. It's a hole in the wall, with 50's attitude, peanuts on the table, shells pushed to the floors. And walls covered with great memorabilia. No matter what we have to eat, we always get a order of garlic cheese buffalo bread. and before we leave, we usually get one for the ride home. and the bigger restaurant will sell you the sour dough bread (disk shaped). The dock is within walking distance to the town (where most of the shops and tours start), but there are also rides available - not sure the cost though. If you are going to be there for at least 3 hours, a great way to see some of the island is to rent a golf cart or bikes. The Wrigley Memorial and Botanic Gardens are at the edge of the town, but suggest you get some sort of transport there (cart or bike). We've done the submarine, but honestly, there wasn't alot to see and i think we drove in circles because we saw the same lawn chair several times. Another great place to tour is the Casino, we've done all the tours and can recommend them all. It's the only way you can see inside the building - other than what you see if you were going to see a movie at night. Hope you enjoy the Island. Linda & Don Phipps
  5. For most cruise, we love to start with Jimmy Buffetts - (It's Been a )Lovely Cruise or One Particular Harbour.. but for our Panama Canal cruises, we start the video with Panama by Van Halen turned way up!! Linda & Don
  6. Hi, we're doing the #12 cruise/tour starting 7-28-13.. here's all the hotels in case anyone is interested.. Anchorage - Downtown Marriott, 820 West 7th Talkeeta - Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge, Talkeetna Spur Road Denali - McKinley Village Lodge, Parks Highway, Mile Post 231 Alyeska - The Hotel Alyeska, 1000 Arlberg Avenue Our vacation starts in ONE week!! beyond excited!
  7. We are doing the #12 RC cruisetour starting 7/28.. and i've reserved the shuttle to Eielson and after reading these posts-I just can't wait! It's our 2nd Alaska cruise, but first time to Denali. We're taking the 8am bus and i was wondering if anyone knows what time the sandwich shops opens? I'm thinking that we might just bring some bread and pb&j packs that we've swiped from Cocos and make our own. I understand the bus stops about every 1 1/2 hours - or if wildlife it seen - is that correct? Two in our group will still be coming off knee/foot surgeries and I'm wondering what the breaks are like.. and about how long they last..
  8. When are you leaving? We are doing #12 July 28, and have been hoping to find someone else going.. I started a thread, it got some looks, but no one commented and now it's gone.. I'm a little disappointed in the lack of information on the land part, I can't imagine they don't offer the same excursions for every tour. We're opting to do the Denali Park Shuttle bus to Eielson instead of what RC offers.. from what I read the buses are the same, but it's way cheaper and you go further into the park.. and since we're traveling with 2 people who recently went through knee/foot surgeries, if they get tired, they can get off and take the next bus returning to the park.
  9. Yes! thanks so much for sharing your travels!! We've been to Alaska a couple years ago, but we're doing our first cruisetour (#12) beginning July 28 leaving from Anchorage.. and haven't seen any information from RCI about the tour part. And I started a roll-call, which no one has joined.. so i was beginning to wonder if we were the only ones going :confused:. I also am OCD about planning, I've been getting ready for the past year.. or it feels like it! haha I was wondering, when did you get your travel documents and did you ever anything from RCI about the tour part? like hotels, arrival/departure times? You're provided such wonderful information, I think you've already covered any other questions. Safe travels! Linda & Don
  10. This past week we booked our 2nd cruise to Alaska with my sisters and can't wait. This trip we hope to see the bears that were apparently on holiday when we were there before. Looking forward to a year of anticipation and building excitement! Linda & Don
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