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  1. Good morning. I did visit a medical doctor. When a poster recommended I see a medical doctor, I don't think he or she was thinking simply looking in a patient's ear for a diagnosis. It would be wonderful if that led to an answer either way. Furthermore, his advice was to use a patch. I have read about people using the patch but have also read much more about people having trouble with a patch on these boards. So I am not sure his advice is the perfect answer. He can be dismissive. And will investigate this further for sure with another doctor. I am not a frequent poster on these boards and do not know who stands where. I also know now that I double posted on this topic. My frustration is with the surprise that I could not handle the Equinox cruise at a time when I thought some cruising adventures were on the horizon and wanting the answers, yes, impatiently. I am sorry if I offended you, Peregrina.
  2. You are so very lucky that it worked for you. I have always so looked forward to a med cruise and I really surprised myself on this one last week.
  3. Well I saw a doctor when i got back as it was suggested that perhaps I get my ears checked. I told him this, he looked in my ears, said they were absolutely fine and that when I cruise next he would give me a prescription for a patch. Which I don't want. I feel like you are telling me off and do not appreciate it. If I cannot ask questions on such a big cruise forum board about my concerns, then whom can I ask. Besides, I thought maybe someone who has taken the Viking Sun on the Aegean could shed more light. Was it me or was it the vibration on the Equinox are also reasonable questions. If I frustrate you, please ignore me. I am not going away.
  4. We are booked for the Italian Sojourn next May 13th and really looking forward to it. Just got off the Equinox on a Western Caribbean journey, first big boat for us. The mecylcine(?) they gave me twice daily and for the entire week did not really eradicate my nausea in the evenings. The vibration through the boat seemed to be what nauseated me the most plus a bit of the motion when I slept. Maybe i should of started it before cruising rather than the first night. Daytime up at the pool I was okay. I know there are no guarantees with weather patterns but is there anyone on this board that can do a comparison, share their experiences? Am going to have to decide whether to opt out in the next couple of months.
  5. I ordered a relief band online before I left..forget the brand name right now, it was baby blue and used often for pregnancy nausea. Tried it on and it was suggested I try the settings before using it for real. I put it on low, the feeling for me was quite strong, left it on for a couple minutes then had to remove it. I spent the next two days with nausea and headaches. Pharmacist told me I probably activated some nerves in the area which caused the feel of motion sickness. Also said there was a reason these were not sold in Canada. Seas were reasonably calm except for between Cozumel and the Caymans. You are right!
  6. We are boomers who have just completed our first big boat cruise having spent the last few years doing river cruises in Europe. We have yet another cruise in Europe in 2020 with a new Viking ship, Venice to Rome. We knew the ports on our Western Caribbean adventure were not that remarkable but went primarily for the big boat experience in preparation for next year. Thought I would send some thoughts this way. DEPARTURE: Arrived in Miami the morning prior to cruise day and decided to stay a little away from the airport as the nicer hotels were quite pricey and the the more reasonable ones did not have consistent reviews. We booked ourselves in at the Hilton Garden Inn in Sweetwater about 8 miles away. Very nice hotel, comfy rooms and complete breakfast all for $184. We were right across from the Dolphin Outlet Mall, just in case we decided to go shopping, plus it had some good dining options. There is no free shuttle to this hotel but we had rented a car for the day so it was no issue. Uber is plentiful at the airport. The next morning we returned the car to the airport. Alamo had a free shuttle for any cruisers but when we saw the lineup we decided to hop a taxi..$27 for the four of us "plus tip". Not bad. EMBARKATION: Smooth and quick. No issue. They were welcoming. I found all staff pretty good and helpful. We wandered around the ship and grabbed a burger, fries and drink at the Mast Grill by the pool. Yummy. By about 2:00 our room was ready and we went in to do some changing into swimsuits and hung out in the Solarium for the rest of the day. This was our pool of choice. Air conditioned and quiet and if you want the action you would just have to go through the sliding doors to join the more active bunch. DINING: I found the food good overall but not phenomenal. The Oceanview Cafe got old after awhile but it was so easy to pop over and grab a bite..be sure to try their Berliner donuts fresh out of the oven at 3:30 and the pizza was always there and quite good. Breakfast items never changed. French toast or good pancakes might of been nice. The mini danishes every morning were not that fresh nor tasty. Hot meats did not look that appetizing for the most part. Lots of fruits, cheeses, everything. Desserts were always anywhere excellent. We went to the Silhouette dining room only three times. I found the 8:30 dining time too late for my tummy. As well, because it was on the third floor I found the vibration of the ship too much. More on that later. Options here were pretty good. Always something on the menu that we liked but lacking a consistent wow factor. The sweetest most polite servers. Be sure you go to Cafe el Bacio on the fifth floor for your specialty coffees, teas and desserts...nicest atmosphere. The trying to sell fine dining no matter where you went or while you were in the OVC has got to stop. We felt bombarded at times. ENTERTAINMENT: I was surprised at how much action there was on the boat. Lots of dancing and lots of people having a great time. You could hear laughter as late as 3 in the morning somewhere off the lobby. We never got to the silent disco but made sure we got to some things. The theatre was a lovely venue..one night there was a Canadian comedian, another an excellent singer doing all things Whitney, another a variety show and the Uptown which was excellent, a Motown tribute. PORTS: Key West: Many people found it rather hot and did not spend a lot of the day in town. We had been so stayed on the ship. Costa Maya: disembarked and wandered the port area and then went back on the boat to the Solarium. Cozumel: Same as CM. Georgetown, Grand Cayman: We opted for an excursion through the ship. A bus took us to a beach area at Calico Jacks. We got a rum punch, lounger and umbrella. This afternoon was appreciated as we got to spend time in the ocean. And I know we could of gotten it for less than $58 independently but because there were 6 ships in port we did not want to take a chance with counting on cabs. In hindsight it would of been easy to do. SHIP: I was impressed but understand why it will be refurbished later this year. Some of the areas are just too dark, colour schemes in rooms need to be changed as the brown theme in hall and rooms is very boring. I heard more than a few people comment on the vibration on the ship(don't eat your food near the ice cream in the OVC) and that it was less stabilized than they would of thought...we had waves 1-3 metres. And then there is me who, as you have read from my post last week, had motion sickness because of this. Sitting or laying in bed it would start. Stopped during the day time when in port and I was not sitting or laying down...the solarium was a good place not to feel it so much. Took their Meclizine all week. got to sort out my next plan of attack for May 2020. so that is it..hope any bit of this helped.....
  7. Hi there. New to this section of forum. Just completed a 7 night on the Equinox today. First ocean cruise ever and tried it out as we have the Viking Italian Sojourn booked for May 2020. This is my concern and need your expertise. I spent the whole week very effected by motion sickness. Ship gave me Meclizine and I used it twice a day for whole time. Every time it came to night time , could feel the vibration of the ship when I sat at dining, in cabin and especially in bed. That plus movement messed me up with nausea, fatigue when ship was moving. Home today and off meclizine...headache, spacey, nauseous, floaty. I cannot see going on our Viking ship and going through all this again. Do you have any ideas?
  8. For the record I am here and still alive. Appreciate all your responses. For the record, my flu before this trip had nothing to do with my motion sickness. Flus dont differentiate between morning and night, location and sea conditions, Looking forward to being home.
  9. Thanks all. In the library here trying to get over it. Am taking their meds,green apples, bread as per the chef, ginger ale, etc. Seas around Cancun are a bit rough for me tonight and even chair in lIbrary moves. Had to leave show, btw, it is worse on the lower floors. We are midship deck 10. I seem fine, or better during the day...supper hour on is not good. Think this is not for me....so sad as I have a viking cruise in Italy next year....
  10. My first two river cruises, I had spent the first night feeling off but thought it was the booze. I think I am just one of those that cannot handle the slightest movement at night time. Have been making it through the days pretty normally but my stomach gets away on me when I fall asleep. This is only night two. Started maybe too late with Bonine the first night and they here have switched me to their med and have taken it twice. Someone on board advised I take Dramamine non drowsy.... Dont know what to do next but unless this does not get resolved Im not a cruiser.
  11. I hear you. I agree. On the way to the airport. Will try.
  12. Unless I am reading the website incorrectly, not too please about forecasted wave heights this coming week. 6 ft plus? I thought this was supposed to be a more serene situation. Got the Bonine situation figured out.... help me with this. Might be my first and last cruise 😞
  13. We have only been to PDC once, last November and stayed at the Iberostar Grand Paraiso. I recommend it. Felt totally secure, fantastic staff, comfortable rooms, etc. Food was good, not fantastic. As for Costa Maya, I hear you. The more we talk about it, the more we think we may stay on the ship. In fact, generally our ports are not that thrilling. Grand Cayman will be the best. We are doing this for the cruise experience as it is new to hubby and I. Can you believe it? Mid sixties and a big ship virgin. Practising for our Italy cruise next May.
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