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  1. Not only can you take one, you can take two
  2. To those in the previously closed thread who asked me about my previous back to back cruise where I said I didn’t have to get off the ship. That was in Fort Lauderdale, last year. Went to the sky lounge for all the processing, never de-boarded the ship.
  3. That wasn’t true when we did it last year. We were never escorted off the ship, we went to one of the lounge areas where we all went through passport control again, but we were never escorted off the ship
  4. Just as the other person did, the numbers you were using are from the very beginning of Covid. About 85% of all of Tennessee’s cases and deaths occurred before vaccinations began. You should only be using the cases and deaths since vaccinations began. But I’m done arguing with you, bottom line, you can still catch Covid and you can still shed Covid after you’ve been vaccinated. And it appears that if you happen to get reinfected after you’ve been vaccinated, you have a higher likelihood of hospitalization and death. Israel and the UK have found the same results in their statistics. But as I said, I’m done. I hope this all goes away and we can all start cruising happily again without restrictions
  5. Just FYI, the numbers you are using for total deaths and total cases are from the very beginning of the Covid outbreak. The vast majority of which, over 80%, occurred before vaccinations began.
  6. Oh my…. I need a third shot… OK. Go enjoy your third shot. I personally know of 3 people, just today, who tested positive although they were fully vaccinated. None of them have pre-existing conditions, none of them are immune deficient.
  7. You’re missing the point. The vaccine is supposed to greatly increase the survivability if you have a breakthrough infection. The survivability in this case is about 1/3 of what it is for those who are non-vaccinated and get infected. Currently if a non-vaccinated person catches COVID-19, the chance of death is about .75%. For breakthrough cases it’s over three times that high, 2.7%
  8. Here ya go. Out of 1000 breakthrough cases, 195 hospitalizations and 27 deaths. So about 22% of breakthrough cases were severe in nature and 2.7% resulted in deaths https://www.wkrn.com/news/1000-breakthrough-cases-of-covid-19-reported-in-tennessee/
  9. These are not long-haul patients that took it as a last resort. These were people that were Covid free, got vaccinated, and now are breakthrough cases with 2.7% fatality rate.
  10. There are many many many examples of vaccinated to vaccinated virus transfers with both parties coming down with symptoms and illness. It “appears” there have been two on the celebrity edge just this week. In Tennessee alone, there have been 27 deaths of fully vaccinated people out of 1000 breakthrough cases. That’s about a 2.7% fatality rate among breakthrough cases in Tennessee alone.
  11. Florida is one of those states.
  12. The CDC changed their guidelines yesterday. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/health/2021/07/27/covid-vaccinated-americans-advised-wear-masks-again-what-that-means/5385279001/
  13. Because Celebrity has several Florida port of departures. And the CDC has highlighted Florida as a state where vaccinated people should wear masks once again.
  14. Do your research...CDC actually stated that earlier this week. A quote from the CDC Director: WASHINGTON - Director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Dr. Rochelle Walensky expressed concern over new data that shows that vaccinated and unvaccinated people infected by the delta variant of the novel coronavirus carry viral loads that "are actually quite similar."
  15. I agree, but all the cruise lines are all saying they’re following the CDC rules and not Florida’s.
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