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  1. That is great news about the passports!
  2. Does anyone know why they are having a technical stop in Turkey? Sure seems to add a lot of complexity. There was already an email about people from other countries needing special visas because of it.
  3. The July 25th NCL Jade Greek sailing is getting underway tomorrow so keep an eye on the NCL forum
  4. Thanks for the info. This was for the non-EU passport line correct? I’m guessing the EU line was much faster?
  5. Well tell us what you bought! 🙂 I'll go first.. I just bought this dress from Athleta. It is long, super flattering and you can adjust the side ties to either be loose or tied at the back to enhance waist. The material is a quick dry no wrinkle technical type fabric. I tried it on the store, but found it new with tags in a teal color on ebay for $75. I had to go down a full size.
  6. I'm on Sept 5 Jade, just checked the price again for our same room and it has gone up almost $300pp.
  7. I have been following the July 25th roll call. They have their flights, ship is there, some crew aboard already, so it seems to be happening. I think a few people have posted that customer service told them it would be 60% but unclear for how long.
  8. Must be something wrong, I’m on the sept 5 sailing and had dining booked for awhile now. I had to shuffle them around a couple of weeks ago and a lot of slots were already taken. Maybe they are just sold out at this point?
  9. So what ships ARE actually sailing in 2021 at this point? I haven’t seen anything about Jade Greek Isles being cancelled. Does the jade already have crew and vaccines? Hoping it stays on the schedule
  10. Thanks for all the feedback. Of course most of the time we will do things together, but there is a large age gap so there may be some days where we do separate activities. The translation apps are a good idea, this person is not super smartphone savvy but maybe we can get them started. Not a bad idea for everyone to have that app while traveling Greece anyway!
  11. Ooh thanks this does give me hope! I tried to get to that page through the German website and it threw an error. I will confirm with our PCC too.
  12. Thanks, I did see that. It's not really clear what "international guest service" means exactly. Could just be one person who speaks German at the guest service desk. It sounds like they have the newsletter and critical announcements in German per the poster above which is great. I''m wondering whether they have translated menus and things like that too.
  13. A friend of ours from Germany decided to join our Greek Isles cruise this fall. There is a German version of the NCL website and they were able to make their booking in German and a German PCC already reached out to them and everything. So there must be some Germans abroad. My question is, how easy will it be for them to navigate by themselves onboard the ship and get on/off the ship? They unfortunately don't speak any English at all and are resistant to the idea of trying to learn due to bad past experiences. Thank you!
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